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Not even having started to deal with the trauma she had experienced, Lorna rushed to Xavier’s mansion as soon as she heard news of Havok being discovered alive in a comatose condition and taken to the mansion. She arrived at a bad time, though, for the son of school nurse, Annie Ghazikhanian, had telepathically entered Alex's head and fallen into a catatonic state. Polaris perceived Annie’s yelling at the comatose Havok as an attack and assaulted her, cruelly tormenting her with a horde of surgical knives. Having made a new enemy rather quickly, Lorna did not even stop her attacks when Annie backed away. Only when Xavier himself entered the infirmary did she let Annie go, and both Alex and the boy turned out fine in the end. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #418-419]

Polaris was more than happy and expressed her regret over the way she had ended their relationship. The thought of having lost Alex showed her how much she still loved him, and she asked Alex to marry her. Although he didn’t actually say yes, everyone else seemed to take his answer for granted and the team looked forward to the wedding. Lorna was rather busy with making plans, so she failed to notice that Alex was not as happy as she and that he felt a certain attraction to Annie. At the same time, during the X-Men’s mission, Polaris displayed a rather aggressive shoot-first-ask-questions-later attitude. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #421-424]


During her bachelorette party, Lorna surprised the other ladies with the revelation that she didn’t marry out of love, but for stability, genes and parenting skills. Also, she spent the night before the wedding with a mutant-shapeshifting-stripper, impersonating Gambit, for whom she secretly had the hots. Despite her own rather loose sense of a relationship, Lorna didn’t take it as lightly, when the next day, while she was walking down the aisle, Alex called off the wedding - having realized his feelings for nurse Annie. Feeling betrayed and humiliated in front of her family and friends alike, Lorna went mad. She transformed her wedding gown into a simulacrum of Magneto’s armor and went on a rampage. She rendered nearly all wedding guests unconscious and would have killed both Alex and Annie, if she hadn’t been subdued by the Juggernaut, the X-Men’s latest addition. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #425-426]

The X-Men couldn’t deny anymore that Polaris was a changed woman and no longer the calm and sweet teammate reserve member they remembered. In a telepathic session, Xavier wanted to uncover the reasons for her change in attitude and, on Lorna’s request, he had Annie participate in it as well. It was only then that they learned of Lorna’s discovery regarding her heritage and what she had experienced on Genosha. Her talking about it, and others now knowing about her hurt and anger, helped a bit, and Lorna promised to keep her anger under control. The therapy session, as well as Polaris helping to rescue the X-Men and Annie’s son from a nether-dimension they had been trapped in, helped the two women to establish some sort of mutual respect for each other. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #429-434]

The source of her change in attitude being uncovered didn’t mean that Lorna would change her views, though, and Xavier didn’t expect her to. As far as the Professor was concerned, her new views on human-mutant relations were as legitimate as everyone else’s. Shortly after Magneto (in actuality someone impersonating him) was decapitated by Wolverine for destroying major parts of New York City and killing Jean Grey, Xavier wanted to bury his old friend on Genosha. Polaris not only wanted to participate in the service, but she also visited Avengers mansion to invite Magneto’s other children, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. They only agreed to join when Lorna revealed to them that Magneto was her father too, making them half-siblings. Once on Genosha, Polaris witnessed an argument between Logan and some of the Magneto worshippers on the island. She then played devil’s advocate, defending Magneto’s views in front of Logan and Xavier as well - only she wasn’t playing, these were really her opinions. Lorna reasoned that at least his actions had gotten humanity to listen to mutants. She even went as far to trying to convince Xavier of Magneto’s view by threatening to kill him just so that he would fight for his own survival and prove his own dream of peaceful coexistence wrong. However, Xavier didn’t go down that line and would have rather died than kill his former student. Not being able to counter that, Polaris showed Xavier her respect by magnetically reshaping the giant Magneto monument on Genosha; it now consisting of two figures - Xavier and Magneto, standing back to back. [Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #442-443]

With the Professor staying on Genosha to help rebuild the country, Cyclops and Emma Frost became new headmasters of the Xavier Institute. They re-organized the X-Men a bit, but Polaris remained on the same team as Havok and Iceman. A few weeks later, Annie decided that the school was a too dangerous place for her son to live and she left. Surprisingly, it was only Polaris to whom she said goodbye, also asking her to keep an eye on Havok and be there for him. [X-Men (2nd series) #161]

Lorna, however, seemed to have a different idea in mind, as she soon began flirting with Iceman, despite the fact that he had permanently transformed to ice and couldn’t change back to flesh and blood. [X-Men (2nd series) #165] Their rekindled relationship soon caused tension among the team, with Havok showing signs of jealousy and Iceman being overprotective of Lorna and questioning Havok’s orders at every turn. The situation took a turn for the worse when the X-Men encountered Golgotha, an alien creature that could bring out its victims’ fears into reality. Apparently, it was Lorna’s deranged state that eventually allowed her to see through the deception, as she had already gotten used to hallucinations and recurring flashbacks to events on Genosha. She alerted the other X-Men to the alien hiding in their mansion, though after the creature was destroyed the team was informed of an entire fleet of Golgotha’s species approaching Earth. [X-Men (2nd series) #166-169]

After convincing NASA to let them handle the situation, the X-Men quickly made their way up to a space station in Earth’s orbit, where they awaited the approaching aliens. Havok and Polaris were the main thrust of the attack, with the other X-Men picking off the few aliens that would make it past the two heavy-hitters. During the battle, Polaris was separated from anyone else, and even radio contact broke down for a few seconds. When she made her way back to the others, she was somewhat disoriented and could only say that something had looked right at her, though she wouldn’t remember what. With that, she used her magnetic blasts on the last of the aliens, ending their threat once and for all. [X-Men (2nd series) #170]

Back on Earth, Havok kept bugging Lorna about what it was that she had seen in space, even though it made her feel uncomfortable. At first claiming it was his responsibility as team leader to clear up the incident, he soon admitted his actual reason for his rather obsessive behavior; he was still in love with her. While she too still had feelings for Havok, Lorna didn’t want to go there. The memories of Alex choosing Nurse Annie over her were still fresh on her mind, and she also wondered about Iceman’s reaction, would she walk out on him, now that they were finally together after all these years of unrequited love. [X-Men (2nd series) #171-173]

Lorna’s entire life was turned upside down shortly thereafter, when she lost her mutant powers on M-Day. Whereas 90-95% of Earth mutant population was similarly de-powered, Polaris was the only casualty among the X-Men’s active roster. Realizing that she had no life outside of the X-Men, Lorna tried to keep the loss of her powers secret, endangering herself and others in the field. Partially, she even hoped that she had merely forgotten how to access her magnetic abilities and that she only needed the adrenaline rush of being in grave danger for them to kick back in. Eventually, though, she could no longer deny the truth and, when she revealed her powerloss to her teammates, she learned that they had already suspected as much. Although the X-Men re-assured Polaris that she would always be one of them, Lorna knew that she had to leave the mansion for her own safety, same as the dozens of de-powered students.