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Publication Date: 6th Jan 2008
Written By: Peter Luzifer and Daytripper.
Image Work: Peter Luzifer.


The Dream Queen was only a minor player compared to Alpha Flight’s next foe, Llan, the Sorcerer. Walter was among the first to feel Llan’s might, for in the team’s first battle against him, the Sorcerer broke both of his arms with ease, while he was in Sasquatch state. Thanks to his increased regenerative capabilities, Sasquatch’s injuries quickly healed, though. Over the next several months, various former members of Alpha Flight and Beta Flight, as well as the Canadian government’s new official super team, Gamma Flight, all became involved in the Sorcerer Affair, which led to the Canadian government  realizing how important Alpha Flight was for the national security. Eventually, funding was given back to open a new Department H. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #71-90] It was also during this time that Sasquatch went to court again about his fortune, as now nobody could deny any longer that he was truly who he claimed to be. The case being re-opened, Walt couldn't resist but to pay his ex-wife a personal visit and inform her of the “good” news. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #78]

In the restructured Flight Program, just like before, Alpha Flight referred to the mission operatives and Beta Flight to younger heroes in training. Gamma Flight, however, was given a new meaning; it was Department H’s support staff in many different scientific field. After a discussion between Alpha Flight’s leaders, the government and the military, decisions were reached where each former member would be placed. Naturally, Sasquatch was among the active Alpha Flight roster, but the new system allowing for an individual to be placed in more than one category, Walter was also assigned to Gamma Flight because of his expertise in Biotech Research and Development. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #95]

For a while, everything was fine for Sasquatch, and he got along with his comrades rather well. However, when Alpha Flight was given a new team member, Weapon Omega, Walt’s guilt over what he did many years ago to the young mutant Wild Child resurfaced. Weapon Omega was the new alias for Alpha Flight’s former trainee and later enemy, Wild Child, who had undergone psychological treatment and apparently reformed. At the bachelor party of their teammate, Madison Jeffries, Walt was going to explain to Kyle what happened to him, but their talk was interrupted by an opponent, and afterwards Walter apparently had no chance to bring up the subject again. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #104-105]

Alpha Flight being Canada’s official super-hero team, they soon embarked on a World Tour, where they met the American X-Factor, several European heroes and eventually even made their way to Russia. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #107-109] Shortly after their return, some old feelings seemed to re-emerge, in regards to Sasquatch's relationship with his fellow Alphans, Aurora and Northstar. Not only had Aurora’s split-persona re-emerged,  but also had her powers further evolved due to Walt’s altering of her genetic structure, providing each side of her personality with a slightly different set of abilities. Walt wanted to help his former lover to determine the nature of these changes, but during the examination, “Aurora” made a pass at Walt, only moments later to change to “Jeanne-Marie,” who was disgusted. Walter also tried to give advice to Northstar, as he saw how cruelly “Jeanne-Marie” treated him since he had outed himself as homosexual, only to discover that Northstar didn’t want any advice. Instead, he blamed Sasquatch for his screwed up relationship with his sister, reasoning that none of this would have happened had he not tampered with her powers long ago, and threatened Sasquatch to stay away from Aurora. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #114]

When Wild Child’s troubled past came back to haunt everyone, it was soon discovered that Walt had a hand in it, and he was reprimanded by team leader Heather Hudson for not revealing the information he had about  Wild Child. Sasquatch apologized but, while he originally had been against Wild Child’s introduction into the Flight Program because of the unstable “animal side” of his personality, he now stood by his decision to keep things secret, honestly believing that Wild Child had changed for the better and was deserving a second chance. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #116-117] As it turned out, Walter was right, as Weapon Omega/Wild Child pulled through his identity crisis just fine, although he couldn’t do anything about having betrayed Heather’s trust in him.

