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Traitor Tape


First Arrivals Uncanny X-Men #281 - Fitzroy has obviously adjusted to the present, he is in contact with Shinobi Shaw and the Upstarts

Uncanny X-Men #282 - Bantam is seen cataloging and monitoring Fitzroy’s portals. Fitzroy uses the life-forces of nearly twenty Hellions to open a giant time portal to the prison riot. From it emerge dozens of mutant criminals followed by Bishop, Randall and Malcolm.

Uncanny X-Men #283 - Bishop, Randall and Malcolm decide that they have to terminate the future criminals. The X-Men intervene as they can’t condone murder. During an explosion both the criminals and the X.S.E. officers are able to escape.

Drastic Measures Uncanny X-Men #284 - Bishop, Randall and Malcom hunt down and kill three of the escaped criminals.

Uncanny X-Men #285 - The media reports about the incident and mistakes the X.S.E. officers for the X-Men.

Uncanny X-Men #287 - The three X.S.E officer hunt down the rest of the criminals. In the big battle almost everyone dies, only Styglut and Bishop survive. The X-Men arrive and try to take the Bishop into custody, while Styglut escapes unnoticed. Xavier probes Bishop's mind and learns about his future and the reasons for hunting the criminals. He offers Bishop the chance to join the X-Men.

X-Men (2nd series) #8 - Bishop is introduced to the other X-Men, he freaks out when meeting Gambit, as Bishop believes him to become a traitor and surviving till his future as the man called Witness.

Uncanny X-Men #288 - In New York Bishop recognizes Styglut in a crowd and starts a fight during which Styglut,the last of the escaped future prisoners (besides Fitzroy and Bantam), is killed.

Fitzroy’s rise and fall Uncanny X-Men #301-302 - Fitzroy betrays Selene, the secret founder of the Upstarts and puts her into a torturing device called the spooling chamber. Forge is named as the next Upstarts target. Fitzroy is the first to attack him and like Bishop had done earlier, calls him “Genesis“.

X-Force #32-33 - The current game of the Upstarts involves former members of Hellions and New Mutants. Cable tricks Fitzroy into trying to drain energy from his techno-organic arm, Fitzroy's mutant ability backfires and he accidentally drains himself.

Two stowaways revealed Uncanny X-Men Annual #18 - Feeling guilty Bishop creates Danger Room scenarios with Malcolm and Randall.

Bishop #1 - Bishop asks Forge to repair a future holo projector that contains memories and brain waves of his sister Shard. Later Bantam approaches Bishop and reveals that one more future villain made it to the present. The merger Mountjoy too was among the prison riot and traveled to the present inside of Bantam’s body.

Bishop #2-3 - Forge has repaired the holoprojector, Bishop decides to hunt down Mountjoy without the X-Men. In New York City however Bishop is possessed by Mountjoy.

Bishop #4 - Mountjoy is forced to let go off Bishop but absorbs three different X-Men. Bishop uses the Danger Room’s technology for Shard’s hologram to solidify and hold Mountjoy in place while he blasts him with electricity, damaging the holomatrix in the process.

Active again X-Factor #116 - Forge repairs and improves the projector. Shard becomes a worthy addition to X-Factor.

Excalibur #100 - As Excalibur battles the London Hellfire Club, Mountjoy is exposed as having taken over their Scribe.

X-Man #17 - Fitzroy is revealed to be alive, it took him a long time to regenerate from his own drain. Selene takes revenge and uses a “vampire kiss“ on him forcing him into alliance.

X-Men : Onslaught - During the so called Onslaught crisis it becomes clear that xavier is the traitor, that Jean Grey talked about in the videotape. It’s Bishop’s presence that prevents the X-Men from dying as he is able to absorb a psionic bolt meant to kill them.

X-Man #23 The re-formed Hellfire Club tests Madelyne against Scribe. Surprisingly she is able to rip Mountjoy out of her opponents body.

Reborn only to die Uncanny X-Men ‘96 - By accident Shard is transformed into a photon-based lifeform and no longer relies on the holo-projector

X.S.E. #1-4 - Accepting the new lifeform as his sister, Bishop wants Shard to join the X-Men. The siblings talk and sort out their relationship and many old issues.

X-Factor #136 - Sabretooth betrays X-Factor and attacks his teammates. Shard is injured too and vanishes away.

Second Arrivals and Measures X-Factor #141 - Through the psionic fairy connection, Fixx in the future recognizes that Shard is in the present and alive in a human body (Polaris), Fixx pulls the psychis essences of herself and her teammates to the present

X-Factor #143 - The three essences take over the bodies of people that just died in a car accident

X-Factor #144 - The X.U.E. prevent Havok from accidentally releasing hundreds of legacy infected humans.

X-Factor #145 - The X.U.E. prevent a traumatic childhood event that would be responsible for the boy Micah becoming a mutant hating camp overseer

X-Factor #146 - Archer and Greystone deal with problems that they inherited from their host bodies, but Fixx can’t even access her host’s memories. During a crisis Fixx is forced to connect Havok with a psionic fairy.

Departures X-Factor #149 - Greystone develops temporal insanity, he attempts to build a time machine, but the device explodes and he dies.

Bishop : The Last X-Man #1 - Bishop and Shard are transported to another future that is ruled by the Chronomancer (who turns out to be Fitzroy)

Bishop : The Last X-Man #14 - Both Shard and Fitzroy die and a chronal explosion takes Bishop back to the present

The End ? Gambit & Bishop #3 - The Witness explains that he is at all points in time at once