Bishop X.S.E. Future

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20th April 2001

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Traitor Tape





Little was known about Bishop when the X-Men first met him after he just had time-jumped to the present in Uncanny X-Men #282-283. As it turned out he was born ca. 65-75 years in the future and had heard legends about Xavier and the X-Men during his childhood. Readers were soon hooked by the many mysteries of Bishop’s future timeline, for example the X-Men being killed by an unrevealed member of their own. Bishop, the first black male member of the team, soon gained enough popularity to earn him (and the X.S.E.) three different limited series.


With “Bishop X.S.E Future“ we tried to assemble all that has been revealed about Bishop’s future timeline till the point where Bishop and his teammates cross over to the present.

As a follow up there is a “Bishop – present“ feature, which starts with the characters arriving in the present and focuses on plots that relate to the future theme.

The subsections “Traitor Tape“ and “Questions“ deal with topics that equally belong to both sections, therefore we have made them accessible from both times‘ (present and future) navigation lists.