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The powers of the main universe’s version of Rogue went haywire when she was exposed to Skrull DNA. In the reality from which Nocturne stems and populated by “Professor W’s X-Men," Rogue was not only exposed to a Skrull, but to the Super-Skrull. The absorption seems to have been permanent, giving Rogue the combined powers of the Fantastic Four next to her own. This Rogue was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and, under Cyclops’ leadership, she helped attack the X-Men. Rogue badly injured both Warlock and Thunderbird, and managed to defeat Kitty Pryde as well, but was apparently knocked out by Iceman. The battle ended when Wolverine killed Cyclops, but what happened to Rogue and the other Brotherhood members afterwards was left unclear.

In the House of M reality Rogue’s parents were killed when she was very young. She spent some time in an orphanage but, when her mutant powers manifested, she earned the attention of SHIELD. Mystique was sent to recruit her and the two formed a bond, so much so that Mystique adopted Rogue. She was trained well in the use of her powers until she was able to the elite squad of SHIELD agents known as the Red Guard. One day their leader, Wolverine, went AWOL and the Red Guard was tasked with bringing him in. Rogue got more than she bargained for when she found him and touched the face of one of his allies. She ended up having her memories of the regular universe returned to her and she realized the world around her wasn’t meant to be. She joined the rest of the heroes in confronting Magneto and the Scarlet Witch and putting the world back to how it should have been.

In the future that depicted The End of the X-Men, Rogue and Gambit were married and had two children. When the X-Men’s enemies made a play to wipe out the team, Mister Sinister manipulated Gambit into handing over the children to him. Rogue went to the Neverland camps and freed her children but she was killed by Sinister, who had assumed the form of Gambit.

In the timeline depicted in X-Men Forever, Nightcrawler and Rogue switched powers when he had to give her CPR to save her life. Rogue now had blue skin, a tail and Nightcrawler’s teleportation ability whereas he looked human and had Rogue’s absorption gifts. It took a while but eventually Rogue got used to her new appearance and powers.

Whilst the Rogue from New Exiles seemed very similar to her regular counterpart, there were some stark differences between the two. This version could only absorb other’s powers through her hands, leaving the rest of her body free to be touched without harm. The powers that she had absorbed could be recalled upon at any time she wished, with little or no ill effect. She also came from a rich family, but rebelled, choosing to become an outlaw and master thief. Whilst breaking in to a vault one day, she was found by her world’s Iron Man, but was saved by Morph of the Exiles. Joining the team, she dove straight into their mission of fixing broken realities. On the first world she visited, she came across an alternate version of Gambit, who had Atlantean heritage. Whilst the two struck up a friendship, nothing serious ever became of things. Rogue eventually left the team when she met a man named Colyn on one of the worlds they were visiting. After saving his reality, she stayed behind to continue a relationship with him.

When Wolverine went back in time and killed Hank Pym, the Age of Ultron was created. In this new timeline, Morgana le Fey ruled Earth and Rogue now lived in the sewers with the Morlocks. Having nearly died trying to protect them during the Mutant Massacre, Rogue and her husband Havok decided to stay with them in case others tried to harm them again. When Colonel America came to the sewers looking for Caliban, he became the target of Uriel and Eimin, the Apocalypse Twins. Being tasked with killing him, the Twins created a bloody path through the sewers that cost Havok his life. Incensed by her husband’s death, Rogue attacked Uriel but was mortally wounded. She managed to absorb his memories though and she forced him to see he was being manipulated by Kang the Conqueror. Having a change of heart, Uriel tried to save her but, when his sister Eimin saw his weaknesses, she killed Rogue herself.

In an alternate 1602 domain on Battleworld, Anna Maria was a witchbreed and, due to her deadly absorption powers, was kept locked away in a tower. She was being used as a pawn in a twisted game between the Enchantress and a warrior called Angela. Whilst Angela had made it her mission to eradicate any witchbreed she met, she took pity on Anna as she saw her as a tragic figure. The Enchantress eventually possessed Anna and Angela had to stab her, killing her instantly. However, Angela’s friend Serah cast a spell and saved Anna at the cost of her own life.

On another Battleworld domain depicting the events after the 90’s X-Men animated series, Rogue and Gambit still had their on-off relationship. However, when the X-Men visited the Clear Mountain Project, the two got the chance to work through their troubles. The team was captured by Cassandra Nova and the two lovers were brainwashed into complying with her will. Rogue was now seemingly devoted to Gambit and they wanted nothing more than to get married and to be a perfect family. She worked alongside Nova to help bring any unruly mutant in line, including the remaining X-Men and X-Force. The X-Men eventually broke Nova’s influence and Rogue was left even more devastated when she realized she would never have the things she truly wanted.