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Traitor Tape



Shortly before the Summers Rebellion, Bishop and Shard were born in one of the relocation camps and are amongst the last to receive the M branding that marks them as mutants (mentioned in X.S.E. #1). It is unknown if it was the same facility, but as a child Greystone also lived in one of the Sentinel controlled camps. One day he was chosen by Micah, a hound and cruel camp overseer, to be branded like many others. His mother tried to comfort Greystone when they heard the scream of those that were already undergoing the treatment. When finally it was his turn something strange happened. Caused by the stress of seeing the hot iron approaching his face, Greystone mutant powers triggered way ahead of puberty (when mutant powers usually manifest). He grew and destroyed the machine leaving him with only a half-tattooed M on his face. Now possessing superstrength the young mutant tried to fight the guards, which resulted in Micah shooting his mother right before his eyes. Greystone knew that he would not survive the encounter, but at least he wanted to take Micah with him. Suddenly an explosion was heard and the camp was entered from outside – the Summers rebellion had begun. In the confusion Greystone lost track of Micah never to see him again. (Flashback in X-Factor #145)

After the rebellion Bishop was raised by the Witness for a short time until his grandmother took him back to the remainder of the camp (information from X.S.E. #4). There she raised Bishop with the help of Hancock, one of the legendary warriors of the Summers Rebellion. For some unknown reason his grandmother is forced to hide her true identity, since she is actually believed to be dead and no longer has her mutant powers. Hancock hints that she was once part of an X-team.


One day Virago, one of the radical group Exhumes, is hunted by Trace and Sureshot of the X.S.E. She grabs Shard as a hostage. Bishop jumps on the mutant from behind making her drop his sister and giving Sureshot a clean line of fire. The incident shows Bishop that the Exhumes aren't heroes at all and that the despised, hated and ridiculed X.S.E are his saviors. On that day Bishop knows that one day he will belong to the X.S.E.

Some years later the grandmother dies of old age and Bishop has to promise on her deathbed that he will always look after Shard. Hancock continues to raise the children alone, though the fact that his mutant powers had burned out his eyes over the years doesn’t make it any easier(all from flashbacks in X.S.E. #1) .

Halftrak and Billiboy, who often beat up young Bishop, attack Bishop, Hancock and Shard. Two X.S.E. officers called Recoil and Amazon rescue them, but Hancock gets killed in the fight. The two officers are impressed by Bishop’s bravery and offer him to join their ranks, but Bishop only accepts after his sister is allowed to join too (flashback in Uncanny X-Men Annual ‘96, flashback in X.S.E. #1, memories in Bishop #3)

By this time Bishop had already manifested his mutant powers. The siblings are put into an X.S.E. training class with other kids around their age, two of them are Trevor Fitzroy and a girl called Shirley. Hecate, the X.S.E’s commanding officer, becomes their teacher and explains to the class that Bishop and Shard have received their M tattoos in the camp brandings, while the rest of them will get theirs if they graduate. After class Hecate speaks to Shard and Bishop alone, she tells them that she was a very good friend of Hancock and that the two kids joining the X.S.E would better be worth his death. As Shard asks why Hecate never visited Hancock if they were such close friends she gets very angry and encases Shard into a field of darkness, yet Bishop stands up for his sister and impresses the X.S.E. leader with his courage.

A year later the class is out on their first training patrol with Sureshot and Trace, but out of nowhere the group is attacked by Emplates. The marrow sucking mutant vampires defeat and kill both the adult X.S.E. officers and then turn on the group of kids. Under the stress of the situation Shard manifests her mutant ability to transform light into concussive force. Feeding her brother with her blasts Bishop is able to amplify energy to shoot some of the Emplates. Instinctively Bishop takes command of the group, he takes the guns of his teachers and throws one to Shirley who was very good in Training. Together they are able to fight off the Emplates long enough until an X.S.E rescue (including Amazon) team arrives; only one of the children is lost in the fight.

One month later Bishop is promoted and becomes the youngest cadet ever to become an X.S.E. officer; although the promotion is mainly to honor his deeds, the X.S.E. have lost too many of their number recently and new officers are desperately needed. One year later though his ambitious sister Shard also graduates and robs Bishop of the title of being the youngest cadet ever to get promoted(all from flashbacks of X.S.E. #1-2).

Years pass, and even though Shard knew that Fitzroy was a creep, she ...

Years pass, and even though Shard knew that Fitzroy was a creep, she responded to his flirting much to the concern of her brother. She was not really serious about him, but she thought he was fun to be with for a while and one night he let his guard down.


