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Publication Date: 18th May 2018
Written By: Monolith.
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BIOGRAPHY - page 3

As he began his regular career as a costumed freelancer, Deadpool built up a series of contacts and allies. The exact order in which the following events happened is unknown.

Deadpool met a weapons designer named Weasel, and apparently saved his life at Niagara Falls. Weasel became Deadpool's personal supplier for guns, ammo and more exotic tech in exchange for a share of the profits, which Wilson sometimes actually gave him. Weasel was also responsible for Deadpool's personal teleporter and image inducer, allowing him to easily bounce around the world for his jobs and keep his disfigured face disguised so he could appear in public. [Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1, Deadpool (2nd series) #2]

Deadpool established a permanent residence at a dilapidated townhouse in San Francisco, nicknamed the "Deadhut." Thanks to his personal teleporter, he could "commute" to the East Coast or around the globe in an instant. For reasons that have never been fully explained, he sought out Althea from the Zaire mission years ago and took her prisoner. Blind Al became a forced companion for Deadpool at the Deadhut. She was rarely if ever allowed outside and was compelled to act as a maid or even slave for Wilson. He began a pattern of physical and psychological torture for Al, keeping her a prisoner with fear rather than with bars. When she tried to get help from the mailman, Wade murdered the carrier and boarded up his body inside the Deadhut where Al could find it. On one occasion, after two years of captivity, Al fled when Wade was on a two week mission in Mexico. She made a cross-country journey from San Francisco through Arizona, Tallahassee and finally reaching an old friend who raised dogs in the woods of Maine. And when she reached his cabin, Deadpool was waiting for her. What Wilson did to the dogs and her friend Tommy ensured Blind Al would not try to escape again, and the mailman's corpse was a reminder not to let anyone into the Deadhut without permission.

The worst of it, however, was The Box, a room set aside in the Deadhut for Al's punishment. Wade subjected her to imaginative torture there by his own hands, or merely left her in the Box with its booby traps and exposed blades until he remembered to let her out. Despite all this, Deadpool and Blind Al settled into a comfortable dynamic after a few years. So long as she made his meals, did his laundry, listened to his problems and never, ever, ever, tried to leave, Wade was genial and upbeat with Al. Over time, Al acted more like a friend, roommate and den mother to Deadpool than a prisoner. They cracked wise with each other, exchanged pranks, and so on. Still, she was constantly on guard for a change in Wade's mood that would lead them back into the Box. [Deadpool (2nd series) #12, 14]

[Note: The reasoning behind Wade Wilson sparing Althea on his original mission, and why he later tracked her down and held her prisoner were never revealed. Al once intimated that she suffered Deadpool in part because she owed him a debt she could never repay. Joe Kelly intended Al to be somehow responsible for Wade getting cancer in the first place, but this was never established on panel.]

Wade also established a presence at the local mercenary shop near Weasel in Chicago, called Hellhouse. Wilson had a love-hate relationship with the gruff Patch, Hellhouse's owner and chief dispatcher for mercenary jobs when they came in. Deadpool established himself as top dog at Hellhouse, throwing his weight around and intimidating the other mercs. He had a friendly relationship with some, such as Fenway, C.F., and of course Weasel. Deadpool also had an ongoing rivalry and hatred for another merc named T-Ray, although the reasons for this rivalry would be... debatable... as time went on. [Deadpool (2nd series) #1-2] Deadpool took on a number of jobs over the years, such as a hit on Almadovar where he crossed paths with Sean Cassidy during his Interpol days. [Deadpool (1st series) #2]

He once tried to get a job with Heroes for Hire, offering his services as a new partner for Power Man and Iron Fist. They wanted nothing to do with Deadpool, but Wade pushed his way into a job saving Mrs. Camacho's bodega from a protection racket run by the White Man. Deadpool was captured by the White Man along with Carmelita Camacho, the bodega owner's young-but-definitely-of-consensual-age daughter. Wade and Carm made love on the White Man's pool table before Luke and the Fist arrived to (reluctantly) save Deadpool. The White Man was turned to stone by the transmogrifying power of his own white power cane and the bodega was saved. Wade didn't find happiness with Carmelita, however, for she was disgusted by his unmasked face. A dejected Deadpool moved on from the Camachos and Heroes for Hire. [Deadpool (4th series) #13]

