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Publication Date: 30th Sep 2019
Written By: Peter Luzifer, Monolith and Gremlin.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer and Dean Clayton.
Alternate Versions


A time-traveling experiment gone wrong created another divergent timeline, one in which present day heroes already emerged in the 17th century, the year 1602 to be precise. Mutants were referred to as “witchbreed” and, as such, feared and hunted. 

For a time, Warren could hide his wings under special garments that his mother had sewn him, but eventually he was discovered and arrested. The students of Carlos Javier freed him and he happened to join them. Warren was not aware that one of his classmates, Jean Grey, was actually a woman in disguise. He learned only after her death and felt somewhat betrayed. Not for having been lied to, but as Warren explained to his surprised teammate, because he had felt attracted to the young “man.”

In the future shown in Weapon X: Days of Future Now, most of the X-Men had been murdered by Malcolm Colcord. Archangel was the only one to survive and he joined Wolverine’s new group in a bid to get revenge on Colcord and his Sentinel program. He was severely hurt when Agent Zero attacked the new group and he left shortly after to form his own team. In the years that passed, the situation for mutants grew dire as many fell to Colcord’s Sentinels. Warren came back to the group but was killed in the final showdown with the Sentinels. 

When Dazzler and her X-Treme X-Men were hopping realities, they came across a version of Archangel that had been turned into a living god, Waran the Herald. After an initial fight, the X-Treme X-Men were taken captive and Waran took a special interest in Dazzler as a potential concubine. She soon escaped from the gods and found refuge with that reality’s Xavier. It was soon discovered that Xavier had been mentally controlling the gods and he was quickly killed by Magneto. Free of Xavier’s influence, Waran was able to use his godly abilities to heal the world, instead of terrorize it.

In the future that depicted The End of the X-Men, the various enemies of the team had teamed up and devastated their ranks. After an attack destroyed the school, Warren returned to the X-Men to help find survivors and fend off other attacks. The X-Men soon found themselves taking the fight to Cassandra Nova on the Sh’iar throneworld of Chandilar. Warren was one of the many heroes to die in a battle with the Imperial Guard when he caught the full force of an energy blast.

Angel from the Years of Future Past was one of the few X-Men to avoid the concentration camps or the wrath of the Sentinels. He moved into the sewers with a group of refugees and remained hidden for many years. When Kitty Pryde and some other escapees from the concentration camps came looking for help, Warren immediately let them into his hideaway. Unfortunately, they were followed and the refuge was attacked by Sentinels. Warren escaped and joined the other survivors in stopping an assassination attempt on Robert Kelly.

When the Shadow King fled Earth 616, he found himself in an alternate reality where he managed to possess that world’s Xavier and enslave the original X-Men, including Archangel. The Shadow King then took his Shadow X team to Earth 616, where they attempted to kill Dazzler. They earned the attention of Captain Britain and Shadow X soon found themselves up against a newly formed Excalibur. Archangel proved to be a ruthless adversary, thanks to a hook-blade he carried around with him. When the Shadow King and Xavier were imprisoned, Archangel and the rest of Shadow X formed an alliance with an evil version of Captain Britain named Albion. Albion betrayed Shadow X and had Xavier, and the Shadow King along with him, killed. Shadow X then formed a shaky alliance with Excalibur so that they could take down Albion together. Like the rest of Shadow X, Archangel was killed in the final showdown with Albion’s forces and, despite his earlier actions, he died a hero.

In one timeline, the original five X-Men never returned to the past after young Iceman was killed, creating a paradox in the present. Angel's cosmic wings continued to evolve, growing into a blue-white flame capable of producing energy swords for him to wield. In time, his future self Archangel succumbed to the Deathseed again, and Angel was forced to kill and decapitate Archangel in single combat. This reportedly led to a new Death rising to replace the old.