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Publication Date: 14th Feb 2019
Written By: Peter Luzifer and Gremlin.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer and Gremlin.


Monet’s involved with the X-Corporation came to an end during M-Day, when about 90% of Earth’s mutant population were depowered. Anti-mutant groups quickly seized the chance to attack the few mutants left, and the headquarters of X-Corporation Europe was blown up by some terrorists. As a result, the X-Men chose to shut down the organization entirely; after all, it had already lost its purpose with there being next to no mutants left to contact. Jamie Madrox had left the X-Corporation earlier on to start his own detective agency, X-Factor Investigations, together with some of his former teammates. When the Paris office was closed, he invited Monet, Siryn and the de-powered Rictor to join them, and they all accepted, though for different reasons.

Interestingly enough, the new job required from Monet to use her mental powers a bit more, for example to confirm a suspect’s testimony to be true or to telepathically help some witness to  remember every little detail of what they had seen. The first case M was involved in was about a famous actor who had accidentally killed his lover but then framed her sister for it. Upon learning what had happened, Monet took matters in her own hands, tormenting the actor with telepathic illusions of the dead woman until he confessed the crime. The case closed, Jamie Madrox caught Monet in a weak moment. Monet was rather sympathetic to the victim’s sister after having gained insight to her feelings, though she made Jamie promise not to tell anyone. [X-Factor (3rd series) #2-4]

While personally not bothered by the newly-passed Super Hero Registration Act, Monet stood by her teammates when Multiple Man publicly announced that his team, X-Factor, was in opposition of the new law and that they help anyone trying to avoid being registered. [X-Factor (3rd series) #8-9] Soon thereafter, Monet gave in to the mutual attraction between her and Madrox, and she had sex with him, or actually one of him. Multiple Man’s dupes acting more and more independently, each duplicate was a different manifestations of one of his personality traits, and while one Jamie was together with Monet, another was sleeping with Siryn. [X-Factor (3rd series) #10]

During a session with super-hero psychiatrist Dr. Leonard Samson, Monet surprised him with the confession that she had suicidal tendencies. After all this time, she still had recurring nightmares of her time as Penance when she was in the mercy of her brother, Emplate. Monet explained that she was drawing strength from her tough, arrogant and superior attitude, and that she felt she would be crushed by the forces inside her if she allowed herself to show weakness. [X-Factor (3rd series) #13]

When the truth came out regarding Jamie’s two-timing duplicates, Monet acted accordingly to her own statements.  Whereas others might be shocked or depressed, she resorted to violence, trying to beat the one duplicate she slept with out of the embarrassed Madrox, only to learn that it wasn’t possible. When it came to Siryn, things were a bit tense at first, though both women soon realized that other one wasn’t to blame for what had happened. During a shopping trip to Paris they sorted out their differences. [X-Factor (3rd series) #14-16]

In fact, M and Siryn came to respect each other, and they have been working together on several cases since then. Some time later, they also accepted Jamie’s apology to both of them, though Monet wouldn’t be Monet if she didn’t rub it in Jamie’s face every now and then, such as when she asked him in front of the whole team who he thought was better in bed. [X-Factor (3rd series) #21]

Monet and Siryn had more time to mend their friendship on their next mission, which involved saving two children from their bigoted parents. What neither woman knew was that it was a set-up by a man named Joseph Huber, who was looking to wipe out all mutants. He wanted M out of the way, as her telepathy would have allowed her to see his plans and reveal them before the time was right. After M and Siryn saved the children, they were unable to contact base and, going on a gut instinct, M flew back home just in time to save Rictor from being attacked by Huber. [X-Factor (3rd series) #22-24]

X-Factor’s ranks were soon thrown into turmoil when Lala Miller became stuck in the future and Wolfsbane left the team for personal reasons. M remained her usual, stoic self on the outside, pretending not to care about either of them. She did become a shoulder to cry on for Siryn, who had revealed she was pregnant with Jamie’s child and was unsure on what to do. X-Factor’s time in New York came to an end when Arcade rigged Mutant Town with a series of deadly traps. With their base destroyed and the populace turning against them, M and the team relocated to Detroit to start anew. [Messiah Complex, X-Factor (3rd series) #28-32]

Things got off to a bumpy start in Detroit as the team were drawn into Earth’s invasion by the Skrulls. Due to a series of misunderstandings, the team ended up crossing swords with She-Hulk, allowing Monet to go toe-to-toe with someone as strong as she was. Afterwards, they were forced to save the life of former X-Man Darwin, who had been kidnapped by the shady Karma project, an organization that wanted to copy his unique evolution ability. After it was all over, the team had gained two new members in Darwin and Longshot. Monet became quite taken with Longshot, thanks to his otherworldly charisma power, and as a result was totally oblivious that Darwin was completely infatuated with her.  [X-Factor (3rd series) #33-38, She-Hulk (2nd series) #31]

The team was struck by tragedy when Siryn gave birth to a baby boy, who was subsequently absorbed into Jamie when he held him for the first time. Realizing that the child was just an infant dupe, Siryn was devastated and banished Jamie from the team. Monet remained loyal to Siryn and tried her best to guide her through the tough time, despite Theresa’s shock and seeming denial of the situation. The team soon took on a new case from a woman named Lenore, who was sure that she was being followed and that her life was in danger. It turned out she was correct and someone took over the mind of Lenore’s mother, using her to try to kill her daughter. After knocking the mother out, Monet tried to read the woman’s mind but she could only get the name Cortex before she was psychically attacked.

Unbeknownst to the team, Monet had become possessed by Cortex and was now an agent of the mysterious threat. She began to flirt heavily with Darwin, who was bemused and overjoyed at the attention she was giving him. Monet suggested that she should guard Lenore whilst the rest of the team split up to chase down leads. Alone with Lenore and Darwin, Monet got them drunk until Lenore passed out and then turned her attention to Darwin. After realizing he was immune to the effects of alcohol, Monet altered her tactic and made a pass at him. By now, Darwin had become suspicious of how obviously flirty Monet was being with him and, when he turned her down, Cortex revealed itself. Monet’s body turned purple and looked as if it was comprised entirely of circuitry. She attempted to kill Lenore but was stopped by Darwin, who proved to be a difficult adversary to take down. Just as Cortex had dealt with him, Siryn turned up and attacked Monet, having figured out that something was wrong with her.

A little way away, the real Cortex was concentrating hard to stay in control of Monet’s body whilst her psyche fought tooth and nail against his control. Cortex turned out to be a dupe of Jamie’s who had got lost in the timestream and become insane as a result. Longshot discovered his location and, during the ensuing fight, Cortex was injured, resulting in him momentarily losing control of Monet. A split second was all Monet needed to take back control of her body and she purged his influence from her mind. Monet was furious at Cortex for the violation on her body and mind, as it evoked the terrifying memories of when she had been trapped by her brother in the Penance form. She chased Cortex down and, despite learning it was a dupe of Jamie’s, punched him through the chest. Normally it would have been a killing blow but Cortex was something more than human and he survived, teleporting away in the confusion. What the team didn’t know was that the fight with Cortex was also happening in the future, as the real Jamie had been taken there to meet Layla Miller. Jamie and Layla managed to put an end to Cortex’s scheme’s from their side, before they teleported back to the present day. [X-Factor (3rd series) #39-50]