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Publication Date: 18th May 2018
Written By: Monolith.
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BIOGRAPHY - page 4

In the service of Mr. Tolliver, Wade settled into a comfortable role as the crime lord's top enforcer. Deadpool spent an unknown period of time, possibly years, in Tolliver's employ. During this time, Vanessa also began working for Tolliver. Under unknown circumstances, Tolliver blackmailed Vanessa into working for him while also temporarily misleading Wade into believing Tolliver had had Vanessa murdered. It is unknown if Wade and Vanessa worked together with Tolliver before her faked death, or if Wade only learned Vanessa was in Tolliver's employ later. [Deadpool: The Circle Chase #4] Once Wade and Vanessa were separated, the bio-morphic powers she discovered after Wade first left her were of great service to Tolliver in his vendetta against the man called Cable. Their feud allegedly dated back to a contract Cable and his Six Pack of mercenaries botched for Tolliver years earlier. Tolliver sent out Deadpool to find and kill Cable when he resurfaced as leader of the New Mutants.

In the bunkers underneath what remained of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Deadpool found his target. In a brief bit of beginning babble, Wade accidentally talked over Cable mentioning that the two of them had met before. [Deadpool & Cable: Split Second #3] Deadpool went ahead with his assassination attempt, and also held his own against the New Mutants when they arrived to defend their drill instructor. Wade was only brought down when Cable's former Six Pack partner Domino arrived in a surprise appearance. The Mutants bound, gagged and mailed Deadpool back to Tolliver, Federal Express. Unbeknownst to them, this was Tolliver's plan all along, because "Domino" was actually Vanessa in disguise. [New Mutants (1st series) #98]

While Vanessa ingratiated herself with the New Mutants-turned-X-Force, Deadpool continued other work for Tolliver. He ran into Kane again, as the kid had stuck with the program at Department K, eventually graduating to become the new official Weapon X. [X-Force (1st series) #2] Deadpool also shadowed X-Force during a battle in New York, retrieving their opponents Juggernaut and Black Tom at Tolliver's request to use in his ongoing war against Cable. [X-Force (1st series) #4-5] He also helped Tolliver settle old scores at a summit in Las Vegas, dividing up the Kingpin's territory after the fat man fell. [Dead Man's Hand crossover]

When Wade was first informed that Vanessa had become Domino is unknown, but he was apparently being paid well enough not to contradict Tolliver for lying to him and employing his lover without informing him. Privately, though, Deadpool's friend Weasel once reflected that Wade was as distraught as he had ever seen him when he thought Vanessa was dead. [Deadpool: The Circle Chase #4] Over time, Vanessa stopped making her regular reports and checking in with Tolliver. Concerned that her loyalties might be slipping, Mr. Tolliver sent Deadpool to remind her. Deadpool infiltrated X-Force's Adirondack Mountain base, easily disabling Siryn and Shatterstar. He confronted Vanessa and mercilessly beat her to ensure she understood she was still Tolliver's property. Wade showed no remorse in his actions, and even seemed jealous at the idea Vanessa might have found a place in X-Force, somewhere without him. [X-Force (1st series) #10-11]

Deadpool's assault alerted X-Force to “Domino's” conflicting loyalties, and an attack by Kane's allies in Weapon P.R.I.M.E. drove Cable and Domino apart from the rest of the team. They tracked Tolliver to his chalet in Italy, where Cable found the real Domino alive and Tolliver's prisoner. Deadpool was there to defend his boss, and literally stabbed Vanessa in the back without a second thought when they arrived. Deadpool and Cable had their rematch as Tolliver made his escape, with each gaining the upper hand over the other during the fight. Deadpool had Nate on the ropes when the real Domino got free and blasted the mercenary. When Deadpool recovered, he found Vanessa missing and Tolliver apparently dead in an explosion caused by Cable. With no more paycheck, Wade cut his losses and fled as well. [X-Force (1st series) #14-15]

Deadpool decided to hunt down Vanessa, but even he didn't seem to know if it was to kiss her or kill her. After tracking down Tolliver's personnel files in New Delhi, Wade learned Vanessa had been living with Christina Valentino back near Boston where they first met before Tolliver recruited her. Deadpool found Vanessa and Tina in Boston, starting a street brawl with his former lover. Their skirmish took an unexpected turn when Sluggo arrived out of the past and shot Tina dead. [X-Force (1st series) #21-22] Vanessa fled, but Sluggo and Deadpool followed her back to Tina's. Before Wade and Vanessa could get into things, they were attacked by Domino and the former members of the Six Pack. Domino had her own score to settle with Vanessa for stealing her life, but they made an agreement and left Deadpool and Sluggo on the floor to recover from many, many gun and blaster wounds. [X-Force (1st series) #23-24]

