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30th October 2003

How did the place originate ? How did the strange place come to be. Is there an explanation for the stepping disks, and how come that they were connected to the strange temple on the Bermuda Island ? Could it be that the Elder Gods created Limbo just as some sort of punishment for Belasco. He could see anyone else but him travel to and from it, only he was stuck. Still that would leave the question where the demons living in Limbo (like S’ym or N’astirh) came from.

Who ruled it before Belasco ? If Otherplace existed before, the question remains of who was ruling it, and how this person was forced to give up the throne to Belasco.

What became of the alternate Illyana ? It was said that the Illyana Rasputin of the other set of X-men was rescued and sent back home. However it could also be the case that it was this child (and not her own past self) that Magik rescued and placed inside her scorched armor at the end of Inferno. This would mean that the adult Illyana of the main marvel Universe is still alive somewhere, possibly hiding from her friends and family. At least that’s a prominent theory among Illyana Rasputin fans.

What became of Darkoth ? In the end of Excalibur #39 he possesses the Soulsword and as Limbo’s ruler wills the dimension to peace. Fourty issues later (Excalibur #83) the Soulsword is back with Kitty Pryde without explanation and Limbo too is no longer under his control. What happened ?