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Café Des Artistes
Appearances: District X #1, 13-14

  • The Café Des Artistes is a diner in Mutant Town run by Lauziere. His daughter Sylvette is a waitress there.
  • The Café was a favorite hangout of local policemen like Izzy Ortega and Gus Kucharsky.
  • The Café was the site of potential political incident after young mutant patron Billy Bates inadvertently killed several human tourists while trying to defend Sylvie from their rude, anti-mutant harassment.
  • The Café is decorated with photos of mutants from circuses and freakshows as well as framed stills from the cult movie, “Freaks”, directed by Tod Browning.
  • Daniel’s Inferno
    Appearances: District X #2-5, 7

  • Daniel’s Inferno is a nightclub owned by Daniel “Shaky” Kaufman. Its name is an obvious riff on the novel “The Inferno” by Dante Alighieri. Kaufman Enterprises has offices above the club.
  • Daniel’s Inferno was managed by Lonnie Shakespeare until a police shakedown and investigation following the death a human patron who died after taking Toad Juice. Shakespeare left and opened his own club.
  • Patricia Hamilton was part of the entertainment at Daniel’s Inferno but left the club and continued to work for Lonnie Shakespeare at his new joint in Mutant Town.
  • Double Helix Restaurant
    Appearances: Uncanny X-Men #451

  • The Double Helix is a restaurant in downtown run by a mutant chef named Matthew and financed by his girlfriend, Jade Parisi. Jade is the daughter of a New Jersey mob boss. Matthew befriended X-23 during her time living in Mutant Town.
  • McCarthy Avenue Tenements
    Appearances: District X #1-2, 4-6, Mutopia X #5, Decimation - House of M: The Day After

  • McCarthy Avenue is home to a number of mutants in District X due to the low-income, tenement housing located there. Manfred Jones is the building manager at one such building. The residents of McCarthy Avenue include Absolon Mercator, Hanna Levy, Patricia Hamilton, the Falcone family and the late Jake Costanza and his wife, “The Siren”.
  • The building where Hanna Levy lived was overrun by insects after she lost her mutant powers. The building was subject to numerous health inspections and may have been condemned as a result.
  • Mutatoo
    Appearances: New X-Men #134

  • Mutatoo is a tattoo parlor in Mutant Town. It is run by a burly mutant who looks like a biker but who has several small, stubby arms running up the length of his normal-sized arms.
  • The Omega Gang visited Mutatoo and all got matching tattoos of the Greek letter omega over an elongated letter X.
  • The Power Plant
    Appearances: Madrox #1, 5

  • The Power Plant is a bar located directly across the street from X-Factor Investigations. The bartender’s name is Lefty.
  • Shakespeare’s
    Mentioned in: District X #7

  • This posh nightclub was opened by the former manager of Daniel’s Inferno, Lonnie Shakespeare. Most of the clientele and employees of Daniel’s Inferno went to work here after Kaufman’s arrest.
  • The club is located on Calley Avenue near Ismael Ortega’s apartment.
  • Wannabees
    Appearances: Uncanny X-Men #450-451, Decimation - House of M: The Day After

  • Wannabees is a posh nightclub in Mutant Town catering to humans who wish to get a taste of the mutant subculture. Clubbers often wear costumes or accessories that mimic mutant traits.
  • X-23 worked as a cocktail waitress at Wannabees before joining the Xavier Institute.
  • Wildkat Klub
    Appearances: District X #1, 5, 8

  • The Wildkat Klub is an exclusive men’s club catering to mutant patrons and those seeking mutant ‘companionship’. Among the employees at the Wildkat Klub are Lorelei and Lara the Illusionist.
  • The Wildkat Klub was blown up by Frankie Zapruder in District X #5 as retaliation for the abduction of Toad Boy by “Shaky” Kaufman.
  • X-Factor Investigations (aka XXX Investigations)
    Appearances: Madrox #1-5

  • After leaving X-Corporation Paris, Jamie Madrox decided to set up shop as a private investigator. He rented a small office space in Mutant Town and XXX Investigations was born.
  • When his former X-Factor teammates Wolfsbane and Strong Guy joined the investigative firm they insisted that Madrox drop the nearly pornographic-sounding name of the business and re-named it "X-Factor Investigations."
  • Following the events of M-Day, X-Factor Investigations has expanded its team of investigator as it helps to support the survivors in Mutant Town and delves into the origins of the M-Day effect.
  • X-Factor Investigations is right across the street from the Power Plant bar. This is a favorite meeting place of the X-Factor crew for business and after-hours fun.

    Appearances: New X-Men #127, 134

  • The X-Factory is a store that carries clothing for mutants. Jumbo Carnation’s fashions were available for purchase here. Ironically, his body was found just outside the store after he overdosed on Kick.