For a time, Deadpool became an employee of the Kingpin, operating as his favorite gun-for-hire and assassin. During the Beyonder's first arrival on Earth, Deadpool tried and failed to kill the One From Beyond on Kingpin's behalf. [Deadpool Team-Up Oneshot] Eventually, however, Fisk tired of Deadpool's unpredictability and lack of professionalism. He gave Deadpool a chance to redeem himself by pitting him against his replacement, Bullseye. The two freelancers fought their way through New York City, causing massive property damage. Wade survived the fight, but lost the job anyway when he chose to save civilians from their collateral damage rather than pursue Bullseye. [Deadpool (2nd series) #34-36]

During a rough period in Tony Stark's life, the demon Vetis hired Deadpool to push Stark's alcoholism over the edge. Deadpool wasn't happy at the idea of facing Stark's bodyguard Iron Man, so Vetis told him Stark and Iron Man were the same guy. Seeing the hero Iron Man drinking on the job would be a riot in Hell, so Vetis got Deadpool a contract to make that happen. After he met Stark on one of his benders, however, Deadpool had a change of heart and helped the billionaire pour out his liquor bottles. When an emergency came up, Deadpool knocked out Stark and wore the Iron Man armor himself to save the day, drinking heavily the whole time. When Vetis returned and complained about Stark being back on the wagon, Wade pointed out the contract stipulated he needed to get "Iron Man" drunk. And by wearing the suit, the drunk Deadpool WAS Iron Man for an afternoon. Vetis was hauled off to eternal damnation by Mephisto for poor job performance and getting swindled by a mortal. [Deadpool (4th series) #7]

After the defeat of Vetis, Cable arrived from the future to recruit Wade for a mission to protect all of mutantkind. They apparently had several adventures together before Cable learned Adolf Hitler had acquired a time machine and intended to kill Sgt. Nick Fury. As Cable surveyed several timelines to learn how Hitler would strike, he dropped Deadpool off in 1954 to protect Fury. When Hitler attacked, Nick Fury and Wade Wilson fought off the Fuhrer from the future and summoned Cable to finish the job. In this timeline, it was these warriors three who killed Hitler before depositing his body back in 1945. [Deadpool (4th series) #26] Seeking a vacation, Deadpool had Cable drop him off in Wakanda in the topical 1960's. His vacation was interrupted by the Watcher and the Ruler of the Earth recruiting him on a mission of cosmic significance. Many Kirby dots and psychedelic landscapes later, Odin of Asgard deposited Deadpool into the topical 1990's at the completion of his quest. [Deadpool (4th series) #20]

According to some accounts, Deadpool was also active in the Marvel Universe of the topical's 1980's. He was among the heroes assembled on Battleworld by the Beyonder to fight for their greatest desires. During the struggle, Wade found his scars had disappeared thanks to the wish-fulfillment nature of the planet. He drew the affection of the alien healer Zsaji as well as a one-night stand with the Wasp. Deadpool alone survived the "bolt from the blue" when the Beyonder-empowered Doctor Doom killed Earth's heroes. He recruited Zsaji to bring the heroes back from near-death and finally confront Doom. Wade reverted to his scarred appearance in the aftermath, though, and the Wasp rejected him because of his looks. When the rest of the heroes seemingly forgot Deadpool's presence on their way back to Earth, Wade theorized the Wasp unwittingly used the wish-fulfillment effect to wipe her memory of their encounter, and in doing so wiped the other heroes' memories of him as well. [Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #1-4]

On Battleworld, Deadpool had briefly tried on the Klyntar symbiote as a black costume before discarding it for Spider-Man to find. After Peter Parker tried to kill the symbiote on Earth to forcibly separate from it, it sought out Wade and briefly rebonded with him. Its conflicting love and hatred of Spider-Man over his rejection unsettled Deadpool's mind further, and he eventually separated from the symbiote as well, leaving it back in the church where Eddie Brock would find it to become Venom. [Deadpool: Back in Black #1-5]

[Note: These stories make up a set of "inventory" issues designed to take place in the real world equivalent of Marvel Comics' publications in the 1950's through 1990's. Each was deliberately over the top with the topical references for the decade, presenting themselves as if they were actual Marvel Comics published in the 70's or 90's, instead of merely a flashback to "X number of years ago" in the Marvel timeline.

