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Life in the resistance was by no means easy but this time away allowed Lorna to successfully rekindle her romance with Havok. The same issues with the relationship though reoccurred; Havok was a man filled with self doubt and Lorna took it upon herself to try and assuage his fears. In addition, given the other members of group's horrific history with the Sh'iar, it often fell on Lorna to act as the group's voice of reason during conflicts. This role was paramount during a temporary detante between the Vulcan and the Starjammers during the uprising of the Scy'Ar Tal. The Scy'Ar Tal claimed to be the original owners of the the Shi'ar most sacred possession, the Mkraan Crystal. The aliens had begun destroying worlds with a weapon called Finality in an effort to wipe out all the Shi'ar and reclaim what they had lost. Seeing no other option, peace talks began between Havok and Vulcan. Emotions were running high between both groups but Polaris cautioned her team that, given the stakes, it was better the devil they know as opposed to one they didn't. [X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #1-4]

The feuding sides decided that Havok and Vulcan would fight the leader of the Scy'Ar Tal, while Polaris and the rest of the Starjammers destroyed Finality. Vulcan, however, double crossed Havok after their defeat of the Scy'Ar Tal's leader and had his Imperial Guard attempt to claim the Finality weapon for the Shi'ar. With Havok gone, Polaris was thrust into command. Pushing past her emotions, she instructed her teammates, Rachel Summers and Korvus, to destroy the weapon while she and the remaining members of the group tried to keep the might of the whole Imperial Guard at bay. Despite a valiant struggle, Polaris, Raza and Ch'od were captured along with Havok, though they did buy Rachel and Korvus enough time to destroy the weapon and escape with Lilandra. [X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #5]

Polaris was no easy prisoner for Emperor Vulcan. Despite all his scientists best efforts, she burned through every power inhibitor they tried and they were forced to sedate her. The drugs had little effect on the mistress of magnetism. During one one of his visits, Vulcan found Polaris a challenge for him to subdue, despite him being an Omega level mutant and her in her weakened state.

Note: Polaris resistance to drugs was likely an effect from her time as Pestilence. This series was also the first time since Decimation that Polaris was referred to as a mutant. It wasn't till X-Men Legacy (1st series) #259 that it was expressly stated that Apocalypse's alterations had not just restored her powers but also her X-Gene.

Shortly after this incident, Havok managed to escape and freed Lorna from her restraints. As Polaris, Havok, Ch'od and Raza attempted to make their escape, they worked their way through the prison, which they soon realized was an underwater facility on the infamous prison planet Kr'Kn. Shortly after their break out, the group were reunited with Korvus and Lilanda, who had managed to track them down. The newly reformed group decided to lay in wait for Vulcan and finally bring his reign to an end.

When Vulcan realized the group was free, he attacked in force with his Imperial guard. Polaris yet again saw her chance to kill Vulcan but, before she was able to attack, Rachel Summers burst through the ceiling. Rachel had been involved in a brutal fight with one of the Imperial Guard in orbit and the combatants' powerful descent had severely damaged the facility. Polaris attempted to use her magnetic powers to retain the integrity of the prison as best she could but, with no other option, Lorna along with the Starjammers were forced to flee. [X-Men: Kingbreaker #1-4]

Polaris and the Starjammers continued to fight skirmishes with Vulcan's forces for some time but they were dangerously outmatched. When the Inhumans took over the Galaxy's other super power, the Kree, the team finally saw a chance to turn the tables. They were hoping that, with a powerful ally like the Kree, they could finally kill Vulcan and restore Lilanda's rule. It was actually Polaris' tenuous connection to the Inhuman royal family through her half-brother's Quicksilver former wife Crystal that granted them passage to Kree space. Crystal had been promised to Ronan the Accuser, a prominent Kree, in an effort to cement the alliance between Inhuman and Kree. Lorna and the team arrived on the Kree homeworld of Hala just before the wedding and Lorna took this chance to reconnect with Crystal and her niece Luna. [War of Kings #1]

During the ceremony, Vulcan, viewing the alliance of the Kree and Inhumans as a threat had the Imperial Guard attack the wedding, severely injuring Ronan, killing and injuring many bystanders and kidnapping Lilanda. Polaris and the Starjammers had plans to pursue but, before they did, Polaris visited Crystal to try and convince her to join the rescue party. Crystal was beside herself at brutal assault on her new husband. While Lorna and Crystal were speaking at Ronan's bedside, he urged his new wife to calm the fears of the Kree people as their humiliation at the hands of Vulcan had been terrible for the Inhuman's politically. Soon after, Crystal and Polaris were rushed out of Ronan's room by medics. Crystal's sadness quickly turned to anger and, while she and Lorna were traveling through the hospital wards, she met with angry and confused Kree who felt the Inhumans had failed them. Crystal passionately spoke in defiance of Vulcan, claiming that he only attacked because them because he feared them, all the while attending to the sick using her elemental powers. Lorna's political savvy shone through and she had one of the Kree film Crystal throughout her good work. Lorna's clever exercise of statecraft cemented her new allies position at this crucial time and resulted in Crystal gaining the moniker of the people's princess among the Kree. [War of Kings #2]

Soon after, Polaris and the Starjammers took off for Shi'ar space to rescue Lilanda. They were joined in this endeavor by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Lilandra was being detained on the Shi'ar Warbird “Spirit of the Aerie.” The two groups managed to catch up with the starship when it was refueling at Cychani 93. With the Guardians' added muscle, the Starjammers were able to go toe to toe with the Guard. All appeared to be lost, though, when Gladiator incapacitated Havok and Polaris and recaptured Lilandra. Lilandra appealed to Gladiator's love for his empire, protesting that serving Vulcan's command would doom their people. Hearing Lilandra's words, Gladiator turned on his comrades in arms and joined the Starjammers in their endeavor to reclaim Lilandra's throne. [War of Kings #3]

Polaris accompanied Lilandra, Gladiator and the Starjammers to Chandilar, the homeworld of the Shi'ar to win over the people. Vulcan's war on the Inhumans had been the disastrous and many people welcomed Lilandra's re-ascension to the throne. However, before she could cement her claim, she had to renew a vow in the temple of Sharra and K'ythri. Against the advice of Polaris and her other allies, Lilandra swore she would march through the streets alongside her people.  Unfortunately for Lilandra, her allies fears were proven correct and she was assassinated by Talon, an ally of Vulcan. Vulcan would soon get his comeuppance though, as he would seemingly perish in battle with the Inhuman king, Blackbolt. With their enemy dead, Polaris and Havok decided it was time to make the trek back to Earth. [War of Kings #4-6]