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Publication Date: 18th May 2018
Written By: Monolith.
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BIOGRAPHY - page 5

Because his healing factor only failed intermittently, Deadpool was able to ignore his problems most of the time. His regenerative cellular structure was coveted by Doctor Westergaard and a team of scientists who wanted to formulate a cure for the Legacy Virus and sell it to the wealthy, now that the virus had spread to the human population. With Slayback acting as their enforcer, Deadpool was kidnapped and subjected to experimentation. He was freed by Wolverine and Maverick, the latter of whom was already suffering from the Legacy virus. Deadpool disappeared without a thank you after a S.H.I.E.L.D. raid brought down Westergaard, but days later an unmarked case arrived at Xavier's mansion with blood and cell samples. Although his genetic code wasn't ultimately a cure for the Legacy Virus, Wade proved he was willing to do the right thing when necessary. [Wolverine Annual '95]

Deadpool encountered Siryn again when she reached out to him for help. Undercover for the X-Men and X-Force at the Weisman Institute for the Criminally Insane, Theresa found she could not reach her handler, Cable. Out of options, she called Wade on his private line and asked for a jailbreak. Deadpool arrived to help, but both of them were caught off-guard by the omnipathic Gamesmaster, who had possessed Dr. Weisman and the patients. Siryn was sent home with no memory of Deadpool or the conflict, while Gamesmaster kept Wade as his plaything. [X-Force (1st series) #46-47] Only weeks later did Siryn break through Gamesmaster's conditioning and remember Wade. She and Shatterstar returned to the Weisman Institute to rescue him. Wade Wilson's already fragile psyche was nearly broken by the Gamesmaster and his psychic intrusions, and Wade actually asked Theresa to kill him when she first arrived. She helped him through it, however, and Siryn got Deadpool out from Gamesmaster's clutches. [X-Force (1st series) #56]

Siryn's attention began to make Deadpool question whether he should truly change his life for the better. His growing good nature brought Wade Wilson back to the attention of Landau, Luckman & Lake, intergalactic troubleshooters who once considered Wilson for their mysterious Mithras Directive. Using psychics and alien technology, LL&L prognosticated a hero who would help guide humanity to a better state of enlightenment once the Mithras prophecy came to light. Zoe Culloden was an expediter at LL&L who once championed Wade as a possible candidate, until the cancer diagnosis warped Wilson's world view and made him unsuitable for the program. His recent change in circumstances prompted Culloden to try with Wade again. [Deadpool (2nd series) # -1]

Through Patch and the intermediaries at Hellhouse, Zoe and her partner Noah DuBois arranged for Deadpool to be hired for a mercenary job. Reportedly a simple demolition gig destroying an unmanned and remote research station in Antarctica, Wade was actually being set up to test his morality. The research station was not only occupied, it was a gamma reactor overseen by Alpha Flight's Sasquatch. Wilson's sabotage meant the entire Southern Hemisphere would be flooded with gamma rays, leading to a massive death toll and cancer for the unlucky survivors. Wade would not let that happen, despite his contract, and subjected himself to lethal levels of radiation to shut down Sasquatch's reactor. Once he recovered, Culloden and DuBois reached out to Deadpool and informed him he passed their test, making him a candidate for their hero program in preparation for the Mithras Directive. Wade's self-doubt kept him from taking them seriously, however, and he laughed off the idea. [Deadpool (2nd series) #1]

Although he had ignored it in recent weeks, Wade's healing factor was still on the fritz. Injuries were taking longer to recover from, and sometimes they didn't regenerate at all. Deadpool lost a finger while fighting Taskmaster and T-Ray took note that it wasn't growing back. Smelling blood in the water, Deadpool's nemesis began to push other mercs around at Hellhouse, angling to become top dog and replace Deadpool soon enough. [Deadpool (2nd series) #2-3]

Soon, Wade received a package at Hellhouse. It was apparently from Black Tom Cassidy, taunting him with his stolen hand and offering to meet to settle scores. Taking Blind Al's advice, Deadpool used this as an excuse to spend time with Siryn. He invited her along to help him (stop him from?) killing her cousin. When they arrived in the Swiss Alps, however, the real messenger turned out to be none other than Dr. Killebrew. The mad doctor wanted to make amends and help Deadpool recover from his unreliable healing factor. He warned Wade that the preliminary analysis he made after their last encounter meant Deadpool's healing factor would soon shut down completely. And that meant his cancer would resurface.

