Iron Man (2nd series)


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Iron Man (2nd series)
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November 1996 to November 1997
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This series was one of four that was handed by Marvel editorial to Jim Lee & Rob Liefeld for relaunch with new #1s. These "reimagined" telling of each character & team was collectively known as Heroes Reborn. Along with Fantastic Four, this second Iron Man series was helmed by Jim Lee.

To explain these titles' place in Marvel continuity, they were bookended by the Onslaught crossover and the Heroes Reborn: the Return event.

Following the end of the event with #13, the title was canceled and repaced with Iron Man (3rd series), written by Kurt Busiek.

Years Published Name of Series Issue Numbering Brief Description
1968 to 1996 Iron Man (1st series) #1-332 first ongoing series, continued from Tales of Suspense
1996 to 1997 Iron Man (2nd series) #1-13 Heroes Reborn
1998 to 2004 Iron Man (3rd series) #1-89 Heroes Return, Kurt Busiek
2005 to 2009 Iron Man (4th series) #1-35 Extremis, Civil War, Director of SHIELD
2008 to 2012 Invincible Iron Man (1st series) #1-33, 500-527 Dark Reign, Fear Itself, the Future
2013 to 2014 Iron Man (5th series) #1-28 Kieren Gillen series, AVX, Inhumanity
2015 Superior Iron Man #1-9 Inverted Tony Stark
2015 to 2016 Invincible Iron Man (2nd series) #1-14 1st Bendis series, Riri Williams introduction, Civil War II
2017 to 2018 Invincible Iron Man (3rd series) #1-11, 593-600 2nd Bendis series, Ironheart focus
2018 to 2020 Tony Stark: Iron Man #1-19 Stark Unlimited, questions his humanity
2020 to 2023 Iron Man (6th series) #1-25 War with Korvac over cosmic power
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