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20th April 2001

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Traitor Tape



The taped traitor message was first seen in the future flashback in UXM 287 and finally fully revealed in X-Men : Onslaught.

Currently displayed are the original scrambled quotes from Uncanny X-Men #287. If you highlight the page you will be able to see the full text as it appears from the Onslaught issue. The one word in brackets is the only word from #287 that does not fit in with the Onslaught issue ( mistake !)

Jean: Alex ?! Kurt ? Sean ? Cable ... anyone ?! The mansion has sustained massive damage. I don’t even know if this transmission is being received. If you can hear me – you need to know what happened here. The X-Men have been hit hard ... worse, we were taken totally unaware. Both teams -- Blue and Gold have been decimated !
If you respond to this distress call, be advised that mansion security ( was) has been deactivated from within ! As hard as it is for me to say this ... you need to know ... we’ve been betrayed by one of our own ! Incredible as it sounds ... Professor Xavier ... has gone insane. The most powerful Psi on the planet is no longer in control of his mutant ability ! As near as I can tell ... Juggernaut was the first to die. I’m the only one left standing who can make this message ... and he’s seen to it that my power’s negated. It’s our own fault, really ... after what I saw in his mind ... we should never have trusted that there were no after-effects from Professor Xavier shutting down Magneto’s mind. We knew so little about the psionic damage that would result from – Wait ! I ... sense ... He’s here. You ?!
Onslaught: Of course , child. Did you truly believe, even for an instant, that you would escape the same fate which befell the rest of your team ?
Jean: I don’t believe you – I can’t believe you ! You may have killed the X-Men ... but the dream will never ... !
Onslaught: ... die ? On the contrary, Jean Grey-Summers. The dream is dead.