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22nd July 2009
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  • Many writers and artists can be contacted these days via email or blogs. Have you ever considered asking one to respond to an interview sent by UXN users or to visit the forum for a discussion? Definitely not a bad idea and one we have considered. However, so many other sites focus on the latest news and interviews that it is hard to compete.



  • Are there any plans to let the Children of the Xavier Institute (Gen X, New X-Men, Young X-Men) shine in their own event week and/or month? Afraid not. Also, while there may be smaller events in the future, Event Months have run their course and won’t be seen again.



  • What is the answer to life, the universe and everything? Reply: 42



  • Why did the comic book writers make Vulcan Cyclops's brother when they already had Adam-X? That would be a question for Mr. Brubaker, however Vulcan being a brother to Cyclops & Havok does not preclude Adam-X being another sibling!



  • Did the website used to have a "current title information" section that explained recent happenings and changes made in the X-Men comics? We did have a Current Title Information page, but it was closed down as it was becoming apparent that it was difficult to maintain without constant updating. As a result, some entries got out of date very quickly. Also, in recent years, Marvel has incorporated a “recap” page at the front of each issue, giving much of the basic information a new reader will need.



  • Why is the news section not updated with news bits that are general posted on the forum (ie the X-Position's, news articles posted on comic sites, interviews etc) Some people don't visit the forum and may miss these things. Most of the people posting these are not site staff, just fans who see news items elsewhere. As stated before, so many other sites keep up with the latest news, so it’s not something we wish to compete with.



  • If someone writes and essay about something like graphic design on the X-Men covers, or the role of female characters along the books history, would you consider publishing this kind of works? We’d always be open to hear a pitch. Send me an e-mail ( with a brief outline and pitch and we can go from there!



  • What are you guys hiding up your sleeves for the 10-year anniversary in less than a year and a half? I know you can't tell me, but I'm sure you guys are saving stuff for a big celebration then, and I definitely look forward to it. We certainly would wish to have something nice for it, but nothing set in stone yet.



  • Best question I have is: As readers, followers, and supporters of this site, what do you need from us? To make things better? To help out? To bring everything to the next level? Take a look at the discussion in the “Have you ever considered contributing?” section and give us a shout!



  • When are we going to get a Lockheed Spotlight? :) Actually, we view Lockheed as a sentient purse of Kitty’s. A cute one though. Seriously, although it has been acknowledged that Lockheed possesses human-level intelligence (or higher) very few stories have dealt with this concept, and many have been outright contradictory. Excluding that, the majority of his Spotlight would amount to "seen with the X-Men at this point" or "sat on Kitty's shoulder during that event." A Spotlight like this would be unsatisfying to most, in the same way we will not do Villain Spotlights except in rare instances. Until further character development takes place, Lockheed would be better suited for a discussion article, like we do for complex villains, than a Spotlight. However, one such is not currently planned by any existing Contributor.



  • If our entire staff of Contributors suddenly did get paid to work here and we all treated this as a full-time job, how would you envision the site growing and changing? We’d like to spend time thinking about the answer to that question, but unfortunately we’re not being paid and with Marvel publishing more and more titles, we all have summaries to write and articles to update.



  • If I were to start contributing, I wouldn't know where to start! Would I just write documents and e-mail to Dean / Peter? As I've mentioned, my collection is vast and the site is my favorite, so I'd love to help out if time permits. All this information can be found in the How to Contribute to the UXN section of the website.



  • why you don’t have a section in Spanish? Maybe I can help with that. Some have asked about this in the past, but with the constant updates and the mass amount of text to translate, it’s not really feasible.



  • Who exactly is Monolith!? :) (he is the only Senior Staff without personal profile) :)Monolith’s answer: Many years ago, I had some problems on-line after giving out information over the web. These days, I prefer to keep my on-line aliases and personal life as separate as possible. It’s nothing personal to the vast majority of UXN fans and visitors, but every so often I’ve picked up a cyber-stalker that it takes years to shake.



  • On average, how long does it take to do a spotlight from start to finish? Actually, this was answered in an article written a few years ago called Is it done yet?
  • What is the complete list of X-Men (including honorary, deceased, imposter, barely mentioned, associate, etc)? Is this a Jeopardy question or something? You might want to check out the “View by Affiliation” feature at the bottom of the Character Glossary section.
  • How is the "numbering" for the villain teams determined? For example, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants: the Mystique line-up was for a long time referred to in-Universe as the second line-up, but it is listed on your site as the third because you're counting the "Mutant Force" group which Marvel, at least as of the OHOTMU deluxe series, regarded as a separate organization. Well, it was called the Brotherhood of Mutants and was led by Magneto.
  • Have you ever thought about making a rating system for the individual comics, User (and reviewer) voted on IMDB style? Unfortunately, we strive to be an opinion neutral site. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and we like to shy away from making the distinction.
  • When will we get a spotlight on two significant but overlooked x characters: Lila Cheney and/or Stevie Hunter????? Both would be welcome additions to the section – we just haven’t gotten to them yet.
  • Why am I doing this? I really hope marvel isn't going to shut you down. Every time my interest weans in buying comics, your website shocks me back to my senses and I head back to the comic book shop. Through interaction at conventions and e-mails, we know that several Marvel writers are aware and use our site. Not much chance of that (*knocks on wood*).



  • If UXM were a character in the Wizard of Oz, who would it be and why? The mayor of Munchkin Town. We’re kind of a big deal in a small way.



  • When we will be able to see X-Force's (3rd series) issue summaries? By the time of this article’s release, quite a few will have been posted. Occasionally, there will be some current titles falling behind, but that is because we are changing our focus of not trying to be most up to date, instead filling gaps in old series.



  • What will you all do once you're up to date with all of the titles? Is there anything you think you'll never complete/get a summary for? Eventually, we’ll be able to get everything summarized. At that point, we’ll be struggling just to keep current.



  • I've always wondered what part of the world do the authors of this website live? One each in PA, VA, NC, OR, CA, DE, two in the UK, two in Germany, one in New Zealand, one in Greece and Monolith in his undisclosed, secret location.



  • Okay. Do any of you know why it's so hard to get a hold of the Fatal Attractions TPB? It's like Marvel up and decided to stop printing this book altogether. Wish we could help, sorry.



  • Are y’all going to make a spotlight for Vulcan? Perhaps. Either that or more likely a Bring on the Bad Guys entry.



  • Does any member of the staff have a website about comics that may or may not be in the same mold as And if they don't [which I think is the case], does any of the staff have plans to do so? Fantomex has a site about the Runaways and Binaryan has one about Ms. Marvel.
  • Do you guys know if Jean Grey is going to return and if you do, when? No idea – and you might actually be in the minority of those hoping it happens!