The Cable who appears in these stories was apparently from the relative future, after a point in time where he and Wade were already friends. Wade is already familiar with Cable when he first appears in the inventory issues, meaning Deadpool's first meeting with Cable in Wade's personal history has yet to be depicted on-panel. The effects of Butler's conditioning and the Tabula Rasa apparently ensured Deadpool had no recollection of his adventures with Cable by the time Tolliver hired him to kill Nate.

The inventory issues imply Deadpool was missing from the Marvel Timeline between 1979 and 1990 due to his time travel adventures with Cable. Therefore, he wouldn't have been present for Secret Wars and the Symbiote adventures in 1984-1985. However, he seemingly had multiple time travel adventures behind the scenes with Cable between Deadpool (4th series) #7 and 26, meaning his appearance in those stories could be the result of a non-linear timeline. The Beyonder was also known to have recruited at least Doctor Doom from a time period other than the topical present of Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1.]

Deadpool reconnected with Butler once he was back in his proper time, and Butler began operating as Deadpool's regular handler while Wade was hired out for mercenary work. By this point, Wade's mind was severely damaged by repeated exposure to Tabula Rasa and the simulations fed into his brain. Butler decided to test the limits of Deadpool's amnesia by having him murder his parents. Sabretooth was a freelance associate of Butler's at the time, and they orchestrated an arson job in Canada for Deadpool to carry out. Sabretooth and Deadpool were temporarily distracted by Alpha Flight, but Wade eventually returned to his parents' home to carry out the mission. An eerily quiet Deadpool moved through the residence and examined a number of items and keepsakes inside, but they apparently made no impression on him. He set the house on fire and left his parents inside to burn to death or die in the resulting gas explosion.

Soon after, the Heroes for Hire helped Carmelita Camacho track down Deadpool. She had fallen pregnant after their tryst during the White Man affair, and wanted his help in supporting their baby, Eleanor. Carmelita found Deadpool at Butler's clinic and introduced him to their daughter. As Wade was overcome by the news, Butler stepped in. He surreptitiously took a blood sample from Ellie and began planning for how to exploit her genes as well. Wilson's subconscious was screaming at him about the danger and so he yelled at Carm, telling her to stay away from him and Butler and keep their daughter safe and far away.

Because of Eleanor, his parents or both, Butler's control over Deadpool began to slip more and more. Wade began showing signs of building a tolerance to Tabula Rasa, and refused to make regular appointments with Butler's clinic. Butler was forced to send out a team to capture Deadpool when he needed samples. Realizing the glory days were over, Butler ended his direct relationship with Deadpool rather than trying to contain Wade and risking a "Wolverine" incident like the original Weapon X Program. He sold Deadpool's services full time to the European businessman, Mister Tolliver, who had been inquiring after Wade's skills. [Deadpool (4th series) #34]

Wade was now completely "free range," with Butler's people tracking his movements remotely. When samples were needed for the research, extraction teams attacked Deadpool with super-sedatives and Tabula Rasa tranq guns, incapacitating him. They performed street surgery to quickly remove the organs and fluids needed, then evacuated. A few minutes later, Deadpool's regenerative powers and damaged memory made it like the whole thing never happened from his perspective. [Deadpool (4th series) #8-9]

Although he primarily served as Mr. Tolliver's personal bodyguard, hitman and general agent, Deadpool apparently still had autonomy to accept independent work when available. As a result, he retained his seat at Hellhouse.