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22nd July 2009

Here begins the fill-in-the-blank section of the feedback survey.

Previously, we had asked questions about how the UXN had been useful as a resource, but this time we thought it would be useful to specifically delve into how Issue Summaries, our most numerous entries on the site, had been useful.

Explain in your own words how the issue summaries have been useful to you:

I use more often than not to take a trip down memory lane or to reference something discussed in the forum

read old issues of comics I don´t own and read the Notes to look for additional info/trivia of issues I have read

i love to come onto the website and back read every comic. I've back read Generation X, X-Men(1991), and other various titiles through your summaries.

I use it to read through the comics, to see which ones i feel are interesting enough to buy in TPB.

i live in denmark where the comic selection is VERY limited. we have a bi-monthly x-men series running with a few specials thrown in once in a while.

I like to use the sight to catch up on back histories, and also to catch up on titles that I can't afford to buy

I also use it to refresh my memory about issues I read a while ago.

To read the complete story in some arcs, and to read the issues i don't have that I want to know what happen in them

I enjoy reading the issue from another perspective. Also I appreciate having a quick summary as well as a more detailed one. Along with a list of characters in the issue and special notes.

browse the write ups, and go through the character profiles

I used the summaries to research and complete my book collection.

I have been collecting the x men comics for two years now. but as you will be aware, there is lots of backstory and continuity that i will not have read. i use the summaries therefore to gain this knowledge, when left with a question at the end of an issue. i also use these to back up my knowledge of characters i am not aware of. and the storyklines in other x related books that i do not read.

I read them on breaks at work to relax.

I don't use it often but it was great when I switch from reading swedish X-men (who are about 2 years behind) and started to buy direct from USA.

I actually go to the summary section for all three reasons.

I don' t have the time or money to be "in to" comics right now. So I use the site to keep up with info on the main titles and the Spotlight section to get caught up on backgrounds of characters

checking UXN (summary section for older comiX, forum for current ones) for more information about the comic I just finished reading is a regular process of Comic Reading for me.

It's not possible to buy all comics out there, so this site definitely helps.

When they refer to previous issues during the comic it's pretty handy to be able to go back and look through older issue summaries to find out more

I belong to another forum that discusses X-Men, and I use this site to find more info on existing characters and increase my general knowledge of X-Men by reading the biographies and issue summaries.

Been trying to collect old issues and do so in a correct reading order.

I read nearly all the Exiles summaries before buying the TPB's, or to see if (usually when) something wonky happened to a character I like

I like to see what's coming up so I can go to marvel after and keep a list of what I need to purchase.

back in college my roomates thought i knew everything on the x-men and truly your site was a major help to answer questions they had

To see if it the issue had importance, or if something cool happened to a character I like. If so, went out and bought it!

I often visit the summary section to check up on back issues I may want to purchase

I live in the UK and don't get many comic stores over here. this is a great place to keep up to date with my favourite characters, and possibly find some new ones

Just to add on, the references in the notes section are useful. Eg betsy lost her telepathy in new avengers #69 or whatever

You fill in my continuity gap knowledge, are helpful with off X-title notes (Avengers, Defenders, etc)

Before I actively bought comics I used the summaries to keep up to date, but now that I buy them myself I use the summaries to keep track of plot threads when I can't remember when/where they happened.

I have a small Alpha Flight related website. I use as a resource for that site.
Helping other sites… interesting.

this is the only accurate x-men website in the net even better than

I basically have to "know" everything regarding the X-Men, even if it's from series I don't like.

In truth, I wouldn't buy x-men comics (any more), but I like to know what's going on.