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20th April 2001

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Traitor Tape




Summers Rebellion Hancock – some mutant eye power
Hecate – controls a null-light-field
Southpaw – only mentioned
Pachinko – only mentioned
Dwayne – only mentioned
Summers – only mentioned
Colossus – transforms into organic steel (at least a man looking like him)

X.S.E. Hecate – controls a null-light-field
Trace – tracking ability
Sureshot – never misses a shot with any weapon
Recoil - unknown
Amazon – unknown, half of her face looke like a reptil
Bishop – absorbing, amplyfying and redirecting of energy
Shard – transmutation of light into concussive force
Malcolm – immune to radiation
Randall – able to detect humans
Feral – unknown

X.U.E. Fixx – telapathic abilities, manifested as psionic fairies
Archer – can become a being of pure energy
Greystone – increasing size and strength

In between Witness – exists at all points of time in all timelines at once, witnesses and knows everything
Shackle – unknown, head of Witness’s security staff
Mr. Lycadeon – technician working for the Witness
Anthony Shaw – Lord of the Hellfire Club


Exhumes Daemon – skin constantly burns when exposed to air
Virago – hands and legs can vibrate really fast and shatter anything
Styglut – unknown
Feebs – energy bursts

Fanatix Rook – creation / possession of non-sentinent organic life-forms for an unlimited time and taking over sentinent ones for brief bursts
Pulsar – energy blasts
Shadowbox – shadow teleporting
Kali – six arms, blue skin
Hardball – very hard skin
Dogface – canine appearance and abilities
Razorback – shoots spikes from his shoulders
Visigoth - unknown

Others Fitzroy – absorbs lifeforces to create time-portals
Bantam – ability to anchor / pinpoint chronal portals
Mountjoy – absorbtion and possession of other people
Halftrak – unknown
Billiboy - unknown