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Pietro's admission of guilt on such a public scale ironically had a positive relationship on his daughter, Luna, who had earlier disowned her father as she had been aware he was lying about the Skrull imposter. Impressed at his admission of guilt, Luna left Attilan in secret soon after to reunite with her father. Pietro attempted to bond with his daughter by taking her to Colonial Williamsburg, with Georgia Dakei in tow. The reunion was interrupted by Luna's cousin Gorgon who had a very different reaction to Pietro's admission. Gorgon attempted to kill Pietro for stealing the mists despite Luna's protests. Georgia realizing she had no hope against Gorgon so she alerted X-Factor. Polaris seemed to appear on the scene within minutes, making quick of work of Gorgon, who was no match for her magnetic powers. To her suprise when she got there, Quicksilver told her that he welcomed Gorgon's punishment. Citing her influence, he claimed that he had become impressed by her desire to become a great leader, despite her own hardships, and it was making him want to become a better man. Pietro's ex-wife Crystal arrived shortly thereafter and her sudden appearrance ended the conflict. In the aftermath, Crystal agreed to let Luna remain with Pietro for the foresable future, giving Lorna yet another chance to bond with her niece. [All-New X-Factor #13]

During a period of downtime, Polaris was relaxing in her team's headquarters with her teammate Danger when she was reunited with another family member, her half sister the Scarlet Witch. This visit proved somewhat of a shock for Lorna, as she and her sister Wanda had not actually bonded since the revelation that they were sisters and Lorna still bore a grudge against Wanda for what she did to the mutant race with M-Day. Perhaps feeling that Wanda was making an effort, Lorna parked her feelings and agreed to have a day out with sister. However, when Danger, a novice of social etiquette, inapproiately invited herself along to what to Wanda was a sister's day out, Lorna said yes, perhaps being glad of having a buffer. Despite Lorna's reservations, the women did ultimately bond during a trip to a Renaissance fair and later a bar. While they were in the bar, the Scarlet Witch offered Polaris a place on the Avengers but Lorna declined, saying that, in addition to not wanting to be on the same team as her ex, Havok, she not only actually liked where she was but that she was in comman. She also admitted that Wanda meant more to her than she expected. The tender, sister's conversation, soon turned sour, however, when the Scarlet Witch inadvertantly admitted that Quicksilver had initially joined X-Factor on Havok's behest to keep an eye on Lorna. Though she was furious, Lorna had to hold back her anger, as America was soon under the threat of the Red Skrull, requiring the full might and attention of X-Factor. [All-New X-Factor #14-15]

Recently, the Red Skrull had stolen the powers of the late Charles Xavier and was using these powers to increase negavity and violence in the world. X-Factor, due to invention of Warlock, was one of the few superteams that were able to resist his control. This proved fortitious for Russia, as the Skull's influence had prompted the American president into deciding on pre-emptive nuclear war. Luckily, X-Factor had managed to steal the "nuclear football" device, thus preventing the president from launching the country's missiles. Knowing that preventing the nuclear war took priority, X-Factor decided to hold up their headquarters in Virginia under forcefield until they could decide their next move. While there Polaris angrily confronted Quicksilver about him spying on her for Havok. She was so annoyed she actually told him to leave the team. Quicksilver attempted to minimize the damage, stating that he had quit the Avengers to remain with X-Factor and Lorna, because he felt like he and Polaris needed each more than he needed the Avengers. Unfortunately this heart felt confession was interrupted by a fleet of sentinels, which had been dispatched by the American president to retrieve the nuclear football. [All-New X-Factor #16]


The Sentinels were ultimately defeated by the combined might of X-Factor and soon thereafter threat of the Red Skull soon passed. In the aftermath, Polaris invited Sunfire to join the team. Quicksilver seemingly took offence to Lorna offering Sunfire a place on the team, believing it was bad judgement on her part. Rather than deflate the situation as she was still annoyed at Quicksilver for spying on her, Lorna commented that Quicksilver was only objecting because he felt his position as most obnoxious person on the team was under threat. Quicksilver was so bothered by this that he did not go with the team on their latest mission to the Old City to retrieve the body of a girl who had died in a bombing.

Afterward the mission and in transit back home, Lorna received a video from Quicksilver saying that he was leaving X-Factor as per her earlier request, as she didn't trust him which he acknowledged was his fault. As the message was finishing, Quicksilver started to say “if you ever need me” but Gambit interrupted Polaris and she closed the video. If Lorna was bothered by her brother leaving her team, she didn't betray that to Gambit. [All-New X-Factor #17-20]

Just what the future holds for Polaris and X-Factor is unknown at this point. Although Polaris has gone through many many transitions and tragedies over the years, one thing has remained consistent throughtout all her states: you don't want to get on the wrong side of her. Given how upset Polaris was at the knowledge that her “brother” was spying on her despite his good intentions, one shudders for the fate of Harrison Snow and Serval Industries if the Mistress of Magnetism finds out that Snow planted a camera in her eye.