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20th April 2001

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Traitor Tape


104 Future Characters that appear in the Present


X.S.E. Bishop – absorbing, amplyfying and redirecting of energy
Malcolm – immune to radiation
Randall – able to detect humans
Shard (as a holomatrix) – at first no powers, later forceblasts and intangibility as photon-based lifeform

X.U.E. Fixx – telapathic abilities, manifested as psionic fairies
Archer – can become a being of pure energy
Greystone – increasing size and strength

In between Witness – exists at all points of time in all timelines at once, witnesses and knows everything


Fitzroy – absorbs lifeforces to create time-portals
Bantam – ability to anchor / pinpoint chronal portals
Mountjoy – absorbtion and possession of other people
Styglut – absorbs lifeforces to fuel his bioelectric blasts
Burke, Kroeger, Stylles and 89 more unnamed mutant villains

Where are they now ?

Casualties list:

Kroeger - drained of his lifeforce as he tries to step back through a one-way portal (Uncanny X-Men #282)

one unnamed villain - drained of his lifeforce as he is pushed back into a one-way portal (Uncanny X-Men #283)

three unnamed villains - shot by Bishop, Malcolm and Randall (Uncanny X-Men #283)

Malcolm, Randall - killed in a big battle between the three X.S.E. officers and the many remaining villains (Uncanny X-Men #287)

Burke, Stylles and 85 unnamed villains - all dead after the big battle of Uncanny X-Men #287, however some may already have died in Uncanny X-Men #283

Styglut – killed by Bishop with an amplyfied lightning bolt from Storm (Uncanny X-Men #288)

Greystone – killed in an airplane explosion (X-Factor #149)

Bantam - killed or majorly injured in the battle between Bishop's troops and the Chronomancer's forces (Bishop : The Last X-Man #12)

Shard - turned into energy for Bishop to absorb to power him up for fighting Fitzroy (Bishop : The Last X-Man #14)

Fitzroy – disrupted by a closing timeportal, since Bishop prevented him from going through (Bishop : The Last X-Man #14)

5 Survivors remain :

Bishop : belonging to the X-Treme X-Men

Fixx : whereabouts unknown since the disbanding of X-Factor (off-panel after X-Factor #149)

Archer : retired to live his life as Jude Black with wife and kid (X-Factor #149)

Mountjoy : whereabouts unknown since he was forcefully pulled out of Scribe’s body (X-Man #23)

Witness : everywhere in time at once (last seen in Gambit & Bishop #6)