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Publication Date: 14th Nov 2019
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Mutantkind finally went to war with the Inhumans when it was learned that the Terrigen Mists would soon saturate the atmosphere, rendering Earth uninhabitable to mutants. A counter-strike proposal devised by Magneto and Emma Frost was approved by the mutant leadership, and put into action. Cyclops and the various X-Men teams assembled to disable the royal hierarchy of the Inhumans before striking directly at the cloud. Cyclops was forced to fight against people who saw a modern-day boogeyman in his face.

During the conflict, Cyclops was possessed by an Inhuman body-jumper named Mosaic, who had infiltrated Muir Island looking for info on the captive royals. While Mosaic used Scott's body to escape by piloting a Blackbird, Cyclops found some of Magneto's memories in Mosaic head space from a previous possession. From Magneto's mind, Scott learned that his adult self wasn't responsible for the "terrorist actions" that led to the cold war with the Inhumans. Old Cyclops died of accidental exposure to the Mists and everything after that was Emma Frost using a psychic image of Scott to seek revenge and create a lasting legacy for Cyclops. Scott was furious at Emma and revealed her underhanded tactics to the rest of the mutant community, driving her into exile as Queen Medusa finally relented and destroyed the Terrigen cloud. [Inhumans vs. X-Men crossover]

Scott was emotionally exhausted by the weight of these revelations. He was relieved that he wasn't responsible for the acts attributed to his older self, but was still dealing with the ramifications of knowing about his own inevitable death. When Henry said he had solved their time travel problem, Scott thought this meant they could go home and leapt at the chance. When Beast showed them the past, however, Scott and the others were surprised to find the original X-Men were already there. Beast explained he could only conclude that the timeline had compensated for their displacement somehow, ensuring that the past of this timeline DID have the original five in in their absence.

Cyclops felt adrift after this, feeling like he literally couldn't go home again. Jean had returned to the group for this revelation, and she and Scott talked afterwards to try to cope with the change. Scott impulsively kissed Jean during their chat, but she didn't return his embrace. Instead, Jean said that would simply be going backwards and the original five now had the opportunity to go forwards, forging a new life. Scott reluctantly accepted Jean's rejection and the team reassembled to make plans for the future. [All-New X-Men (2nd series) #19]

With Beast retreating into his mystical studies and Cyclops' attention split by the Champions, Jean assumed a leadership role with the team. However, her first decision was a dubious one when she agreed on behalf of the original five to work for Magneto. Jean read Magnus' mind and determined he was genuinely prepared to fight in line with Charles Xavier's ideals, but Scott and the others were nevertheless concerned. Expecting resistance from the other X-Men, the original five left without explaining themselves and moved to a mansion in Madripoor maintained by Magneto and his ally, Briar Raleigh. [X-Men Prime (2nd series) one-shot, X-Men: Blue #1]

Magneto wasn't the only concern on this team's roster. Cyclops remained concerned about Beast's magic use and tried to speak to him about it. With Jean back on the team, however, Hank was more sensitive and jealous around Scott than before, and wouldn't listen. The X-Men recruited a new member named Jimmy Hudson, the son of Wolverine from another universe who was marooned in this one after the Incursions crisis. Scott noticed Jean was attracted to Jimmy, tweaking his jealous side as well. [X-Men: Blue #2-6]

When Hydra took over America, most of the X-Men were trapped in New York City beneath the Darkforce dome. A separate mutant city-state called New Tian was established on the west coast by Xorn, Emma Frost and the adult Beast. Cyclops and the original five rejected Hydra and New Tian's strict rule, acting as revolutionaries against both governments. When they were captured by soldiers of New Tian, Scott was brought before Emma Frost. Emma's grief at the death of the older Cyclops was making her unstable, and she tried to recreate her Scott by imprinting his memories and identity onto the younger Scott. Jean had to force her way into Scott's mind to show him the truth. The feedback from this experience created a permanent psychic link between Scott and Jean, like the one previously created between their adult selves. However, that Scott and Jean had been a loving couple at the time, whereas these were mere teenagers awkwardly trying to remain friends in spite of their attraction and destiny. [X-Men: Blue #7-9]

Cyclops and Marvel Girl struggled with the connection they now had. Although they were "best friends," neither of them could now hide the fact that they were still very attracted to each other and hadn't "moved on." They were forced to work together solo when Beast's magic use finally spiraled and he ended up a pawn of the Goblin Queen and her extra-dimensional HeX-Men. While recruiting Madripoor's other mutant team the Raksha, Scott realized he hadn't known Jean was going to do that before she did it. Cyclops learned that, as a telepath, Jean was already skilled in guarding her thoughts and could occasionally hide things from their psychic rapport. This left Scott feeling even more exposed by their rapport. Interestingly enough, Cyclops developed new feelings of his own for Bloodstorm, a teenaged vampire version of Storm who betrayed Goblin Queen and the HeX-Men to remain with them after Beast's rescue. [X-Men: Blue #10-12]