Sluggo came looking for Deadpool in the first place because of Tolliver's Will. This mysterious document (which no one had apparently actually seen) reported that Tolliver's entire estate was up for grabs, including his real estate, monetary assets, arsenal and more. “To the victor goes the spoils...”, starting a scavenger hunt for clues about the will's physical location and what Tolliver's estate actually contained, and painting a target on the back of Deadpool, Vanessa and anyone else known to have been in Tolliver's confidence. Deadpool was especially of interest after Tolliver's personal assistant Foley was found stabbed to death. Deadpool was in Boston hunting Vanessa at the time, but to most of the mercenary world it looked as if Wilson killed Foley to acquire something of value in the hunt. [X-Force (1st series) #22, Cable (1st series) #3, Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1]

Deadpool made his way to Sarajevo to meet with Weasel, who was on a job in the war-torn region. Wade wanted Weasel to fix his unreliable teleportation equipment and look for any leads on Vanessa's current location. They were interrupted by Kane, who was also looking for Vanessa after she separated from the Six Pack. Wade and Kane got into a brawl before Weasel pointed out neither of them had the information they were looking for. Kane got a parting shot in, however, when he told Deadpool that Slayback had been spotted back among the living. They both knew that meant their former partner would be coming for Wilson soon. [Deadpool: The Circle Chase #1]

Drawn into the hunt for Tolliver's will against his... will, Deadpool teamed up with Weasel to find more information about the document, which was now rumored to lead to the most powerful weapon on the planet. They located an information disc about the will to Cairo, but Wade was attacked by Juggernaut and Black Tom, who had also been searching for the will after their dealings with Tolliver. Tom and the Juggernaut captured the disc, but Wade followed them to a commercial airline and hijacked the plane. In order to secure the disc, he tossed Black Tom out the airlock, forcing Juggernaut to follow. [Deadpool: The Circle Chase #2]

Weasel analyzed the disc and determined it was one of a pair of discs that would only be useful together. They tracked the other disc and learned it had fallen into the possession of the Executive Elite, mercenaries who had been paid with the information on the disc to eliminate Deadpool. Working as bait in his own plan, Deadpool drew out the ExElite's leader Commcast and his top agents Rive and Makeshift. While Commcast intended to interrogate Deadpool about his disc, Weasel came to the rescue so that he and Wade could steal Commcast's disc instead. Together, Deadpool and Weasel killed the entire Executive Elite and combined the discs to pinpoint the final location of Tolliver's will and the world's most powerful weapon in Nepal. [Deadpool: The Circle Chase #3]

Deadpool and Weasel made their way to the Palace of Tomorrow's Hope outside Katmandu, but Kane, Slayback and Vanessa all congregated there at the same time. Slayback captured Vanessa, and Wade actually panicked after seeing Slayback again after ten long years. They fought furiously until Vanessa took one of Slayback's bio-mechanical spear points through the gut while protecting Wade. Meanwhile, Weasel and Kane reasoned out that Tolliver's "most powerful weapon" was an ADAM Unit from the 39th century, ironically a peacekeeping android designed to render all biological and technological weapons of war obsolete. The greatest weapon was one that neutralized all other weapons. Thinking it could win against Slayback when no one else could, Weasel activated the ADAM Unit Zero. Able to scan both minds and technology, Zero indeed determined Slayback was a potential weapon of war and neutralized him. It then moved on to neutralize Deadpool, but Wade objected. His healing powers could save Vanessa if she morphed his abilities, but only if he was alive for her to imprint on. Zero agreed, finding Wade Wilson a contradiction under its programming, equally willing to kill and to save others.

As Zero departed, Vanessa morphed enough of Wade's healing factor to survive. Wade wanted to know if there was still anything between them but Vanessa said, while she still cared, she just didn't love him anymore after everything that had happened. Wade let Vanessa go, as Kane took her to a hospital to get further treatment. Deadpool and Weasel commiserated afterwards, and Wade wondered whether he had ever been worthy of Vanessa's love. Still, he decided that his desire to change from being just a murderous merc was enough to prove there was something inside him worth saving after all. [Deadpool: The Circle Chase #4]

Looking to turn over a new leaf, Wade considered acting more heroic in the jobs he took. He accepted a role in the Defenders when Doctor Druid recruited him to prevent the sorceress Malachi from awakening her lover with the Moebius Stone of Agamotto. I mean, he still insisted on being paid. And Druid still had to psychically prompt him a little into accepting. But he was totally turning a corner! [Secret Defenders #15-17]

