Publication Date: 
30th Oct 2015
Real Name

Jubilation Lee

Former Aliases



5 5"


115 lbs

Hair Color



Red as vampire; formerly Brown

First appearance

Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #244

Known Relatives

Dr. and Mrs. Lee (parents, deceased),
Hope (aunt), Shogo (adopted son)


Former political activist, outreach
coordinator for depowered mutants,
actress and student

Group Affiliation

X-Men, formerly New Warriors, X-Corps,
Generation X


•Vampire possessing superhuman strength, speed
and reflexes, invulnerability to conventional harm,
heightened senses, the ability to transform into
a bat or mist, a hypnotic stare, and other supernatural attributes
•Formerly equipped with "Wonder Gloves" that used applied gravitons to boost her strength and the force of her blows to superhuman levels, Pym Particle and impact webbing capsules, and anti-gravity platforms for flight
•Formerly manifested energy plasmoids as multi-colored fireworks of various shapes and intensities, which she could detonate to create disorienting bursts of light and sound, scalding heat, concussive impact, or interweave the "PAF" energies into solid objects that caused violent explosions at the molecular level