Publication Date: 2nd Nov 2023
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When Mojo tried to blackmail Jubilee into becoming his slave during the “Crunch Conundrum,” he was accompanied by a servant named Abcissa. She helped Mojo detain the mutant teenager with the chains that were part of her costume. Mojo had brought Abcissa along for a special purpose. When Abcissa removed her helmet, she turned out to be an aged Jubilee - one who had accepted Mojo’s offer. However, this revelation had quite the opposite effect. Horrified by her other self, Jubilee fought Mojo with all she had, despite his false claim that without his support, Logan would die. As soon as Jubilee had made her choice, Abcissa vanished into thin air as her existence was no longer among the possible outcomes of the future.


In the Age of Apocalypse, Jubilee was a street urchin who joined Gambit's small band of thieves known as the X-Ternals. This Jubilee also had a tough, smart-alec attitude which covered up the hurt and loss she had experienced in her life. She had been friends with Everett Thomas AKA Synch in this reality as well, before his untimely death. Jubilee seemed to look up to Strong Guy as a sort of "big brother" and never understood why he was so love-sick over Lila Cheney, who was in a happy relationship with Gambit. The X-Ternals were sent to the Shi’Ar Galaxy and returned with a shard of the M’Kraan crystal, an essential item for the X-Men’s plan to change their timeline. Jubilee was crushed when Strong Guy turned out to be a traitor working for Apocalypse's Infinites.

In the grim reality dubbed Days of Future Past, Jubilee was one of the last X-Men still alive and not imprisoned. Thanks to dampening tech designed by the Beast, she posed as a human and lived together with her lover, Synch and Leech in the ruins of Hollywood, California. Jubilee only avoided being sent to the detention camps with the other X-Men because she sat out the raid during which they were apprehended. She was wrought with guilt, as a result. She worked through her feelings by helping an amnesiac Wolverine to regain his memory and then worked with him and Magneto to stop the Hellfire Club’s mad plans for the world. Eventually, she helped found a small group of rebels based on a private island owned by Emma Frost. The final fate of this group was never revealed. Magneto ended up in detention as well and Logan worked alone when he freed his former comrades, which suggests that Jubilee’s rebels were either dead or had also been captured.

Fifteen years in the future, the MC2 universe chronicles the adventures of the next generation of Marvel Heroes. Jubilee has grown up considerably in the interim and is now in charge of the world's premiere (and only?) team of mutant heroes, the X-People. Though not as tough as her instructors Cyclops and Wolverine, Jubilee is still a no-nonsense field leader. In this future, she had also served a brief time with the Avengers and was still occasionally called in as a reservist or combat instructor.

In the Mutant X universe, Jubilee was also a leader, though of the villainous group known as the Marauders. Her teammates constantly bickered with each other and Jubilee had difficulties getting them to obey her commands. She was also concerned about the wrath of their mysterious employer, who wanted the Marauders to steal a huge box for him. When Bloodstorm fought the group over the box, Jubilee was seriously hurt and had to be carried by her teammates as they escaped into the Morlock tunnels. Their fate remained unclear.


In yet another future, Earth became an adjunct of the Shi'Ar Empire which was ruled under the iron fist of Alanna, the cruel daughter of Lilandra and Charles Xavier. Jubilee had renamed herself Vertigo and was a member of the underground resistance movement called the Morlocks or "Team X." Her abilities were considerably different in this timeline, allowing her to cast explosive light beams, turn invisible and forge hard-light constructs out of energy. Vertigo had a particular hatred for Alanna's henchman Sauron, who had attacked Wolverine years early and cost the feral X-Man an eye. Team X helped the time-traveling Bishop and Deathbird to end Alanna’s rule. What became of them afterwards is unknown.



In the Ultimate Universe, Jubilee was a member of Alpha Flight and served the Canadian government. The entire team utilized the mutant-enhancing drug Banshee to enhance their abilities. Jubilee and her teammates used their boosted power levels to defeat the X-Men in order to kidnap Northstar. Jubilee was bummed since she was hoping to get an autograph from Dazzler.
The X-Men, especially Colossus, did not take kindly to Alpha Flight’s abduction of Northstar and several team members took Banshee in order to be a match for Canada’s super-team and rescue Piotr's boyfriend.