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Publication Date: 14th Nov 2019
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Alternate Versions



In the Scarlet Witch’s altered reality known as the House of M, Cyclops was happily married to Emma Frost and the two lived a peaceful, urban life in this mutant-dominated world. This blissful illusion was later shattered by Layla Miller, however, and Scott teamed up with the rest of the enlightened heroes to take down Wanda and restore reality to its rightful state — for the most part.

After M-Day, the Shadow King was freed from his telepathic prison and found himself in a parallel world, where he took over the mind of that reality’s Charles Xavier. With the world’s most powerful telepath at his disposal, he eliminated most of that world’s heroes and brought the original five X-Men into his service. This team, Shadow-X, did their master’s bidding. The Shadow King had a grudge against Earth-616, so he sent Shadow-X there to enact his nefarious machinations. Cyclops and his team killed Dazzler before their leader was defeated. Later, they teamed up with Albion (an alternate Brian Braddock), but he later betrayed them. They then allied themselves with Excalibur so they could defeat Albion and return home but, during the battle, Cyclops was decapitated by a brainwashed Sage.

The Cyclops of the Earth-889, a pre-digital society, was a mutant member of the X-Society. Scott was the world’s greatest adventurer and the lover of Emma Frost, though she repeatedly refused his hand in marriage, as she belonged to a higher socioeconomic class than he did. When an agent traveled to this world via a Ghost Box and committed a murder during his scouting mission, the X-Society tracked him to his getaway vehicle: a hydrogen blimp. Logan jumped out of the X-Society’s airship to apprehend him, but the interloper used his powers to ignite Logan in the air, causing him to rip open the side of the passenger blimp and cause a massive explosion. Logan was the only survivor and the X-Society received blame for the attack. In the wave of anti-mutant sentiment that followed, the X-Society was placed under indefinite house arrest, leading Emma to consider absconding to Europe, where she could at least continue living her bohemian lifestyle while finally accepting Scott’s marriage proposal.

On yet another parallel Earth, Cyclops gave the Last Testament of Scott Summers after his failure to stop the triploid mutant agent from scouting Earth-616 resulted in a full-blown invasion and annexation. As the entire planet fell to a parallel Earth looking for a new home to colonize, Scott was one of the only X-Men left alive. So great was his despair at his own failure that he took his own life with a powerful optic blast he reflected off a shard of ruby quartz.

In a dark alternate reality resembling a Noir film, Charles Xavier believed the next step in evolution were not mutants but sociopaths, and he opened a “reform” school that, in reality, trained sociopaths to be better criminals. Among his students were Cyclops, Iceman, Hank McCoy and Jean Grey. When Jean’s dead body washed up on the shores of Welfare Island, Xavier’s crew, known as the X Men, began to investigate. The various investigations into Jean’s death led to the uncovering of conspiracies around town and resulted in the deaths of several police officers, gangsters and most of the X Men. Cyclops survived to learn that his lover Jean Grey had in fact faked her own murder — only to discover her actual dead body after she fell to her death. With his friends and lover dead, Cyclops departed for Madripoor.

In the X-Men Forever timeline, Cyclops never sent Nathan to the future and instead got to raise him in the present. He and Jean broke up after it was clear she had feelings for their fallen teammate, Logan. After Logan’s funeral, Scott took some time off in Anchorage, where he and his son lived with Scott’s grandparents. When Nathan was kidnapped by the mysterious Consortium, Cyclops teamed up with Havok, Polaris and Corsair to get him back. He rejoined the X-Men shortly after that. Sinister ultimately succeeded in kidnapping Nate (and Corsair) by way of his double-agent Robyn Hanover, who worked in Scott’s orphanage when he was a child, but their ultimate fates remain unknown.


Eighty years in the X.S.E. future, Cyclops’s body was heavily cybernetic, having had a devastating run-in with the Jamie Madrox of his timeline. This Cyclops had a metal plate in his head, a cybernetic arm and a cybernetic leg. He also had a mutant daughter named Ruby Summers, whose body was composed of hard ruby and who could fire dark optic blasts out of her eyes. Cyclops was a key member of the “Summers Rebellion” in this timeline, an uprising against the murderous Sentinels that controlled their world. When Doctor Doom betrayed his temporary alliance with the Summers Rebellion, he was able to take control of Cyclops and turn him against his teammates. His daughter, however — apparently having inherited her father’s tactical abilities along with his mutation — was able to outflank him in battle and snap him out of his trance.

On Earth-80827, Summer Scott, a.k.a. Starbolt, was a member of Force-X, a team of mutant trainees run by the wheelchair-bound Emma Frost. Summer could also fire optic blasts like her male counterpart and trained with Roberta Drake, Hank McCoy, John Grey and Peter Parker. After an encounter with the New Exiles, Force-X became embroiled in the ongoing war between the British and French empires, siding with the Brits. They teamed up with the New Exiles and finally defeated the French army.




In yet another alternate world the New Exiles visited, Scott Summers was a member of the Shi’ar Death Commandoes, serving under Empress Lilandra, only here he went by the codename Devo. They crossed the New Exiles when seeking out their runaway target, Lilandra’s sister, the Shi’ar Princess Nerimani. 

In an alternate future of the Ultimate Universe, Captain America stood alongside Cyclops and Jean Grey when the government began hunting down and depowering superhumans. When Steve Rogers, the original Captain America, was forcibly depowered, Cyclops watched in horror as the man aged over 100 years in mere moments and withered away. After being depowered himself, Scott decided to take up the mantle of the deceased Captain America. Along with several other X-Men, Cyclops traveled to the past to prevent Mister Fantastic from inventing a weapon that was later used against mutants, but was killed in the process by an army of Sentinels modeled after Wolverine.