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22nd July 2009
  • Make a complaint or suggestion!

  • I think it would be fun to have a section of the website dedicated to the creators of the x-men (bios, issue checklists, reasons why they left if known, and their lasting contribution to the X-Men)... it would also be helpful to have a chart showing who wrote what issues and who illustrated what issues as reference.We have discussed a “Creator Glossary” but this is part of our long-term plans. As for checklists, the site of Comic Book Database has a feature very similar to that.
  • The only suggestion I can think of is if maybe you can make the title of the summary you are reading, or the topic you are discussing, appear in the title of the window, so it wont just read uncanny x men 8 years young, but maybe uxn X Factor 41 (Second Series), or Previews Section... I think that’s a coding feature that cannot be changed.
  • Only thing i can say is add summaries more often. Whether they are normal hero summaries or ones in the villains section. I would love to see more added more often. Also have the ones you already have up kept more updated and let us know WHEN you update them. A recurring theme in the responses was about updates of summaries and Spotlights. We update as much as personal time allows. We do put notices of update in the Latest Site updates on the Front Page.
  • You guys seem really busy and the site has slowed down significantly; possibly get new blood.Indeed, hence the “Have you ever considered Contributing?” question. Unfortunately, the UXN doesn’t pay the bills – and our internal motto is that real-life obligations come first, so some projects suffer and we make no apologies for that.
  • Continue like this, it's perfect... Or maybe you need just to update your teams pages and have some more complete Teams Pages (histories for teams likes the X-Men, New Mutants, X-Statix, Excalibur, X-Force, X-Factor, ...) We’ve said this before – but Heroes teams are part of our long-term plans, just still not yet realized.
  • This is more of a suggestion, the initial front page to doesn't really advertise the different aspects of the site you have. When I first came on here I didn't realise you had a forum, it was only when I stumbled onto it by accident a few months later that I joined. I know there is the dropdown list with places such as Spotlight on..., Bring on the bad guys and the issue summary section, but maybe having these displayed as visable links on the page itself would be useful for passers by. As I said its something I noted when I first joined but please don't take this as a complaint. A very good point – and one we’ll look into. Thanks.
  • EVENT MONTH .... SPOTLIGHT ON ... HAS VANISHED .... As previously stated, Event Months are no more – and Spotlights are updated when we can.
  • Why don't you accept more sporadic contributions, I mean, If someone applies for a minor work, but doesn't have the time to become a regular contributor, he'll surely be rejected (at least that's the impression I took after reading your FAQ yesterday), but I can't see why is that. Once you've read her or his submission and checked it holds to the standard of quality the site deserves, wouldn't you accept it? Sporadic in the sense of time between submissions is not a problem, though potential Contributors jumping around issues that they do not have presents a problem. However, if someone feels that they might be able to contribute something, they should just drop us and e-mail and see if something can be worked out!
  • There should be a method of scrolling through the comics at the top of the articles as well as the bottom. Sometimes, I just wanna scroll through the summaries and I hate having to go all the way down the page to get to the next issue.A neat idea, but might not be possible code-wise. We’ll look into it.
  • Link comics that are part of a story line. For example, the Messiah Complex comics could have a link to the next issue that continues the story. Normally we do in the Notes section at the bottom, but at the time of your writing this was missing from Messiah Complex summaries. This is now fixed – and please feel free to point omissions like this out in the Feedback section of the Forum, or through an e-mail to the summary’s author.
  • Put a link under the issue summary and full summary to submit a typo if you really want to get the feed back. Actually, there is an e-mail link at the bottom of each summary. Typos can be submitted to that author.
  • Nightcrawler's origin should include his original origin, since his retconned origin, re the Draco arc debacle, is suspect.We don’t pass judgment on what is and is not in continuity. At least not usually.

    RE: character glossary: With answers from Monolith

  • 1. if have "current status: other" add "last seen in: ()" Monolith: This is certainly a possibility we will consider.
  • 2. in "aliases" change for "current alias:" and "previous aliases: Monolith: Typically, all characters are filed under their Current Alias, so anything listed under “aliases” would by definition be a previous one.


  • 3. add "identity" (public, secret, known to , ...) (s)> Monolith: Secret identities just aren’t an issue in the X-Men Universe. Mutants are open to the public nowadays and there would just be very little point for that section.


  • 4. add "relatives"
  • 5. add "marital status"
  • 6. add "occupation" Monolith: Generally speaking, if a character is fleshed out enough to have data on their relatives and past occupations besides “adventures” or “villain” they will ultimately get a Spotlight where that information is listed. I would prefer not to turn every CG entry into a recreation of the first page of the Spotlight entry.


  • 7. add "education" Monolith: This section would be very difficult to fill out for even the regular characters, much less two-time villains. If 95% of the entries would be filed “unknown,” I don’t see it being worth it.


