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Publication Date: 14th Nov 2019
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In the nightmarish reality warp known as the Age of X, mutants were hated and feared more than ever. Scott, codenamed Basilisk, was held for years on Alcatraz. His eye lids were removed, depriving him of any semblance of control over his optic blasts absent ruby quartz, and he was forced by his sadistic captors to use his blasts to execute othermutant prisoners. After escaping captivity, Basilisk joined the rest of the world’s free mutants on Magneto’s Fortress X. He had a relationship with Joanna “Frenzy” Cargill in this reality, as her indestructible body could take his unrestrained gaze. Basilisk was no leader in this reality, and often rebeled against his commanders at Fortress X, but his keen mind remained. Scott was one of the first to notice the cracks in Legion's artificial reality, and refused to blindly continue fighting the humans like some did. When legion restored reality, Cyclops fondly remembered his time with Frenzy, but had those memories removed out of respect for Emma and his leadership position in the X-Men.

In an alternate aftermath of the House of M reality warp, the Scarlet Witch depowered all superhumans and not just the mutants. The Red Skull tried to seize advantage of this by using the Cosmic Cube to take over the world, but the depowered heroes realized that they still needed to be heroes, despite not having powers, and fought back. The depowered — but armed and still very dangerous — Scott and Emma were among them, and they brought in the rest of the depowered X-Men to fight back against the Red Skull.


In Prelude to Deadpool Corps #2, young Scott Summers was a ward at the Xavier Orphanage for Troubled Boys, and the recurring target of Wade “Kidpool” Wilson’s teasing and bullying. Although Scott tried to be a good student, Wade would get him into trouble and one time, after giving him a wedgie in class, they both received detention. Scott was upset because that meant having to miss the big dance, where he hoped to make a move on his crush, Jean Grey. When Wade maneuvered their escape from detention, they crashed the dance, but Scott’s hopes and dreams fell flat when Jean gave him an “it’s not you, it’s me” rejection. Thankfully for Scott, young Wade was plucked from this reality after the dance ended, setting him free of his teasing.

When Wolverine traveled back in time to prevent the apocalyptic Age of Ultron, he ended up killing Ultron’s creator, Hank Pym, before he ever created the artificial intelligence. With a pivotal, founding member of the Avengers dead before his time, however, the Avengers never ended up achieving their greatest feats and the team disbanded prematurely, leaving Earth vulnerable to a mystical invasion from Morgana Le Fey. In the new timeline that resulted, Scott Summers was a member of the Defenders and went by the name Cable. It wasn’t just his name that echoed his time-traveling son, however. Scott also had a cybernetic eye and arm. When this reality fell to yet another invasion by the villainous Morgana, Wolverine decided it too should never come to pass, and once again traveled back in time, this time to prevent himself from killing Hank Pym. He succeeded, erasing the altered timeline from existence, but permanently damaged the space-time continuum in the process.

During a war of mutant liberation in another reality in Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #44-47, Charles “Savior” Xavier eventually slew Magneto, but with his dying act, Magneto disrupted the Earth’s molten core and split the planet in two. Savior managed to hold it together by building a machine powered by mutant energy, without which the planet would split and drift into the sun. His first volunteer to power the machine was none other than his reality’s Cyclops. Scott sacrificed his life using his optic blasts to fuel the machine and died before the eyes of his lover, Storm. This Exalted Cyclops was revered and memorialized in a statue as the savior of the Earth. However, the planet-saving machine still needed mutants to power it. After exhausting all the viable mutants on Earth, Savior began kidnapping them from other dimensions. He amassed a large collection of dead Cyclopses, whose visors he all kept in a storage room. Cyclops of Earth-616 was eventually conscripted into operating this machine, but he and his fellow captives rebelled and broke it instead, and Cyclops returned home without knowing what happened to the planet.

In a Wild West World the X-Treme X-Men visited, Sheriff Scott Summers was the law in a small town. He and the entire town, however, fell victim to that reality’s Charles Xavier, who psychically lobotomized Sheriff Summers and made him into his violent pawn. After Dazzler’s X-Treme X-Men defeated Xavier, they repaired the damage Xavier had done to everyone, including Cyclops. Scott resumed implementing law and order in this harsh, unforgiving environment.

Dazzler’s X-Treme X-Men soon encountered yet another version of Scott Summers, this one a former slave who later became a free man and was trained by the Union army in the use of his powers. Corporal Scott Summers then helped obliterate the treasonous Confederate Army — in just two weeks. During this American Civil War, Corporal Summers killed six or seven thousand enemy soldiers. Afterward, however, his mutant powers made him feared among his own side. Corporal Summers later joined the bodiless Xavier’s X-Men and merged with Dazzler’s X-Treme X-Men. He had his doubts about Dazzler’s leadership abilities at first but he later grew to respect her — and, shortly after that, romance blossomed between the two. Corporal Summers was one of the few members of Dazzler’s team who survived the X-Termination saga and, after the team disbanded, having completed their mission, he remained on Earth-616. His current whereabouts are unknown.


Before the Apocalypse Twins succeeded in getting the Celestials to destroy Earth, they raptured the world’s mutant population aboard an ark. With Earth destroyed, the mutants colonized a new world known as Planet X. Cyclops was among those raptured and served as a member of the X-Council in this mutant-only society, unwittingly working for the very architects of his world’s destruction. Among the other survivors was Cyclops’ brother Havok, who, as a member of the Avengers Unity Squad, failed to prevent the destruction of Earth and had been trying to undo it ever since. After five years, Havok and his allies finally found a way to alter their past to prevent the world’s end from ever happening. Although Cyclops initially worked to stop them, he had a change of heart when he saw how firmly his brother believed in this possibility (it also helped that he witnessed Magneto almost murder his brother). Cyclops changed sides, set Havok free and held his assailants at bay while Havok carried out his plan, which eventually succeeded, erasing this timeline from existence. 

In 100th Anniversary Special - X-Men #1, a reality that would eventually be erased by the Phoenix, Cyclops and his pro-mutant revolutionaries were hailed as national heroes after they destroyed a black hole growing at the center of a Large Hadron Collider. In the wake of this feat, the X-Men reunited under Scott’s leadership, while Scott rode a wave of pro-mutant sentiment all the way to the White House. As President of the United States of America, Scott had to deal with a country still deeply divided over issues regarding mutant rights. On the positive side, he finally married Emma Frost and made her his First Lady of the White House — until Jean Grey returned from the White Hot Room and killed her, completely wiping her from existence in the process. Scott, as the only person who remembered Emma Frost even existed, thought he was going insane, while the anti-mutant bigots outside the White House grew concerned about the glimpses they caught of the Phoenix’s energy. The mob stormed the White House and made an attempt on Scott’s life, causing his powers to go haywire and kill several of the rioters. An international incident soon followed but, in the end, it didn’t matter, as Jean Grey returned and completely erased the timeline. She showed Scott that his presidency would end in mass suffering and death and that a reboot was necessary. Restarting the timeline decades in the past, Scott married a resurrected Jean Grey to the thunderous applause of his fellow X-Men—including Emma.