Shard was dreaming about leading the whole X.S.E. and thought it funny that Fitzroy would have to respond to her commands, however he had no intentions of ever graduating and becoming an officer. Trevor is at the academy because his father forced him. Fitzroy’s dad turns out to be none other than Anthony Shaw, the Black King of the Hellfire Club (making Fitzroy the grandson or great-grandson of Sebastian Shaw), But because he was an illegitimate child, Shaw shipped him off to the X.S.E while training his other son William to become his heir. Even the name Fitzroy is a joke as it was used by kings and queens in earlier centuries to name their illegitimate offspring. Trevor had enough of being the unwanted son, but he announced that this was all to change that night. One day later it becomes publicly known that William Shaw had died and Trevor was called home to his father (flashback of X.S.E. #3)


Some time later Hecate summons Bishop to the nerve center and information core of the X.S.E. called Cerebro. She makes him a squad commander and suggests Malcolm for a position within Bishop’s team. Checking his datafile Bishop is not much interested in Malcolm whose mutant ability to detect humans is not that useful. Malcolm also comes from a rich and powerful family and Bishop assumes that Malcolm paid his way through the training. Upon hearing this Malcolm gets very angry, he really is in the X.S.E. because he believes in their cause and has worked really hard to become an officer. Seeing Malcolm’s potential Bishop agrees to take him into his squad, but only if he is given free reign in filling the final position of his squad. Bishop then leads Hecate to a training room where Randall is seen performing. Hecate points out that this officer is undisciplined, was never near the tops of his classes and his immunity to radiation would be even more useless than Malcolm’s power, but Bishop wants Randall anyway. He liked the unpredictability and the free spirit of Randall. The two totally different recruits despise each other and constantly bicker.

Their duty leads Bishop and his team to Harmony Base, Randall’s birthplace. In this beautiful community mutants and humans worked together and much to Bishop’s surprise the X.S.E. are admired there (unlike in the ghetto that Bishop grew up). Some time later a newly formed band of Exhumes under the leadership of Styglut attack Harmony Base. Bishop, Malcolm and Randall are the first to arrive at the base, but they come to late to save any of the people who lived there, all they can do is to hold the villains in check till more X.S.E. officers arrive. Among the dead citizens is Donalbain, the human brother of Malcolm, who had joined the community to show support for his mutant brother. Since Randall had lost many friends in the massacre as well the pair finally bond and they become best, inseparable friends (all from flashbacks of X.S.E. #2).

Shard becomes the fourth member of Bishop’s Omega squad and together the four hunt down many villains including Fitzroy, who by then has become a villain and regularly uses his teleportation gates to rob banks or steal technology. It was actually Shard’s plan that led to Trevor’s capture and he has a very public trial. Not only is it a humiliation for Fitzroy himself, but also his father Anthony Shaw, in the end though Trevor is found not guilty since the judge and jury are bought with the Black King’s money(flashback of X.S.E. #3).

The Omega squad continues with their missions. On one occasion Shard is forced to kill Fitzroy’s unrevealed mother (information from Uncanny X-Men #301), whilst another mission involving the Fanatix led by the Rook, almost causes Bishop and the X.S.E to be found guilty of treason. However it turns out they are being framed for various crimes actually committed by the Rook, who has the abilities to shapeshift and to mentally control others for short times(Bishop X.S.E #1-3).

During a battle between many X.S.E. officers with another team of Exhumes, Shard first meets Fixx, Archer and Greystone of a subsect of the X.S.E. The three officers are impressed by Shard’s methods and ask her to meet them at a secret place. On that evening Shard learns about the X.U.E (Xavier’s Underground Enforcers). Following the ideas of a mysterious leader, the X.U.E wanted to shape the world into Xavier’s dream, even if they had to use criminal methods. After Fixx permanently psi-links Shard to the others through one of her fairies, they go on and tell her that Fitzroy has developed his powers and is now able to create time-portals (before they were only teleportation gates). At first she does not believe them, but the next day she and Bishop arrest Bantam, one of Fitzroy’s lackeys, who confirms that he is experimenting with chronal jumps. Convinced of the X.U.E. true intentions, Shard helps them to break Bantam out of prison to interrogate them about Fitzroy’s location. He didn’t give it away in questioning by Bishop But the X.U.E. threaten to kill him and he finally reveals the location of the hideout. Disguised so that nobody would recognize them Shard and the X.U.E. then break into Fitzroy’s place and capture him, but Trevor notices the power signature of his former lover. Shard talks to the shackled Fitzroy about the X.U.E.‘s plan; they want to send someone through his time-portals to alter the past and prevent the long years of branding and concentration camps. Trevor acts the part as if he would be willing to help them, but after Shard unlocks his chains he immediately attacks the X.U.E. again, however he is defeated and chained for a second time. Fixx wants to use her telepathy to force Fitzroy into helping with their plan, but Shard finally sees that the ends don’t justify the means – she stops Fixx and leaves the X.U.E. (memories from X-Factor #140-141).