Wade could barely stand to be in the same room as Killebrew, much less be touched by him, but Theresa helped Wade accept the doctor's help to save his life. Killebrew realized the gamma radiation Deadpool was recently exposed to in Antarctica actually helped stabilize some of his cells. Deadpool was sent on a mission to retrieve some of the Hulk's gamma-irradiated blood as the base for a working cure. After a painful, terrifying, but relatively brief encounter, the blood was recovered and Killebrew's treatment was prepared.

Despite Killebrew's help, though, Deadpool could not allow the doctor to live. Killebrew was the boogeyman who haunted his dreams, and Wade would never forgive or forget what was done to him in the Workshop. He tried to send Siryn away before executing Killebrew, but she came back in order to stop him. Theresa believed there was a better man inside Wilson. She stopped trying to hold him back, but also refused to leave, insisting that if he wanted to kill the doctor, he would have to do it in front of her. Deadpool finally relented, leaving Killebrew with his life and moving forward with Siryn by his side. Wade worked up the courage to ask Theresa if there was a future between them... as more than friends. She responded with a sincere and very thrilling "maybe." Theresa was dedicated to her role as deputy leader of X-Force at the moment, and didn't feel she had time for any romance. But still, someday? In the future? Maybe. And that was enough for Wade. [Deadpool (2nd series) #3-5]

Hoping to earn Theresa's faith in him, Wade decided to swear off killing for a bit. He found a weird gig at Hellhouse where a patient was paying to get sprung from a mental institution, while another client was paying to assassinate the same patient. Deadpool and Weasel decided to spring the patient, collect the first fee, and then Weasel would off her if she got annoying. (Baby steps, Wade.) It got even stranger when they got to the institution and found out both contracts came from the same woman: Mary Walker. Innocent Mary was suicidal and wanted to die rather than let out her other personalities, but Typhoid Mary was looking for a jailbreak. Meanwhile, the man-hating Bloody Mary hired the female assassin Vamp-Animus to kill Deadpool. When Wade defeated Animus and refused to kill her, Mary and Bloody faded to the background of Walker's mind, leaving only Typhoid. [Deadpool (2nd series) #6]

Typhoid had lied about having money and tried to kill Deadpool instead of pay him. Wade took her to Hellhouse, hoping she could work off her debt to him by doing jobs for Patch, and Wade would collect a percentage. He also naively believed he could help Typhoid get her life together, maybe helping her the way Siryn had been helping him. T-Ray saw this as weakness, and openly confronted Deadpool in Hellhouse. Instead of fighting him, however, T-Ray burned off Wade's mask, exposing his real face to all his fellow mercs. Wade freaked out and ran, further lowering his standing at Hellhouse. [Deadpool (2nd series) #7]

While he had ideas about redeeming her, Deadpool was out of his depth with Typhoid. Her powers of telepathic influence made her a confusing and addictive presence for the men in her life. Deadpool allowed Typhoid to take him to New York on a plan to murder her old flame, Daredevil. Although he never intended to go through with it and ultimately helped Typhoid and Daredevil find closure in their history, Wade failed to stop Mary from unexpectedly killing a number of innocent people along the way. [Daredevil / Deadpool Annual '97] Typhoid was furious at Deadpool for standing in her way against Daredevil. She forcibly challenged his notions of becoming a hero, killing innocent people when he couldn't save them and prodding him into brutally beating her unconscious. Her manipulations drastically jackknifed the new, brighter path Deadpool was trying to take in his life. [Deadpool (2nd series) #8]

As he began to spiral, Deadpool became significantly more stab-happy, and not in a cute way. He roughed up the entire Hellhouse in response to T-Ray's prank with his mask earlier, and reopened the Box in the Deadhut. Although he hadn't yet brought Blind Al back inside, the very fact that he was using the room again at all chilled her to her core. [Deadpool (2nd series) #9] He attempted to go to Theresa as his safety net, but Operation: Zero Tolerance had cleared out the X-Mansion, leaving the X-Men and X-Force in the wind and Wade with no idea how to find her. [X-Force (1st series) #71]