Deadpool's reputation as one of the deadliest (and most easily bought) mercenaries was on full display when he went after Silver Sable. The Symkarian mercenary was targeted by Deadpool's employers, the Hydra spin-off group called the Genesis Coalition. After temporarily disarming Deadpool, Silver Sable paid him to rat out his employer's identity and give up the contract. She then put him on retainer with the Wild Pack just to keep Deadpool from accepting any job targeting her in the future. Even lifelong, no-nonsense mercenaries like Silver Sable would rather pay Deadpool off than risk fighting him. [Silver Sable & the Wild Pack #23]

Wade was still prone to depression over his lot in life, though. While drowning his sorrows at a bar in New York, Deadpool was attacked by a mercenary army in the employ of Black Tom Cassidy. Tom had contracted a degenerative condition from the treatment Tolliver used to save him after Deadpool rescued Black Tom from Cable. He was being treated in prison by none other than Doctor Killebrew when Juggernaut busted him out. Killebrew was kidnapped during the breakout, and forced to provide Black Tom with a theory for a cure: Deadpool and his healing factor.

Deadpool avoided capture from Tom's mercenaries thanks to Banshee and Siryn, Tom's more heroic cousins who were looking for a lead on his whereabouts. While Banshee went to visit friends in Interpol for more intel, Deadpool and Siryn bonded. Well, Deadpool tried to bond, and Siryn tried to explain what would happen to Wade if he didn't move that hand. Still, they watched each other's backs during a series of cat-and-mouse escapades as Black Tom's mercenaries were joined by Juggernaut, and Daniel Peyer from Interpol gave Banshee the slip to hunt Deadpool on his own personal vendetta for the Almadovar affair.

Bullets, explosions and Siryn's rejections weren't Wade's only problems, however -- his healing factor was starting to lose its effectiveness. The regeneratin' degenerate just wasn't regenerating like he used to. After one of Black Tom's mercenaries cut off Deadpool's hand, it took hours to regrow instead of minutes. Siryn got to see a vulnerable side to Deadpool and struggled with her own guilt after she considered leaving him to Juggernaut once she heard Wade's healing factor could save Tom, the man who raised her. When Banshee returned, he drove off Peyer and provide Tom's true location. Deadpool was prepared to abandon the Cassidys, saying it wasn't his fight and wanting to get as far from Black Tom as possible. Still, he ultimately went along for Siryn's (Theresa's) sake.

At Black Tom Cassidy's island castle hideaway, Tom was back at fighting strength thanks to Deadpool's severed hand. Killebrew grafted the hand onto Black Tom in place of one of his own. The regenerative cells staved off Tom's deterioration, but now he was being driven mad by the pain of Deadpool's cells conflicting with his own. When they arrived, Deadpool got drawn into a fight with Juggernaut and lost his mask. Siryn came to his rescue, but Wade pushed her away for fear of her reaction when she saw his face. Terry was indeed startled when she saw him, but then she reached out and gently touched Wade's bare skin, showing sympathy for the pain he had gone through. That tenderness only further strengthened the bond Wade felt with Theresa.

When Deadpool and Tom crossed paths, Black Tom tried to strangle Wade with his own hand, but Wade not only overcome his tormentor, but spared his life on behalf of Theresa's feelings. Deadpool was surprised to find Doctor Killebrew at residence. He restrained the urge to creatively murder his tormentor on sight in order to force Killebrew's help in fixing Tom and his own healing factor. Killebrew was allowed to stabilize Black Tom's condition before Tom was taken back into custody. Deadpool and Siryn parted as friends (though Wade still hoped for more someday), and he sped off into the night with Killebrew in his "care," hoping to restore his powers. [Deadpool (1st series) #1-4]

Despite his need, however, Wade soon found he could not bear to have Killebrew touch him again. The idea of submitting to tests and needles inside Killebrew's laboratory, even ostensibly for his own benefit, was too traumatic to cope with. Deadpool abandoned Killebrew and ran from his past. [Deadpool (2nd series) #4] Backsliding a bit as a result of this confrontation, Deadpool decided he couldn't let Vanessa move on without him. He tracked Vanessa and her new boyfriend Kane to San Francisco in a childish effort to stamp out them and their happiness. His tantrum was interrupted by Wolverine, the original Weapon X, and Wade soon fled without having achieved his goals. [Wolverine (2nd series) #88]