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Publication Date: 18th May 2018
Written By: Monolith.
Image Work: Douglas Mangum.

BIOGRAPHY - page 9

Deadpool got an apartment in Manhattan and reopened for business as a mercenary. He was hired by Anton Kruch of the One World Church, a cult leader with a curious plan to bring an end to xenophobia and push for world harmony. Kruch and his converts shaved their heads and went through a rigorous process to dye their skin blue as a way to throw off racial and ethnic divides among people. Wade was hired to acquire the Facade virus, a bio-agent that could supposedly improve and refine the blue skin process. [Cable & Deadpool #1]

Wade ran into problems while trying to steal the Facade virus from Sunic Pharmacopoeia, though. First, Cable arrived with his own plans to secure the Facade and used his telekinesis to literally blow Wade's mind. Second, some internet anarchists had already stolen the virus and injected themselves with it. Cable tracked down these Spammers as the unstable Facade virus slowly liquefied their bodies, telekinetically extracting the virus at the molecular level from the last Spammer before it could kill her. The act weakened Nathan enough for Deadpool to swoop in for some payback, stealing the extracted Facade sample for himself. [Cable & Deadpool #2]

Back at the One World Church, Deadpool was forcibly subjected to experiments by Kruch, designed to stabilize the Facade virus with his own cellular regeneration abilities. The results seemed successful, as Wade not only turned blue but healed from the scar tissue and boils that usually covered his skin. Wade tried to find peace within the One World Church, and even convinced Cable to hear them out once Nate tracked them down. Although Cable liked Kruch's theories, he decided the virus was still safer in his hands. Expecting a double-cross, Kruch had infected Nate with a light-transmitted version of the Facade Virus specifically designed to neutralize his mutant abilities. [Cable & Deadpool #3]

Cable and Deadpool had a rampaging battle through the One World Church campus. During the fighting, Wade admitted he didn't think Kruch would really be able to change the world for the better just by making blue people. Still, the very idea was... nice... enough for Wade to get behind it, having hope just for once. The philosophical and physical struggles came to an end as the Facade virus progressed through each of them. It turned out Deadpool's healing factor didn't fix the flesh-melting problem with Facade, but only slowed it down. Meanwhile, without his mutant abilities to keep it in check, Cable's techno-organic virus was running amok. It was fighting the Facade virus, and winning, but it was tearing Nate's body apart in the process. [Cable & Deadpool #4]

Seeing a slim opportunity, Cable dug deep and accessed his suppressed telekinetic powers. He took Deadpool's liquefied body and mixed it with his own, straining Wade's cellular structure through his to combine the effects of the healing factor and the T-O virus. This made the T-O virus strong enough to eradicate the Facade virus from their conjoined systems without killing them. Cable vomited up Deadpool's cellular matter, which quickly reformulated itself back into Wade, flesh-toned again but still mercifully scar free. Deadpool was done with Kruch after the melting thing, but Cable smirkingly ignored Wade's suggestion of a team-up and flew off to stop Kruch's plan alone. [Cable & Deadpool #5]

With Wade's healing factor juicing up his powers, Cable was able to take control of the Facade virus delivery system, turn everyone on the planet pink (not blue), and then reverse the process, getting enormous credit and recognition across the globe. By neutralizing the Facade virus around the world, however, Nate also neutralized it in Wade's body, restoring his scars. There were also consequences Cable hadn't counted on. Surviving the Facade virus together had left Cable and Deadpool's genetic sequences inextricably intertwined. As a result, Cable's bodysliding technology recognized the two men as one individual. Cable could not teleport without bringing Deadpool along with him, and Deadpool now had access to the bodysliding matrix whenever he wanted. Wilson warned Cable he would be watching him, and the two men parted. [Cable & Deadpool #6]

Cable went on a world tour of efforts to improve society, from disarmaments in the Middle East to crop regulation in Africa. He even reassembled his old Greymalkin space station as a floating island commune off the coast of Tahiti, building a think tank of the brightest minds willing to join him. Deadpool was hired by the X-Men to help assemble a contingency plan against Cable in case his powers and ambitions grew out of control. Wade gathered several components from different agencies such as A.I.M. and GeneTech and delivered them to the X-Men. As a joke, Wolverine and Beast dressed Deadpool in an X-Man uniform when he was unconscious, which unfortunately stirred the idea in Wilson's head that he was now both a mutant and an official member of the X-Men. He even briefly insisted on wearing Marvel Girl's old mini-skirt costume into battle. The image will haunt your dreams. [Cable & Deadpool #7-8]

Cable went too far when he insisted on global disarmament within 48 hours, and so Deadpool and the X-Men were deployed to his floating island of Providence to stop him. The device they had assembled was intended to selectively lobotomize Nate, removing the portions of his brain that governed his higher telepathic and telekinetic functions. Once they arrived on the scene, however, Deadpool turned on the X-Men and sided with Nate, deciding he believed in Cable's vision for the world. Cable appreciated the unexpected show of support, but he actually wanted the X-Men's plan to succeed. His powers WERE out of control, and so he had planned for one last great messianic act before the eyes of the world in the hopes of encouraging change after he was gone. Cable was seriously injured in a fight with the Silver Surfer, but Deadpool still activated the device at Cable's insistence, removing his powers. [Cable & Deadpool #9-10]

Deadpool teleported Cable to his Swiss safe house for safekeeping and went to work finding a way to save his life. This proved difficult as most of the world misinterpreted Cable's final moments at Providence and blamed Deadpool for lobotomizing the "savior." Still, Wade managed to bring together Weasel, the Fixer and a Phalanx embryo as the means for reconstituting the damaged and lost techno-organic parts Cable suffered fighting the Surfer. Nathan was restored, albeit without his full mutant powers, and he and Deadpool retired back to Providence. [Cable & Deadpool #11-12]

