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Publication Date: 14th Nov 2019
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Cyclops and the original X-Men fell back into their old roles, the growth they had experienced in the future forgotten. Scott was once again timid in Jean's presence, unable to admit his feelings for her, while the more gregarious Angel had no such problem.

In the field, though, Scott's nervous nature melted away to reveal a natural tactician and commander. Scott remained field leader of the team even after Xavier's return and led the X-Men well. When a trio of Celestial-powered guardians of mutantkind known as the Evolutionaries visited the X-Men and declared their intent to eradicate all of the baseline humans on the planet, Professor X tried to talk them out of it. Cyclops was unable to keep his team under control while Professor X conversed with the Evolutionaries, leading them to depart in search of someone else they believed spoke for all of mutantkind: Magneto. Fully aware that Magneto would take the Evolutionaries up on their offer destroy the DNA of every non-mutant human on the planet, the X-Men worked to stop them. Beast constructed a device that he believed would neutralize the immense power of the Evolutionaries. While confronting them, Cyclops ordered Beast to use the machine, which killed two of the Evolutionaries upon activation. Cyclops pleaded with the third to spare mankind and made a deal with it: he and his X-Men would personally protect mutantkind from humans. If he accomplished this, he claimed, the Evolutionary's job wouldn't be necessary, and humans therefore deserved to live. The Evolutionary agreed to the deal and promised to return far in the future to check on Scott's progress in protecting mankind. As it left, though, it wiped everyone's memory of meeting it and of the previous two days. [X-Men Giant-Size #1, X-Men (3rd series) #12-15]

When Jean Grey started to attend college in New York, where she quickly found new friends among the students, Scott believed that any chance he might have had was gone. However, Jean kept visiting the X-Men at the weekends and, after Warren had given up on Jean to be with Candy Southern, Scott finally opened up to Jean about his difficulties with expressing emotions. Jean understood that he was trying to say that he loved her and Scott realized that she responded without them actually talking about it. [X-Men (1st series) #24, 32]

From then on, Jean and Scott were almost inseparable and went on several missions together. Even when the X-Men were disbanded by FBI Agent Fred Duncan after Professor Xavier's death (actually the Changeling posing as him), Jean and Scott stayed together. Scott found a job as a radio moderator while Jean worked as a photo model. To give her role more credibility, Scott acted as her overly jealous boyfriend. [X-Men (1st series) #48]

The X-Men reunited when a strange new threat arose. Dozens of latent mutants were summoned to San Francisco by Mesmero and what seemed to be Magneto (actually a robot duplicate). Among the summoned people was Lorna Dane, who just had befriended Iceman. In the villains' base, her dormant magnetic powers activated and she was then manipulated into believing herself to be the daughter of Magneto. 

The X-Men were overpowered by the villains and their mutant army and had no choice but to retreat and leave Lorna behind. Scott came up with a plan to rescue her: he created the cover identity of Eric the Red and used special devices built into the costume that redirected his optic blasts, making it look as if they originated from his hands. As Eric the Red, Cyclops infiltrated the villain organization and quickly rose to become Magneto's second in command. Now, the X-Men were able to attack from the outside and from within and the organization was destroyed, thanks in part to Lorna, who became convinced her relation to Magneto was a lie. [X-Men (1st series) #49-52]

A few weeks later, Scott revealed to his teammates that he had a younger brother. Alex had grown up with his adoptive family and had now graduated college. When the team wanted to celebrate with him, Alex was kidnapped by men dressed in Egyptian garb. It turned out that Alex was a mutant too, able to absorb the same range of cosmic radiation as a descendant from the ancient pharaohs. The so-called Living Pharoah isolated Alex in a containment chamber so he could hoard all the cosmic rays for himself. The plan worked, and the Egyptian mutant transformed into the Living Monolith. However, he had underestimated Alex's power, and the younger Summers brother freed himself from his prison, while the X-Men arrived to help. Soon, they defeated the Monolith. [X-Men (1st series) #54-56]

