Publication Date: 19th Aug 2015
Written By: Peter Luzifer and Daytripper.
Issue Checklist
[title] - Excalibur (1st series) minus 1
Excalibur (1st series) minus 1

works with Kurt as trapeze artists, wants to leave the circus with him, but mother reminds her of magical heritage and responsibility

[title] - Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #98
X-Men (1st series) #98

first appearance, meets Kurt disguised as Amanda Sefton

[title] - Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #123
X-Men (1st series) #123

continues dating Kurt

[title] - X-Men Annual (1st series) #4
Uncanny X-Men Annual (1st series) #4

reveals herself, protects Kurt from Margali’s wrath, who wrongly thinks he murdered her son

[title] - Doctor Strange (2nd series) #57
Doctor Strange (2nd series) #57

sent by Margali to apply for training under Dr. Strange, but he isn’t looking for a disciple

[title] - Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #204
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #204

heavy argument with Kurt, angrily leaves him

[title] - Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #206
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #206

tries to make up with Kurt, but doesn’t find him as the X-Men have gone into hiding

[title] - Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #253
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #253

months later, comes to Excalibur’s lighthouse looking for Kurt, runs into Alysande Stuart

[title] - Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #254
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #254

together they go to Muir, and help battle the Reavers when the Island is attacked

[title] - Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #269
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #269

influenced by the Shadow King

[title] - Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #279
Muir Island Saga

freed when the Shadow King is defeated

[title] - Excalibur (1st series) #75
Excalibur (1st series) #75

called in to aid Excalibur, remains with the team

[title] - Excalibur (1st series) #77
Excalibur (1st series) #76-77

asks Kurt to help her battle D’Spayre for Margali

[title] - Excalibur (1st series) #80
Excalibur (1st series) #80

recognizes Rory Campbell as the future mutant hunter Ahab, and offers him to talk about it

[title] - Excalibur (1st series) #85
Excalibur (1st series) #85

convinces Shadowcat to let go of Illyana’s Soul Sword and gives it to Margali for safekeeping

[title] - Excalibur (1st series) #100
Excalibur (1st series) #100

learns that Margali used the sword to kill all magicians ahead of her on the Winding Way, helps thwart her plans of releasing a demon beneath London

[title] - noimage
off panel

Margali imprisoned by Belasco, switches minds with her daughter to escape

[title] - Excalibur (1st series) #108
Excalibur (1st series) #108

”Amanda” leaves Excalibur, not even saying goodbye to Kurt

[title] - X-Men Unlimited (1st series) #19
X-Men Unlimited (1st series) #19

Kurt tracks down ”Amanda”, joins her to free “Margali” in Limbo, bodyswitch reversed, with both Belasco and Margali gone, Amanda is the only one capable of becoming Limbo’s new ruler

[title] - X-Men: Black Sun #1
X-Men: Black Sun #1-5

has taken on the identity of Magik to confuse Limbo’s enemies

[title] - Nightcrawler (3rd series) #10
Nightcrawler (3rd series) #9-11

has hidden the Soulsword in Nightcrawler’s body, attacked by Nightmare, learns that there’s been a shift in the cosmic balance and that a major war is brewing, with the Szardos family destined to become involved in it

[title] - New X-Men (2nd series) #37
New X-Men (2nd series) #37

attacked by Belasco, thrown out of Limbo, falls into a coma in Germany

[title] - New X-Men (2nd series) #40
New X-Men (2nd series) #40-41
[title] - noimage
off panel

has a falling out with Margali

[title] - Nightcrawler (4th series) #1
Nightcrawler (4th series) #1

reunited with Nightcrawler, attacked by Trimega

[title] - Nightcrawler (4th series) #4
Nightcrawler (4th series) #4

prevents Margali from accessing the realms beyond but is trapped in the other realm in the process

[title] - Nightcrawler (4th series) #10
Nightcrawler (4th series) #10

is in the Borderland surrounding Heaven tasked with a mysterious mission