After so many months of working cooperatively with the Canadian government, things changed for the worse for Alpha Flight, with the introduction of the Super Powers Bill from Robert Hagon, who wished to restrict the influence of beings of power, Alpha Flight in particular. Naturally, Alpha Flight discussed their options in regards of this, and every member was asked whether they wanted to continue serving the team even if it meant risking to outlaw themselves. Most members, including Sasquatch, decided that they would fight on for the good of Canada and the world nonetheless. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #118-120]

Still, the recent event made Walter realize that he had lost touch with his friends, family and faith, his whole life being only about Alpha Flight. His despair left Sasquatch open for the psychic attack of a newly-born Goddess, set out to reorder the universe in her spiritual order. Providing a good cause to believe in, she asked superheroes all over the world join her in the Infinity Crusade. Langkowski and a few other Alphans accepted the Goddess’ invitation to her paradise but, once in the Goddess’ Paradise Omega, they were forced by Witchfire to relive some painful moments of their pasts. Walt was soon reminded of how he had replaced his religious faith with science, the laws of the Bible were having made way for the laws of physics. Thus already severely doubting the Goddess, Sasquatch and his teammates were fully freed from her influence by Shaman. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #122-124, 127]

Following the Goddess’ defeat, anti-mutant / superhero hysteria was further rising in Canada, which is why Department H decided to temporarily shut down Flight programs and lay low for a while, until the crisis had passed. Not even Guardian’s surprising return from the dead changed that. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #130] It was just the team’s official status as a group that was affected, though, and  several of the Alphans remained at Department H and continued to serve as individual operatives. Likewise, Sasquatch was allowed to use the labs in the Department H headquarters for some personal research work of his.

Some months later he was visited by Generation X headmaster, Banshee, who was seeking Alpha Flight’s aid in locating his missing charges. Sasquatch agreed to help. However, as it turned out, Banshee’s students were perfectly safe and the White Queen was rather ticked off that Banshee had gotten Alpha Flight, of all people, involved. [Generation X (1st series) #19]

Soon afterwards, Sasquatch departed for Antarctica, where he began conducting more research at Project Michelangelo. Walt stayed there for months, the project’s goal being to suck ambient gamma radiation out of Earth’s atmosphere. On the day that Langkowski and the other scientists finally reached a break-through, the station was attacked by Deadpool, who had been hired to sabotage the project. During the mercenary’s fight with Sasquatch, the station’s gamma core reactor was severely damaged and in order to save the entire southern hemisphere from being hit by nuclear radiation, the two worked together to shut down the reactor before it hit critical mass. [Deadpool (3rd series) #1]

Him still being in Antarctica when Department H reorganized Alpha Flight, Walt was not among the new line-up, although “Sasquatch” was. In his absence, a real life Sasquatch had been found in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and, as Department H believed it to be Langkowski further mutated into a feral state, they had the creature undergo some brain-conditioning to make it follow their commands.  It only worked for a while, though, and this Sasquatch was killed during one of the new groups earliest missions. “Walter” was even given a hero’s burial. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #12, 14]

Having no idea of any of this, Sasquatch was rather surprised when he happened upon Guardian’s body in the snowy wastelands of Antarctica. Barely alive, Walter brought his teammate to the nearby base and nursed him back to health, only to learn of the strange things that were going on at Department H. Turned out that the government were regularly brainwashing Alpha Flight’s member to force them into servitude and, when Guardian discovered all this, he was quickly replaced with a younger clone of himself, while the original’s battle-armor was programmed to carry him into space where he would have died. Fortunately, he crash-landed in Antarctica instead, where Walt had found him. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #13, 19]

Knowing that Department H’s dark activities had to be stopped, Walter started gathering other former members of the team that were not included in Alpha Flight’s current roster.  Shaman, Northstar and Aurora all answered the call and, together with Guardian, they eventually confronted Alpha Flight. During the initial battle, Sasquatch was “introduced” to a young man called Radius, who blamed himself for the other Sasquatch’s death and didn’t handle being confronted with his guilt rather well. Naturally, the two sets of Alpha Flight overcame their differences and, with their dark experiments exposed, the people behind Department H’s brain conditioning made their escape. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #15, 17-20] In the aftermath of this conflict, the Flight program was revamped once again. The veteran members rejoined the fold, once again becoming Alpha Flight’s official roster, whereas the newer recruits were downgraded to Beta Flight training status.