The next threat that the X-Men had to face was a relaunched Sentinel program, now more dangerous than before. The robots had already captured most known mutants when Cyclops was able to defeat them using reason. First, he, Marvel Girl and Beast confused the Sentinels by dressing up as Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch and the Toad. Then, Cyclops reasoned with the main robot that, to eradicate all mutants, they would have to destroy the source of mutation: the sun. Surprisingly, the robots followed Scott's logic and flew into space and straight into the sun, where they were consumed. [X-Men (1st series) #57-59]

After Xavier returned from faking his own death and explained to the X-Men why he had asked the terminally ill Changeling to take his place, Cyclops continued to successfully lead the missions of the team. One fateful day, however, Cerebro registered a powerful presence on the island of Krakoa. The X-Men tried to investigate but, immediately after disembarking from their jet, they were attacked by the island itself and taken captive. Krakoa fed on the energy of the helpless mutants and neutralized their powers. With no X-Men left to send, a desperate Xavier enlisted his colleague Moira MacTaggert's mutant students, among them Scott's long-lost brother Gabriel Summers, and, despite Moira's objections, sent them to Krakoa to rescue the captive X-Men. These deputized X-Men managed to rescue Cyclops and get him back to their jet, at which point Cyclops learned that "Kid Vulcan" was actually the brother Gabriel he never knew he had. When the new X-Men ventured back into the island to rescue the rest of Scott's teammates, however, they met a grisly end. Scott watched from the Blackbird as his brother and the rest of the new X-Men were seemingly incinerated. With few options left, the frantic, grief-stricken Scott Summers flew home and met with Professor X to discuss what to do. Unbeknownst to Scott, Professor X soothed his grief by wiping his memory—not only of this second squad of X-Men, but also of his knowledge of ever meeting and knowing Gabriel Summers. [X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1-6]

Cyclops, who now had no memory at all of the ill-fated second team of X-Men, then worked with Xavier to gather together the third generation of X-Men: the Canadian agent Wolverine, the reformed Irish villain Banshee, the African goddess Storm, the Russian farmer Colossus, the German trapeze artist Nightcrawler, the Japanese hothead Sunfire and the Apache soldier Thunderbird. This new team succeeded in rescuing the X-Men from Krakoa and, using their combined powers, launched the living island into space, where it got ensnared in Earth's orbit. They had no idea the remains of their immediate predecessors lay buried within this rocky satellite—in fact, they had no idea these forgotten X-Men ever existed at all. [Giant Size X-Men #1, X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1-6]

Afterwards, the original team decided that it was time to try and live a life outside of superheroing. Only Cyclops remained behind to help to train the new team. He felt that he would not fit in with society, living in constant fear his optic blast could injure somebody.
[X-Men (1st series) #94]

However, this diverse new team was made up of independent adults and loners and they didn't work as well together as the original team, despite the hard training that Cyclops put them through. Thunderbird paid the ultimate price for this in the team's next mission. Trying to prove himself, John Proudstar jumped aboard the escaping Count Nefaria's plane and took it apart until it exploded. The death of one of his charges lay heavy on Cyclops' mind. [X-Men (1st series) #95-96]

Scott continued dating Jean despite her having left the team, but during one of their dates, they were attacked by a new breed of Sentinels. Jean, among others, was kidnapped to an orbital space station. Although the X-Men managed to rescue them, the return to Earth proved to be an even bigger problem. Their shuttle was badly damaged and they had to pass through solar radiation to return home. Jean volunteered to fly the shuttle, as she could telepathically assimilate the needed knowledge and try to screen out the radiation with her telekinesis. Despite Scott's objections, the rest of the team rode in a shielded section of the shuttle, in what must have been the longest thirty minutes of Scott’s life. Back on Earth, the shuttle crashed into Jamaica Bay and the X-Men were stunned when Jean came out of the wreckage, seemingly unharmed and transformed and now calling herself Phoenix. They had no idea that she had been replaced by the Phoenix Force. Jean was quickly taken to a hospital, where Scott remained by her side until she had fully recovered. He even denied Xavier's direct orders so he could spend time with the woman he loved. [X-Men (1st series) #98-102]