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20th April 2001

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Traitor Tape




Key me – mentioned
fb - flashback
my - memory

Mutant Brandings X.S.E. #1 me - Bishop and Shard received M tatto's in the camps

X-Factor #145 fb - Greystone is about to be branded as the Summers rebellion starts

Upbringing of Bishop and Shard X.S.E. #4 me X-Men (2nd series) #8 me - Bishop was raised by the Witness for a short period of time

X.S.E. #1 fb - Bishop and Shard raised by grandmother and Hancock, grandmother dies of old age.
- Bishop, Shard and Hancock attacked by Halftrak and Billiboy and rescued by X.S.E.
- Hancock killed, siblings join X.S.E.
[same scene is also in Bishop #3 my(attacked by Halftrak and Billiboy)]
[same scene is also in Uncanny X-Men Annual ’96 fb(attacked by Halftrak and Billiboy, Hancock's death)]

Training and starting in the X.S.E. X.S.E. #1-2 fb - encounter Emplates during training mission, graduate to X.S.E. officers

X.S.E. #3 fb - Fitzroy leaves the academy after revealing that Anthony Shaw is his father

X.S.E. #2 fb - Bishop gets his own Squad and picks Malcolm and Randall as his officers

Working in the X.S.E. (chronological order not clear)
X.S.E. #3 fb - Shard joins Bishop‘s squad, Fitzroy arrested, but doesn’t go to prison (financial influence)

Uncanny X-Men #301 me - Shard forced to kill Fitzroy’s mother

Bishop X.S.E. #1-3 fb - Rook and Fanatix try to frame the X.S.E. of many crimes

X-Factor #140-141 my - Shard is approached by the X.S.U., they plan to correct the past by using Fitzroy’s timeportals but fail

Shard‘s higher rank and her demise X.S.E. #3 fb - Shard earns a promotion by capturing Mountjoy and is now Bishop’s superior
- Shard and a technician of the Witness build the prototype for a holo matrix projector, but the project is considered to be not useful enough and funding is stopped

X.S.E. #3-4 fb - Fitzroy captured, lies to Bishop about an Exhumes hide-out that is actually an Emplates nest, Shard investigates and is turned into an Emplate

X.S.E. #4 fb - Before dying Shard’s brain waves are stored in a holo projector, in turn Bishop has to serve the Witness for one year

Hunting the arch-enemy X.S.E. #4 fb - After the year is over, Bishop rejoins the X.S.E.

Uncanny X-Men #287 fb - Bishop and his team hunt down Fitzoy and discover the traitor tape.
- Bishop interrogates the Witness about the X-Men.
- Fitzroy and other villians escape from prison, Bishop and his team jump through a time-portal after them and end up in the present.