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New X-Men #127 The X-Man called Xorn along with Jean Grey and Cyclops stop a riot in the area of New York that borders Mutant Town. The riot started following reports of a monstrous mutant who ventures into the neighborhood and ate someone’s dog. Troubled by these reports, Xorn travels to Mutant Town to try to locate the potential mutant. He discovers a frightened young mother and her enormous mutant son, Sonny Bean. She has drugged them both in an attempt to end their lives. When Xorn tries to help, the boy feels threatened and attacks. In the ensuing melee, young Sonny is killed by the police.
New X-Men #134-135 Popular mutant fashion designer, Jumbo Carnation is found dead outside the trendy X-Factory nightclub in Mutant Town. Jumbo died after a gang of mutant-hating humans attacked him. His death is investigated by Beast and Cyclops and ruled to be the result of an overdose of the mutant-enhancing drug called Kick. Carnation’s death is one of the occurrences that inspires young Quentin Quire to form the Omega Gang and stage a riot at the Xavier Institute.
X-Men Unlimited (2nd series) #2 In response to the growing crime rate in Mutant Town, the X.S.E. is invited to send a representative to help in patrolling the streets of District X. Bishop visits District X to do an initial assessment of the crime situation and realizes that without proper protection, the law-abiding citizens of Mutant Town have little chance at forging a peaceful life in this emerging mutant community. He agrees to accept the assignment and make District X his new “beat.”
District X #1-2 While investigating allegations that District X citizen, Jake Costanza is holding his mutant wife against her will and abusing her Officer Gus Kucharsky falls under Mrs. Costanza’s mutant mental powers and kills them both before attempting to take his own life. Gus survives and his partner, Ismael Ortega covers for him. Gus is forced to retire early and Izzy is assigned to serve as the liaison to federal agent, Lucas Bishop.
District X #3-6 Violence erupts between rival crime lords “Shaky” Kaufman and “Filthy Frankie” Zapruder over the mutant called Toad Boy and the addictive narcotic he produces known as “Toad Juice”. When Kaufman learns of the lucrative sales of “Toad Juice” in District X, he raids Zapruder’s facilities and kidnaps the Toad Boy for himself. What Kaufman doesn’t know is that Toad Juice can be fatal to normal humans. After the death of a human patron at Daniel’s Inferno caused by exposure to Toad Juice, the police begin a desperate investigation before other unsuspecting junkies face the same fate. This prompted a full-scale turf war between Zapruder and Kaufman. Zapruder bombed the Wildkat Klub and Kaufman retaliated. These open acts of violence led to the arrests of both men.
Madrox #1-5 Former X-Factor member, Jamie “The Multiple Man” Madrox sets up shop in Mutant Town as a private investigator. Using his duplicates and working with his former teammates Wolfsbane and Strong Guy, he investigates numerous cases in the area and beyond. One of his first recorded cases in District X involved investigating a classic case of infidelity…only in this case, the husband was sneaking out on his wife using astral projection. This could only happen in Mutant Town.
District X #7-8 Mutant Town resident Absolon Mercator always kept the use of his phenomenal mutant powers extremely low-key. When he finally decides to use his powers to try and help others, his efforts backfire and he suffers an intense identity crisis. Believing that he must use his powers to destroy Mutant Town, Mercator warns his friend, Hanna Levy so that she can escape safely. The police intervene and use Lara the Illusionist to show Mr. M the devastation he could unleash. This snaps the uber-powerful mutant back to his senses and he willingly returns to his peaceful life of quiet isolation after a short period in jail. Following his release, an attempt is made on his life by Sashenka Popova who was in Vazhin’s employ. He believes that the threat presented by Mr. M is too great and ordered his death. Bishop confronts Vazhin and convinces him to leave Mercator in peace.
NYX #6-7 Kiden Nixon and her friends are on the run and in deep trouble after a run-in with local crime lords while trying to help out a wayward prostitute called X-23. Their paths cross with Mutant Town resident, Bobby Soul aka Felon, a small-time thug who occasionally works for X-23’s pimp to help support himself and his autistic brother. After X-23 kills her pimp, Felon offers her, Kiden Nixon and their friends Tatiana and Cameron Palmer a place to stay.
District X #9-12 A series of brutal murders followed by a mysterious blackout leads to an investigation of the growing underground mutant community called the Tunnel Rats. Calling themselves “Those Who Live in Darkness”, the tunnelers claim responsibility for the blackout and state that they want the city to leave them alone. In recent months, police and social services have put pressure on the Tunnel Rats by destroying their homes and remanding their children into state custody. Tensions with the Tunnel Rats come to a head just as Bishop and Officer Ortega manage to track down The Worm, a hideously mutated young man who is seeking revenge for being cast out by his parents. Bishop convinces many of the Tunnel Rats to rejoin surface society but a small band decides to dwell deeper in the tunnels under District X. Their journey is cut short by The Worm who massacres them all before being stopped by Bishop and Ortega.
Uncanny X-Men #450-451 Storm’s X.S.E. team are summoned to Mutant Town following the murder of a small group of humans by an assailant wielding twin adamantium claws. During their investigation, they inadvertently incite a riot at Wannabees. After pursuing the young clone of Wolverine known as X-23, they uncover a plot by the criminal organization called the Bacchae to strong arm mutant business owners in the downtown area in order to extend their influence. After finding the truth behind the deaths and realizing that X-23 was merely defending a friend in danger, the X-Men invite her to join their school.
District X #13-14 Young Billy Bates has discovered he’s a mutant and become a frequent patron at the Café Des Artistes. He’s developed a crush on the Café’s waitress, Sylvie Lauziere. When a group of anti-mutant humans start harassing her, Billy steps in and inadvertently kills several humans with his emerging powers. He holes up in the Café with Sylvie and the authorities perceive it as a hostage situation. In order to hide the fact that a mutant slaughtered several members of Purity, an anti-mutant movement, Alexei Vazhin orders hitwoman Sashenka Popova to kill the boy and pays hush money to the Lauziere’s to cover up the truth of the incident.
Mutopia X #1-4 The addled mind of the Scarlet Witch transforms the entire world into a mutant paradise ruled by her father Magneto. This shift in reality turns District X into “Mutopia X” the center of art and culture in the new mutant-dominated world. The denizens of District X find themselves in a newly elevated societal status. Lara the Illusionist is a movie star married to entertainment mogul, Daniel “Shaky” Kaufman. Absolon Mercator and Gregor Smerdyakov have founded the Center for Transformation and Illumination and are the center of a spiritual following as they help mutants achieve their genetic potential. Despite these changes in social status, the true nature of power and human pride, weakness and failings have not changed dramatically.
Decimation - House of M: The Day After The Scarlet Witch restores the world to its former state but makes the fateful decree “No more mutants.” As a result, approximately 90-95% of the mutant population worldwide finds themselves powerless and human with no trace of the mutant genome. This causes massive panic and chaos in District X. Bishop, with the help of Charlotte Jones, responds to the chaos and calls for help. Among those he encounters is a hysterical Hanna Levy who is being attacked by the insects she once enjoyed eating. She is just one of many mutants whose lives were turned upside down by the events of “M-Day”. Jamie Madrox continues to work in Mutant Town along with his friends Wolfsbane and Strong Guy helping those devastated by the loss of the mutant powers.
Mutopia X #5 Following the aftermath of M-Day, the vast majority of Mutant Town’s populace reacts to the loss of their mutant powers and status. Some are elated while others are simply in shock. There has been some loss of life as flyers fell from the sky and others were physically trapped while phasing through the ground. Police struggle to restore order as minor looting occurs amidst the chaos.