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20th August 2011
aka Cooterman’s Creek / Maynards Plains

Introduction / Location
Characteristics of the Town


UXM #229 The X-Men raid and commandeer the town.
UXM #230 The X-Men return the treasures stolen by the Reavers to their rightful owners.
Warheads #1 Wolverine repels the intruding Kether Troop, killing three of its members.
UXM #232-234 While the X-Men are away in Denver, the computer syncs up with Madelyne Pryor’s mind and displays her dreams on-screen. She destroys the monitor, but it repairs itself.
UXM #239 The X-Men regroup after their mission in Genosha.
UXM #244 Ms. Marvel takes over Rogue’s mind and redecorates her room. The female members of the team visit a mall in California. A young mutant named Jubilee follows them back home and hides in the town.
UXM Annual #13 Jubilee explores the town in secret via its system of underground tunnels. She makes a bedroom for herself in the tunnels. An unnamed member of the X-Men, likely Wolverine, is aware of her presence but leaves her alone. Jubilee fights one of Pierce’s cybernetic dingoes in the underground cavern and defeats it.
UXM #246 Wolverine leaves on sabbatical.
UXM #247 Rogue gets pulled into the Siege Perilous while battling the Master Mold.
UXM #248 Longshot quits the team. Nanny and the Orphan Maker raid the compound. Storm appears to die in the ensuing battle.
UXM #249 Havok destroys the computer, but it repairs itself. The team leaves on a mission to the Savage Land.
UXM #251 During the X-Men’s absence, the Reavers invade the town and retake it for themselves. They ambush Wolverine when he returns home and crucify him. They are primed to slaughter the rest of the X-Men, but Psylocke has a premonition of their impending deaths and chooses to force the rest of the X-Men through the Siege Perilous.
UXM #252 Jubilee nurses Wolverine back to health after his crucifixion. They hide in her secret bedroom. The Reavers begin searching for them. Wolverine defeats Pierce and escapes with Jubilee.
UXM #253 After losing control of the town to the Reavers, Jubilee and the critically injured Wolverine flee across the desert.
UXM #269 The Siege Perilous expels Rogue back into her bedroom in Cooterman’s Creek. She quickly discovers the Reavers have retaken it. Just as they are about to execute her, Ms. Marvel intervenes and saves her life.
WOL (2nd series) #35-39 Donald Pierce, Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers begin a new project: growing synthetic lifeforms designed to kill Wolverine.
UXM #281 Sentinels from the future ambush the Reavers in their headquarters and begin slaughtering them as per the orders of their commander. A few Reavers sneak away, while Donald Pierce makes a run for Gateway. The Sentinels destroy much of the base in the process and incinerate Bonebreaker, Macon and Reese.
WOL (2nd series) #72-74 Wolverine and Jubilee return to Cooterman’s Creek. They find evidence of the Sentinel attack everywhere, including shadows on the wall of where the Sentinels incinerated Bonebreaker, Macon and Reese. They revisit Jubilee’s old room, fight one of Pierce’s cybernetic dogs and then stumble upon the growing chambers Spiral and Donald Pierce used. Their tampering inadvertently awakens a damaged Sentinel.
XM (2nd series) #44 After the destruction of Avalon, Cyclops and four Acolytes crash-land in the Australian Outback, 200 miles southeast of Lake Disappointment. Cyclops leads them to the Cooterman’s Creek establishment, where he uses the computer to alert the X-Men of their presence to get rescued. He finds no signs of Gateway, but gleans that the computer was recently used.
EXC #106 Colossus returns to Cooterman’s Creek to dissuade its current occupants—his old allies, the Acolytes—from following Exodus and resurrecting Avalon.
X-Men Legacy #215 Rogue returns to Cooterman’s Creek for some rest and relaxation.
X-Men Legacy #220-224 Danger, posing as an anthropologist, arrives and disturbs Rogue’s solitude. A salvage crew of Shi’ar pirates arrives in pursuit of Danger, prompting her to fight back and damage their ship. In the ensuing battle, they disrupt her circuitry, causing her to shut down the higher levels of her programming at the same moment she executes her most recent instructions: help Rogue control her powers. In response, Danger unintentionally creates a massive hard-light simulation drawn from Rogue’s memories designed to help her address her issues with her mutant abilities. The simulation encompasses the entire town and everyone present in it, including the Shi’ar pirates. Xavier and Gambit arrive and eventually help Danger regain control, restoring the town.
Uncanny X-Force #5.1 The Reavers, having retaken the abandoned town as their own, lure X-Force into a trap right as they prepare for their ambush on Utopia. X-Force defeats the Reavers and halts the attack. Lady Deathstrike uploads her consciousness into the computer and presumably into a new body before she dies.