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31st July 2007

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1) Alison knew that, in music business, good looks and show effects are as important as talent and voice. She came up with the name Dazzler and this silvery outfit, magnetic clip-on roller skates and facial make-up similar to the rock group known as KISS. [Uncanny X-Men #130]

2) After Dazzler was publicly outed as a mutant, she no longer received any jobs in the show business. Instead, she became a superhero and designed herself a real costume [Dazzler #38]. She continued to wear that outfit when she later joined the X-Men.

3) During the time the X-Men were living in Australia, Dazzler modified the costume. Although still of the same color, it was now a two-parter, showing a lot of the tan she got from sunbathing in the Outback. Alison first wore this costume during Inferno. [Uncanny X-Men #242]

4) Dazzler spent months, if not years, in the Mojoverse with her lover, Longshot. She was wearing something different in the few occasions she was seen during that time, though all these outfits fit a basic theme. Basically, these costumes were full bodysuits in the colors blue and white, a jacket on top and the star emblem somewhere on either the shirt or the jacket. [first in X-Men (2nd series) #10]

-) Back on Earth, Dazzler returned to singing and was again wearing her stage outfit. However, after having cut her own hair short and dying it pink, she had to wear a blond wig while on stage. [Deadpool (2nd series) #67, New Excalibur #1]

5) Upon joining Excalibur, Dazzler was given a new costume by Sage. The most outstanding features of it were a pair of brown leather chaps that she wore on top of some cream-colored pants and a kidney belt, reflecting Ali’s love for motorbikes. The blue shirt with the star emblem and a bare midriff seemed to be a reminder of her Australian costume. Most of the time, Dazzler wore a black leather jacket on top of it. [New Excalibur #3] Recently, Alison has simplified this costume, dropping the belt and replacing the chaps with some basic brown pants instead. [New Excalibur #19]