Shard continues to serve in the X.S.E. and is granted another promotion when she captures the villain Mountjoy. Nobody had ever thought that he could get caught alive because of his absorption power, yet he underestimates Bishop’s ambitious sister and gets close enough that she can nail him with one of her blasts. Since Bishop turned down any promotion offers, because he did not want to do anything else other than field duty, Shard is now his superior officer. Being a high ranking commander Shard thought of new ways to deal with the many villainous mutants of her time and started to develop solid holoprojection with Mr. Lycadeon, a technician working for the Witness. When she ran a field test to impress Hecate, Bishop defeats the prototype and points out that the hologram could not adapt to new situations. Mr. Lycadeon confirms this, but further improvement of the holoprojection could only be accomplished by processing more of the mind of the person it is based upon, resulting in killing the subject. Judging the holo research to be a dead end Hecate stops funding for the project and out of anger Shard blamed Bishop for the failure (flashbacks of X.S.E. #3).

A short while later Bishop re-captures Fitzroy and this time his father is not willing to help him anymore. Fearing prison, Trevor offers to give away information on the Exhumes in exchange for letting him go. Usually Bishop would never consider such a deal, but seeing a chance to make up with his sister he agrees. Bishop gives the tip about the Exhumes main base to Shard and let’s her and her team investigate so that all the credit would be given to her, unfortunately it is a trap. Fitzroy had been lying and the whole team was walking right into an Emplates nest. Completely outnumbered Shard and her team fought as hard as they could but in the end they were all turned into the mutant vampires. Bishop and his friends arrive too late to prevent the transmutation, and now he is forced to fight her. X.S.E. protocols say that the only way to deal with Emplates is to kill them, ...

X.S.E. protocols say that the only way to deal with Emplates is to kill them, but Bishop could not do that to his sister. Remembering Lycadeon’s words Bishop grabs his sister and brings her to the Witness’s labs to be processed into a holomatrix, her body was emplate and could no longer be turned, but at least her mind could be saved this way. Since the Witness owns the needed technology, Bishop is forced to make a deal with him. The Witness demands that Bishop works in his operation for at least one full year, afterwards he will be given Shard’s holographic uniprojector.

Bishop agrees and the process is completed. The brain waves, personality and memories of Shard are downloaded into the wrist projector.



Bishop wants to resign from active duty in the X.S.E but Hecate already knows about the deal and says that she’ll only suspend him for a year and expects him to be back. Not much is known about the one year that Bishop had to serve the Witness, only that he met a familiar face there. Shackle, the Witness’s head of security is nobody else than his old classmate Shirley. She abandoned the X.S.E. for the high salary that she gets paid by the Witness’s foundation. After the year is finally over Bishop takes the wrist projector with Shard’s holomatrix and rejoins the X.S.E. Hecate notes how Bishop changed during that year, he is now more distant, colder and driven, in fact more like Shard was. (flashbacks of X.S.E. #3-4)




The first assignment for Bishop, Randall and Malcolm is to incarcerate Fitzroy, who busted loose again. They hunt him down to an abandoned tunnel system below New York City leading to New Salem and capture their opponent. By accident they set off a damaged taped message. On the tape Jean Grey talks about a traitor among the X-Men having killed the whole team. It seems that Bishop and his friends have stumbled over the remains of the Z’Nox chamber below the X-mansion.

After bringing the captive Fitzroy to “The Pool“, a maximum security prison, Bishop wonders about the taped message and asks for an audience with the Witness, once known as LeBeau, who is rumored to have been the last person to see the X-Men alive. Bishop is allowed to come in and is welcomed by Shackle. Bishop asks her why she continues to serve the Witness and her answer is that she’s doing it for the same reasons that Bishop abandoned the man, it is because the Witness is a constant reminder of all the best and worst that dwells within all mutants. Then they enter the Witness’s room and surprisingly he already knows about Bishop‘s discovery. The Witness knows all little details of the message and predicts every question Bishop is about to ask yet he answers none.

Later that day Fitzroy escapes from his cell by absorbing the life force of a rat in his cell. He first breaks out Bantam and then releases nearly a hundred other mutant inmates. Using the life forces of some guards Fitzroy and Bantam chrono-jump to the 20th century, where he introduces himself to Shinobi Shaw (who is one or related to one of his ancestors). He helps Shinobi to destroy the Hellfire Club and uses the life forces of the many captured Hellions to open another giant timeportal, linking the future prison riot with the present. Bishop, Malcolm and Randall observe the many mutant villains entering the portal and jump after them, not knowing that Fitzroy’s time-gates only work one way.(Uncanny X-Men #282, flashbacks in Uncanny X-Men #287)