Publication Date: 11th Apr 2022
Written By: Peter Luzifer and Daytripper.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer.


When he was a teenager, Kyle Gibney was kicked out of home by his parents and lived on the streets for about a year. Because he was a mutant, he was one day kidnapped by operatives of the Secret Empire, like several others, all anonymous faceless people who wouldn’t be missed. Trying to create perfect killing machines without a consciousness, the Empire infected their prisoners with the modified DNA of the mutant mercenary named Wyre and exposed them to an intensive drug therapy. However, also knowing that emotional turmoil was another catalyst for the manifestation of mutant powers, they ordered psychological counseling sessions for their charges.

Kyle’s case was assigned to a young Valerie Cooper, who had just finished school and, eager to get a job within government bureaucracy, she was easily misled. Val actually believed the project to be a UN sanctioned agency developing an international policy on handling the mutant problem.  She was told that Kyle was a pathological liar and violent offender and that his parents had brought him in for treatment. The Empire’s plan worked. Val Cooper tried to reach out to what seemed liked a troubled youth in her eyes, unaware that his aggressive mood swings were due to his gene therapy and the drugs. Though at first very withdrawn, Kyle did open up to her in time, which is exactly when they isolated him again, making him feel abandoned. This fully triggered his mutation and released the bestial nature within him.

Sporting fangs, claws and a bad temper, Kyle became the vicious killer the experiment had wanted to create, while Val a little bit later moved on to another job. Kyle was taken to a Canadian branch of the Empire, just like several other test subjects. The whole set-up came crashing down when Wyre no longer agreed with his DNA being used to breed monsters. Seeking peace, Wyre tried to undo what had been done by hunting down and destroying all these abominations. Once he located the base in Canada, Wyre killed everyone in the complex and left. Later when Department H investigated the scenery, they found one single survivor among the wreckage - Kyle. [X-Factor (1st series) #142, Alpha Flight (1st series) #118]

The Canadian government was eagerly looking for subjects to fill their Flight program, so they wanted Kyle to join as well, despite the usual psych test that Dr. Walter Langkowski (later known as Sasquatch) ran on him, revealing two distinct personalities, one civilized, one primal and animalistic. Walt knew of the danger, as Kyle could revert to his other self without warning, and refused to accept him into the program. However, in the absence of James Hudson, the founder of Department H, a military general insisted on Kyle’s inclusion and forced Langkowski into going along. Kyle was given the codename Wild Child and placed into the training team, Gamma Flight. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #116-118]

Kyle trained several times with Weapon X, aka Logan, another operative of Department H. Both he and James MacDonald Hudson watched Wild Child’s progress with growing concern as Kyle’s concentration and self-control slipped several times. In one incident, he even injured another recruit, a young telekinetic girl named Stitch. [Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #51, Alpha Flight (1st series) #127]

Probably because of his unstable nature, Kyle never made it up to the ranks of Beta and Alpha Flight and, in time, when the government decided to stop the Flight program and cut the funding of Department H, he, like many others, found himself out of job and without a future. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #1]

Jerry Jaxon, an old rival of James Hudson, took advantage of this and had his associate, a robot woman named Delphine Courtney equipped with a behavior influencer, recruits Wild Child and most of the others for Omega Flight.  Jaxon’s revenge was well planned and he lured Hudson, aka Guardian, away from Canada, but he still managed to contact Alpha Flight for help. In battle, Wild Child lashed out against Aurora, who called him ugly, which earned him the wrath of Northstar, who slammed him into a wall. In the battle of the two teams, Guardian‘s suit was damaged and he was seemingly killed in the ensuing explosion. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #11-12]

Though Jaxon too died, Delphine Courtney returned with Omega Flight to finish the job they had started. Courtney assumed the guise of the late Guardian, claiming to be back from the dead, and then lured Alpha Flight into a set-up.  Wild Child and his teammates defeated Alpha Flight, though when Courtney turned Shaman’s pouch inside out, resulting in a vortex consuming all of reality, they fled the scene. Their getaway was stopped by Madison Jeffries, the only member of Gamma Flight that Delphine had not recruited, for his control over technology was a threat to her. Jeffries destroyed the robot woman and turned over the remaining members of Omega Flight to the police. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #25-28]

Several months later, Wild Child broke out of prison and shifted into his killer personality. He randomly killed ten innocent people and, when Alpha Flight’s leader, Heather Hudson, tracked him down, she too almost ended up dead if not for Wolverine’s interruption. Logan chased Kyle through the Canadian woods for two weeks, determined to bring him in, but in the end he lost his track when they fell into a river and were separated. [Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) #51-53]

Despite his claim to rather die than go back to prison, Kyle was arrested again and, apparently, regained control of himself, at least partially. When Alpha Flight went missing for months, the government decided that a new team of super-powered operatives was needed. At the time, Kyle was the only available member of the old Flight programs, so he was released to be part of Gamma Flight along the enigmatic Nemesis and three newcomers. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #76]

When Alpha Flight returned, both they and Gamma Flight responded to a crisis, leading to a confrontation between the two groups. The Canadian military ordered Alpha Flight to disband, as there was now a new official superhero team, and, when Alpha Flight disobeyed, Gamma Flight was sent after them to arrest them. Wild Child was quite eager for this battle, but Alpha Flight turned out to be superior. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #79-80, 84]

When Llan the Sorcerer tried to invade Earth, the resources of both groups were needed to stop him. Afterwards, the status of the teams was decided in an official hearing. Alpha Flight was re-established as the main group and Gamma Flight was placed as a training unit under Alpha’s care. Hearing this, Kyle once more snapped into his killer mood and went on a rampage. He attacked the Canadian Prime Minister, injured several guards and nearly killed Pathway, a member of Beta Flight, when the heroes went after him.

Working together with Wolverine, Alpha managed to track Wild Child down, but Nemesis busted him out of prison and teleported away with him. She was determined to stand by her teammate and help him rather than lock him away. In the end, Vindicator allowed Nemesis to depart with Wild Child. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #87-90]