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Publication Date: 14th Feb 2019
Written By: Peter Luzifer and Gremlin.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer and Gremlin.


The boarding school wasn’t as Monet had expected it to be, and she sound found herself regretting having left the Massachusetts Academy. Around the same time, some of her new classmates were found murdered in a brutal manner. When Mr. Delacorte, the school’s headmaster, tried to hypnotize Monet during a counseling session, she discovered that he was truly a vampire and behind the killings. Immune to his manipulative abilities because of her own telepathic powers, Monet engaged the vampire in a physical battle, even after she was bitten by him. She eventually defeated him by impaling him on a spire on top of one the school buildings. Many other staff members and students had been vampires as well, but Delacorte, having been the first of them and he having transformed all of the others, they were all rendered inert by his death. Following the incident, the boarding school was shut down, and Monet decided to go back to Generation X. [Generation X (1st series) #60-62]

Right after her return, Monet and Everett picked up where they left off and started a relationship, much to the chagrin of Jubilee, who considered Everett her best friend and harbored  romantic feelings for him as well. Things took a turn for the worse when Emma Frost’s older sister, Adrienne, blackmailed her way back into the Academy and slowly leaked information that it was secretly harboring mutants for no other reason other than to get back at her sister. When Monet witnessed a few bullies beating up a shy, strange looking kid, whom they suspected of being a mutant, she gave them a taste of their own medicine, outing herself as a mutant. Adrienne’s plans climaxed in a riot, caused by concerned parents that wanted to pick up their human children and a series of bombs she set to detonate in midst all the confusion. Banshee did his best to find and disarm them but Everett was killed when the final bomb exploded in front of him. [Generation X (1st series) #67-70]

Thinking they had failed as teachers, Banshee and Emma shut down the academy to outsiders and told the remaining members of Generation that it was for them to decide how to handle things from now on. Monet didn’t care much that the others re-defined Generation X’s purpose as “aiding other children in need of unique or superhuman aid.” Full of grief, anger and disappointment, she developed a somewhat violent streak and thrived on physical battle. She tried to deal with her bottled up emotions by hitting the team’s enemies as hard and fast as she could. Somewhat concerned, Banshee reminded Monet several times not to let her anger get the better of her. [Generation X (1st series) #63-66]

Synch’s untimely death at least served one purpose – it helped Monet and Jubilee get over their difficulties. During a shopping trip to New York, they came to respect each other, acknowledging the other one’s feelings for Everett and sharing their grief. [Generation X (1st series) #72]

When both their mentors started to behave strangely - Sean turning to alcohol after his lover Moira MacTaggert was killed and Emma trying to avoid questioning by the police regarding Adrienne’s whereabouts - Generation X began to doubt their effectiveness and decided to disband. Chamber had been invited to join the X-Men, anyway, and the rest of the group went separate ways. In a rather typical manner, Monet promised to stay in touch, but she didn’t give any of the others her phone number before she returned home to her family’s estate in Morocco. [Generation X (1st series) #75]

Some time afterwards, she joined with some of her other Generation X alumni in the militaristic X-Corps, operating out of Paris, France. Along with Husk and Jubilee, Monet had joined the group largely to keep an eye on Banshee, who had taken Moira MacTaggert's death hard and was now using behavior-controlled villains as part of his peace-keeping unit. While their suspicions were correct, as the villains turned out to be unstable and the X-Corps was destroyed from within, the girls couldn’t stop Banshee from being critically injured, and only with the aid of the X-Men were M and the remaining loyal members able to stop the evil X-Corps members, as they rampaged through Paris. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #403-406]

In the aftermath of that unpleasant incident, Monet helped clear the city of debris and, apparently in an effort to atone for her involvement in the X-Corps debacle, she joined the newly opened office of X-Corporation Europe, just like Madrox, the Multiple Man and Banshee’s daughter, Siryn. The X-Corporation functioned as an extension of the X-Men in Westchester, providing mutants all over the world with someone to turn to.

One of their first missions led the new group into the Channel Tunnel, where a train carrying the mysterious Weapon XII had derailed. The genetically engineered monster was capable of infecting the minds of his victims, until they become part of him. Stuck in the tunnel with dozens of infected people, including her teammate Darkstar, M panicked and nearly freaked out, though the situation was brought under control by her teammates and Professor Xavier. While the other heroes distracted and eventually deactivated Weapon XII, Monet led the few uninfected people to safety. [New X-Men (1st series) #128-130]

M continued to serve the X-Corporation, also helping out the X-Men when they received a distress call from Scotland. During the flight there, Monet once again demonstrated her superior  snobbish attitude towards the X-Men’s latest addition, former prostitute Stacy X, outright saying that she didn’t deserve to be a member of the team. Upon arriving at their destination, the X-Men‘s jet was shot out of the sky and Monet was rendered unconscious like most of the others, ending up captured by Black Tom Cassidy. Having undergone a secondary transformation, the villain was now more plant creature than human, and he began to drain his victims of their life energies. Bitter irony for Monet that it was Stacy X who saved the day, calming down Black Tom with her pheromone based powers. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #410-412]