For her sake and his, Blind Al tried to get Wade to talk about his feelings, but instead he stepped up the games he played with her to mask his problems. Deadpool pulled out the Happy Wheel to plan a day trip with Al, one of the rare occasions when she was allowed outside the Deadhut. At the Bay Aquarium, Wade did open up to Blind Al slightly, confessing how unsettling the "heroism" angle had become for him. As a bad guy who did bad things, Wade Wilson was successful and understood himself. But as a good guy, he failed constantly and couldn't keep on track. Before Al could probe deeper, though, Deadpool snapped out it and challenged Blind Al to the "escape game," teasing her with her freedom if she found her way out of the Aquarium before he caught her. Wade understood he was losing it and, although his twisted sensibilities wouldn't let him release Al directly, he knew she deserved a chance to get away from him before things got worse. [Deadpool (2nd series) #10]

Wacky shenanigans took the wheel, however, when the comical heroes the Lightning Rods got into a fight with Deadpool at the Aquarium, and his teleporter accidentally mixed with Doorman's power to send him and Blind Al back in time to 1967! (Well... roughly. Sorta. Look, don't make me explain the sliding time scale, readers!) Accidentally finding themselves in the middle of [Amazing Spider-Man (1st series) #47], Wade and Al ended up posing as Peter and May Parker while hiding out in the past. Wade used his image inducer to scan and replicate a perfect holographic image of Peter from the various photos around the house, while Al put her hair in a bun and just claimed she was sick, because all old people look alike. Weasel got them a message from the future about activating the teleporter at a pre-arranged moment to return to the present, but the belt was damaged in the past. Wilson found that Weasel in that time period was still young Jack Hammer, a Science Club compatriot of Peter Parker's, and planned to use his disguise to get close to Jack and make him fix the belt he would one day invent.

In the halls of Empire State University, "Peter" was constantly distracted by the likes of Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson throwing themselves at him, as well as the strange yet hypnotic draw of the hair of Norman and Harry Osborn. Jack Hammer was also up for the same internship at Osborn Industries as Parker, which made him reluctant to trust Wade's disguise. At a swinging mixer, "Peter" and Jack made the scene to loosen up that daddy-o and make him turn on, tune in, and drop ou--


Ow. Thank you. Wade tried to get Jack drunk to make him more pliable, but Kraven the Hunter attacked the party looking for the Osborns. Deadpool disposed of the jungle hunter, to the great thanks of Norman Osborn. As payment, Deadpool told Osborn not to hire Jack because of his horrible (and fictional) drug habits. This allowed "Peter" to get Jack drunk enough to fix the teleporter belt, letting Deadpool and Blind Al make their rendezvous and successfully return to the present. As part of an ontological paradox, Deadpool's influence on Jack in the past set him on the path to becoming the degenerate weapons dealer Weasel he was in the future. [Deadpool (2nd series) #11]

One day at Hellhouse, the Boss of the Yakuza arrived seeking Deadpool. Unaware Deadpool and Chiyonosake were the same man, Boss wanted Deadpool to prevent the assassination of the Oyakata this time, who had apparently never been killed after Wilson walked off the job years ago. Wary about reconnecting with his past, Wilson became even more surprised when the assassin turned out to be a miniature version of himself, complete with all his moves. Deadpool separated "Widdle Wade" from the Oyakata, but not before his old trainer recognized Chiyonosake.

Wade's reunion with Oyakata and Sakae was bittersweet, as he still wouldn't explain why he abandoned them years ago. Deadpool's own suspicions led him to investigate the connection between the Boss and Oyakata, and he learned the sumo master had moonlighted as a Yakuza assassin to keep the dojo afloat. Deadpool confronted Sakae with the truth about her father, but she refused to believe him.

Before they could go deeper into the matter, Widdle Wade arrived to finish his contract. He killed the other sumo at the heya before Wilson intervened. Revisiting his training from the sumo ring, Wade was able to defeat Widdle Wade. Deadpool learned Widdle Wade was created by the Boss using a blood sample he left behind in New York years previously while fighting the Beyonder. Widdle Wade was conditioned as an unstoppable assassin and could not rescind a kill order after the Boss flip-flopped once again on killing the Oyakata. Deadpool buried his clone and returned to the heya. He refused the Oyakata's offer again to take over the sumo school, but lied to Sakae and took credit for the old assassinations to distance himself from her again, and preserve her relationship with her father. Finally, Deadpool paid a visit to the Boss for all he had done. And the curtain dropped. [Deadpool Team-Up oneshot]