  • 8. separate "abilities", "weapons" and "paraphernalia" of "powers" Monolith: Don’t see the need.
  • Issue or "storyline" reviews. I know other sites do this, but given the quality of work produced here, I would imagine UXN's would be very good. We very much appreciate the interest in our opinions, but one man’s treasure and all that…



  • you guys don't do interviews anymore or post what marvel will be publishing in the coming months. As stated before, other sites more oriented for news do this very well. We would rather spend time trying to fill in gaps in summaries, which unlike news will never go out of date.



  • I would like to see some Crossover SpotlightsWith one or two exceptions (and those relatively recent), this section is almost complete, as we’ve covered all X-Men related arcs.



  • Keep the Summary section going! It'll be cool if there was a link where if I was gone for a month, that I'll be able to tell which summaries I've missed instead of the latest ten on the home page. We once did a monthly recap of the previous month’s updates, but abandoned it because of the labor intensive nature of it. We’re looking into site coding that might make an automatic archiving list possible.



  • This would be big: what about a "comments page" (wiki style) linked to each page where users can comment on spotlights, summaries, etc. I feel like I sometimes have corrections and/or additions that I would note, but there's no adequate forum for that. I'm not proposing that each page be open to edits wiki style, but that each page have a link to a wiki where users can contribute. The Feedback section of our Forum is specifically for this sort of… feedback – and we always welcome responses. Corrections are welcome there as well, and as stated before sending a politely-worded e-mail to the author is also welcome.



  • Second, reviews are nice. See: and SInce I've begun reading those reviews, I've decreased my reading of UXM by 75% or so. Sorry. Reviews are simply not a goal of the site.



  • quicker modern summaries. Again, not a goal of the site. Also, time between the release of the comic and its summary avoids spoilers and stepping on the toes of Marvel, in the selling of their recently published product.



  • I would love the issue summaries to show variant covers as well as the standard ones. This is another idea we have discussed and are looking into. The variants do exist in the Cover Gallery, though a more convenient way to review them is what we’re hoping to find.



  • Your April Fool's jokes are usually lame (especially this last one) and I don't care to read a celebration in honor of the 4,563 issue summary. You have good content, but take yourselves too seriously. It's a site dedicated to fictional characters who fight evil while wearing colorful spandex. Sorry, "unstable molecules." Get over yourselves. First, I suggest you avoid the site every April 1st from now on. Second, we have a celebration every 500th summary, or on the birthday – making such an event occur at most twice a year. Not really a big deal. Thirdly, I don’t think we take ourselves nearly as seriously as you take yourself.



  • No major complaints except when there are no notes or brief notes at the end of the summary :) Hey, sometimes there just isn’t anything to add. Just see New Warriors (4th series) #18 if you don’t believe us.



  • I suggest putting “X-Men Evolution” in the alternate versions section of the spotlights. I know that your spotlights concentrate on comics, and I completely understand why, but “Evo” did have a comic, and many of the characters on the show are very different from their comic counterparts. Just because it is a comic book, it doesn’t change the fact that it was originally a TV series. Also recall that there’ve been comic books based on the movies and the X-Men Adventures cartoon… so we would quickly get out of hand if we incorporated them too. Bottom line is that these are really merchandising properties of Marvel and not really related to its comic book department. At least that’s our policy for the UXN.



  • Please bring back or update the “Where Are They Now?” feature. That was really useful in catching up on a lot of characters I sometimes lost track of. Indeed a feature that needs to be updated. We’re afraid it’s not alone.



  • I think everyone here does a great job in general, although I have noticed a few spelling/grammatical errors; mostly in the character glossary or the issue summaries. Thanks for the praise. Errors can be pointed out in the Feedback section of the Forum or via a politely-worded e-mail to the author.



  • Bring back mimic you bastardsDude, if we could control what happens in the comics…



  • Could you guys maybe make The Monolith change his picture to something less scary? Actually, the appearance of the character of Monolith was based upon our Contributor…



  • I know you all are busy but the issue summaries for the uncanny x-men series hasn't been updated since December when are you going to start on those issues? While we have not made this public, some Contributors are actually trying to focus on filling holes in old series, rather than necessarily keeping the summaries up to date.



  • Are you going to do summaries for the new x-men show Wolverine and the X-Men? At the moment, none of us are that familiar with or are interested enough in the series in order to start such a section. However, should a new Contributor become interested in it, we would welcome it.



  • Not a complaint: I've never read a "Full Synopsis", I'm not sure a lot's of readers are interested in that point, it seems to be a lots of works for something that maybe is not read by the readers. Maybe you should release more issues description only with a "Brief Description"While you might not have read full summaries, others in this feedback have stated the opposite. Also, writers have stated that they’ve used our summaries as research tools, so that’s enough of a reason to keep them around!



  • Not a complaint, not a suggestion, just a compliment: I really appreciate all the work the staff has put on, I imagine how tiring that can be. In one word: youguysrock! Thanks!