Nate was busy setting up Providence as a thriving commune while under the constant wary eyes of the world governments in case he became a problem again. This left the trigger-happy Deadpool to his own devices on an island devoted to peace and serenity. Deadpool's nature got the better of him and he soon killed a major terrorist Cable had been trying to reform on Providence. Committing the first murder on Providence was bad enough, but at first Wade didn't even remember he had done it, and helped (well, "helped"...) with the investigation. Deadpool's cellular regeneration process had always made his brain abnormal and affected his focus, but now his memory was being severely disrupted by both short and long-term amnesia. Despite their growing friendship, Cable couldn't have an impulsive murderer who didn't even know why he killed hanging around Providence. He told Wade to leave and threatened to kill him if he returned to Providence before finding a cure for himself. [Cable & Deadpool #13-14]

Deadpool sought out the Black Box, a criminal information broker, in the hopes he could either find a way to kill or cure Wilson. Unknown to Deadpool, Black Box was his old adversary Commcast of the Executive Elite, whom he and Weasel had once killed. Black Box felt threatened by Cable's attempts at a new world order, and so he decided to use Deadpool against him. After mapping Wade's brain patterns, Black Box was able to brainwash Deadpool into seeing Cable as "the greatest threat to mankind" and someone he had to kill. Even when Deadpool's quicksilver-like thoughts lost the idea consciously, his mental programming kept it in the background of his mind. [Cable & Deadpool #15]

Of course, killing Cable would prove harder than Deadpool expected since rumor had it Cable was already dead. In Wade's absence, Cable and X-Force got involved in a battle with the creature known as Skornn, and Nate disappeared during a sacrifice play against Skornn. Deadpool came looking for Cable on Providence (having already forgotten why) only to find Cannonball and Siryn searching for Nate as well. Fortunately, Deadpool was more than willing to assist his fellow mutants and X-Men teammates, even though they kept insisting neither of those things were true. With the help of Forge, Deadpool agreed to help use his genetic link with Cable through their bodysliding to find Cable wherever he was, in this dimension or others. A special harness was designed to augment their link and let Wade jump to Cable's location.

Curiously, Deadpool and his traveling companions found traces of Nathan in several of his doppelgangers across different dimensions, representing the warrior, the prophet, the machine. On their fourth dimensional jump, Deadpool, Siryn and Cannonball unknowingly found themselves back on Earth-616, which had been subjected to the House of M reality warp while they were away. Here, Nathan was still a baby, having recently been surreptitiously engineered by this version of Mister Sinister. Sinister saw the opportunity to accelerate his infant Cable's growth using Deadpool's healing factor, and injected baby Nathan with a version he extracted from Wade. Deadpool grabbed the baby and attempted to bodyslide away, inadvertently skipping over the reversion wave unleashed by Wanda. As a result, they all arrived back on Earth-616, but Cable was still an infant. [Cable & Deadpool #15-17]

Forge was able to extrapolate from available evidence that their Cable's essence had been scattered through the dimensions, and the harness had actually guided Deadpool to the various psychic fragments of Cable, which it then stored. Once Deadpool recognized that baby Nathan was HIS Cable, however, Wade's brainwashing kicked in and he tried to murder the baby. Siryn protected Nate and Deadpool fought his instincts long enough to shoot himself in the head. His mental programming was discovered and X-Force raided Black Box's lair, recovering data on Deadpool's brain engrams.

Nathan was still growing back to his normal age thanks to the shot of Deadpool's healing factor, and Forge's harness restored his adult memories and personality in advance. With Black Box's data and his own powers, Cable was able to identify what was wrong with Deadpool's brain and how to fix it. Doing so would be costly, however, and would likely burn out his telepathic and telekinetic abilities again. Nevertheless, Cable was willing to do so to help Wade, and stabilized Deadpool's thought processes. His memory problems were gone, and Wade was more centered and focused that he had been in years. [Cable & Deadpool #18]

Despite fixing his mental problems, Deadpool was still unable to get paying mercenary work because the world blamed him for lobotomizing Cable. Knowing Wade needed to be his own man, Nate arranged to covertly hire Deadpool for different jobs he needed done to keep him busy. As a gesture to Nate, Wade also tried to avoid killing (unnecessarily) in his work, and act more on the up-and-up. This led to a bad encounter with Weasel on the Dominus Objective job. Weasel had installed a backdoor into the Rand Corporation's servers while on a freelance job there, then lied about it when confronted. Wade stood up for Weasel against Cage and Iron Fist, but when he found out Weasel was guilty AND had lied to him, Deadpool let his buddy be arrested. [Cable & Deadpool #20-21]

The Dominus assignment ultimately led Deadpool and Cable to Black Box, who was revealed to Wade as his old foe Commcast. Wade did have a lot of fun killing again when he fought Rive and Makeshift, his former victims from the Executive Elite who were perpetually respawning opponents from Black Box's gene vats until they were shut down. There didn't seem to be any hard feelings on Wade's side against Bashur, since Black Box ended up working for Cable at the end of the encounter and Deadpool said nothing of it. [Cable & Deadpool #22-23]

Deadpool did a few more jobs for Cable, and apparently recognized Nate's hand behind his current run of work, although they didn't mention it aloud. He had his first encounter with Spider-Man, the one opponent who could potentially out-talk the Merc with the Mouth. [Cable & Deadpool #24] Wade showed considerable faith in Cable, even when he made questionable decisions, like resurrecting Apocalypse just so that mutantkind had an enemy to unite against after the Decimation. Their relationship had grown beyond a genetic link and forged a true bond between the two difficult men. [Cable & Deadpool #26-27]