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Publication Date: 14th Feb 2019
Written By: Peter Luzifer and Gremlin.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer and Gremlin.


Monet decided to leave the X-Men to try and get some clarity on recent events, but she was soon dragged into the thick of things when she became an unwilling pawn in someone else’s game. After leaving Monet to her fate months before, Sabretooth had joined Weapon X, a team designed to take down threats to mutants with brutal efficiency. One of those threats was the Reverend Stryker, who was subsequently killed by the Weapon X team. After being resurrected and turned into a cyborg, he quickly hatched a plan to exact revenge on the team, now calling themselves Weapon X-Force, and Monet was a vital part of the plan. Stryker bankrolled the formation of a spiritual retreat, which was the basis for a religious cult led by the mutant telepath Mentallo. Monet was captured and brainwashed into becoming the figurehead for the new cult. Monet then used her father to hire Weapon X-Force in a bid to “rescue” her from the clutches of the cult.

Sabretooth and the rest of the team quickly tracked Monet down and infiltrated the base during one of their meetings. Monet revealed it had all been a set up and attacked the team whilst Mentallo attempted to brainwash them. Mentallo was unprepared for the presence of Lady Deathstrike and her upgraded cybernetic systems, which included nanobots that could block his powers. Deathstrike injected Monet with the nanobots, instantly breaking Mentallo’s hold over her. Monet was naturally angry and being used against her will again and turned on Mentallo. Stryker had a back-up plan, though, in the form of Deadpool, who was being paid a large sum of money in return for his co-operation. Monet and Deadpool fought but, just as she had the upper hand, he detonated some napalm in her face, burning off a chunk of her hair. This only made her even angrier and, after recovering, she punched Deadpool clean out of the building. After the fight was over, Sabretooth approached her and awkwardly tried to make conversation, much to the amusement of the rest of his team, who realized that he still had feelings for Monet. Stryker soon revealed himself to the rest of the team and he easily overpowered and kidnapped them all, Monet included. [Weapon X (3rd series) #22-23]

Monet and Weapon X-Force were held underground by the cult, who intended on forcing them to fight in a gladiatorial arena for the amusement of Stryker. The team entered the arena and discovered they were pitted against other mutants, who had also been brainwashed by Mentallo. Monet and the team managed to free the mutants and kill Stryker in the process, but as his spirit left his body, he revealed he had cut a deal with Satan and would return eventually. Knowing this, the team tracked down the demon Azazel to convince him to send them to Hell so they could destroy Stryker’s soul there. After persuading him, some of the team were taken to Hell, though Monet stayed on Earth to keep Azazel in check and make sure he didn’t double cross them. Sabretooth and Monet had a heart-to-heart before he went into the afterlife but neither would fully confront their feelings towards the other. Monet was left heartbroken when the rest of the team returned from Hell but Sabretooth had seemingly chosen to stay behind.  [Weapon X (3rd series) #24-26]