Beast's earlier conclusion about the timeline no longer needing them in the past was challenged when a timequake started shaking up the Madripoor mansion. Using a time machine Magneto had built, Cyclops and the X-Men fled into the timestream and found the timeline increasingly altered. They traveled into the past and found the Brotherhood of the future had used disguises to pose as the original X-Men. It was THEY whom the X-Men had seen in their last visit to the past. After much effort, the Brotherhood's effect on the timeline was abated, but the original five still had to deal with the ramifications. Their fate was not theirs to make, for they were destined to return to the past and forget everything they'd learned and done in the present. And, for Cyclops in particular, it was literally a death sentence. [X-Men: Blue #16-20]

While chatting with his dad on a superluminal transmission radio, Cyclops saw Corsair and the Starjammers being attacked by mercenaries using Klyntar symbiotes. Scott gathered the original five for a rescue mission, and they also recruited the help of the lethal protector, Venom. In space, the X-Men crossed a black market symbiote dealer and became bonded to symbiotes of their own. The symbiote X-Men and Venom attacked the mercenaries to rescue the Starjammers, but a third party intervened and changed the game. Entities known as Poisons were the natural predators of the Klyntar, consuming the symbiote and its host as food for a third entity, a Poison that emerged with the powers and abilities of the victim. To Scott's horror, Jean was killed and transformed into a Poison, severing their psychic rapport as her life snuffed out. [Poison-X crossover]

A grieving Cyclops raced back to Earth with Venom and the X-Men to prevent a Poison invasion, as the entities were searching for other super-powered hosts to bond with Klyntar before assimilating their traits. What followed was a trade-off as Scott began sensing Jean's thoughts again. Initially worried it was a psychic lure by Poison-Jean, the X-Men learned the real Jean Grey had mentally survived and used her powers to destroy Poison-Jean and turn its body back into a duplicate of her own. However, while Jean was able to kill the Poison Queen and eradicate the Hive, it wasn't until after Jimmy Hudson was assimilated as Poison as well. Poison-Jimmy survived the death of the Hive and left the X-Men to learn which of his two sides would be dominant. [Venomized #1-5, X-Men: Blue #29-30]

The X-Men's relationship with Magneto fell apart soon after. When Cyclops took the original five into space, Magneto was left to deal with a crisis without them that led to him killing several mutants under his care in self-defense when they were controlled by an outside force. Magneto sought revenge on Emma Frost for this and, despite his own feelings towards Emma, Cyclops and the X-Men stood between Magneto and murder. Magneto left to reform the Brotherhood while the X-Men regrouped. [X-Men: Blue #31-32]

The original five recognized it was nearly time for them to return to the past, completing the time loop that was necessary to prevent a paradox. Cyclops had to make peace with his own grave, making what followed even harder. He helped the Champions on a membership drive to be sure they wouldn't be shorthanded without him, but couldn't face the whole team before he left. Instead, he shared a tearful goodbye with Ms. Marvel and made her promise to keep doing what they were doing. Even without their psychic rapport, Scott and Jean were also drawing closer again, and shared a kiss with the encouragement of their teleporting Bamf, Pickles. [X-Men: Blue #35-36, Champions (2nd series) #16-18]

The X-Men continued stalling, though, picking up one "last mission" after another. After one mutant rescue mission, Cyclops asked Bloodstorm out for Thai food, intending to talk about their feelings. Scott and Ororo acknowledged they were drawn to each other, but Scott was concerned about starting any relationship when he was destined to go home in the near future. Their conversation was interrupted when Ahab the Hound Master attacked the restaurant. During the fight, Ahab got behind Bloodstorm and impaled her with his silver-coated harpoon, killing the mutant vampire. Scott was forced to watch Ororo die and could do nothing to stop it.

All the X-Men regrouped and learned that Cable had also been killed that night, while young Iceman was kidnapped. They reasoned that the original five X-Men were being targeted, and the temporal ramifications were dire. Kitty Pryde organized different teams to watch the remaining four at different locations, but Scott wanted to track down Bloodstorm's killers, not sit and hide. During the argument, a teenaged version of Cable struck, kidnapping young Angel. Scott was spirited away by adult Jean Grey's team to Searebro, where they were pursued by Ahab.

Ahab was using brainwashed mutants named Manon and Maxime to psionically reprogram mutants into Hounds for him, turning many X-Men to his side. The X-Men learned Kid Cable was trying to fix the timeline and send the original five back by any means necessary before Ahab could kill them and cause a paradox. Ahab nearly succeeded when he killed Mimic in place of Cyclops. Scott and the original five regrouped with Kid Cable to end Ahab's threat. They traveled to the future where Jean met pre-Hound versions of Manon and Maxime and learned how to undo the Hound effect they created. They then destroyed Ahab's time machine and returned to the past. By telepathically recreating Manon's memory power, Jean was able to remove the original five's memories of the future, blocking them off until the fight with Ahab when they would re-emerge. Thus, when young Jean went back in time, adult Jean suddenly remembered how to counter the Hound effect, saving the X-Men in the present. The time loop was closed, and the original X-Men forgot all their experiences and the progress they had made, for the time being. [Extermination #1-5]