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22nd July 2009

An old question, having been asked in the previous two Visitor Feedbacks, but one that we enjoy hearing and sharing.

How has UXN been useful to you?

Learning Background Comics History It's been great in terms of learning about characters I had previously not known much about and to appreciate them enough to buy old issues to learn more about them.

A resource to gain a more cohesive understanding of the corner of the Marvel Universe that is the X-books

It has provided the best biographies of the X-Men out there. Also serves me as reference to storylines I never got the chance to read

I can't always get all the comics associated with the X-Men. Thusly, this site is able to provide me much appreciated summaries.

Has been very useful to put together stories/arcs into a timeline and understand the history of characters and books.

To see all of the many, many great comics I’ve been missing

Yes very much so. Whether it’s learning about details on a character I never knew or getting to read about comics i don't own. It's been very helpful and useful :)

Provided a more complete background on the X-characters and their ties.....

It offers me more up to date information on the X-Men that I don’t have access to myself. Letting me know what’s happening to the characters and their lives, and introducing me to new characters and books.

Learned a nearly complete history of the x-men I would have never been able to learn

It gives me the chance to read up on older comics.

It provides comprehensive information about several X-Men titles and it's a fun website to visit!

I know more about mutants which I like the most. I buy comics in which they have guest appearances.

Yes, it's an excellent site, great amount of information but very easy to navigate,

Filled in the gaps - I'm mainly a TPB reader now, and pre-1993 ish, you can only get select storylines in trades (I was a regular reader of the comics from '93 until '00, then when the compilations were much more regular I moved over to them).

Very good, because I live in a rural area where I can't get hold of many comics, and this site keeps me up to date with all the recent mutant going-on's!

The forum also gives me a sense of community for enjoying comics and the characters and X world

The summaries helped me to choose which issues I wanted to add to and complete my Nightcrawler collection. I also use the Cerebro Files and the Character Glossary occasionally.

fill the info (comics that i don't own), explain characters (glossary and spotlights), crossovers, etc.

I can catch up on all the storylines I missed since I stopped collecting back in the mid-90s!

Providing TONS of useful info via the Issue Summaries and the amazing Spotlight articles.

I've gained a lot of knowledge on many of the X-titles and the characters through this site.

Helped me understand a lot of personal development of the main characters, and some of the more difficult stories.

Mainly research. Just looking back at issues. I find the spotlights very nice to read, especially if a character pops up that I'm not familiar with. I also like to visit the forum to read what other people thought of certain issues or if I have question or opinion. I have to say that the forum is really polite here!

UXN is the first place I go if I feel like I need to fill in a gap in my knowledge or I am confused about something I just read, the back-issues and the forum are great tools to help supplement weekly reading

Allowed me to fill in the gaps of my knowledge and discuss comics with people

It's nice to have some issue summaries available especially since I'm now living in the UK and it isn't always easy to obtain the newest comics.

The Spotlights have been very useful in helping me understand the complicated backgrounds of characters, so that I feel more comfortable getting into a series that involves them.

It has been a great source for me. Your issue summaries and especially crossovers section were the only connection I had with comics, back when I didn't have any access to comics themselves!

Well, it has expanded my knowledge of the X-Men and Marvel Universe.

Nearly all back issue information I need to gather can be found in some form on this site.

The Villain Teams, the Spotlights, and the Character Glossary have helped plug a lot of holes in my own borderline-obsessive knowledge about the X-Men and their books.

Very, any time I have a question, nearly all of the answers are here at my finger tips.

With the billions of X-titles that have been released over the years, it gives me the chance to read and learn more about specific x characters especially from the 80s time period. UXN has been extremely useful because comics are very expensive in Trinidad and Tobago (where I live) and I cannot always purchase the ones that I follow, so this site allows me to keep track.

I'm more willing to get in to new series because I can find the background information on UXN so I'm not lost. I also use it to find those key comic issues I remember as a kid from someone's else's collection that I really need to own but don't know the issue of.

YES! It lets me know if I would be interested in a particular title and allows me to catch up on some back stories whenever I take a break in my comic reading.

It helps me understand some of the extensive continuity of the X-titles

The Spotlights are AMAZING!! They have helped me immensely whenever I want to learn about a new character, learn the backstories of certain characters or re-live some of my favorites.

I did a term paper on Marvel Comics and the X-Men was a 5th of it.
Personally, I would like to read it.
Me too.

UXN has been a great resource when it comes to learning the past of some of the characters. It also has vastly altered the comics that I buy because if I hear something that I like from this site, I will generally go out and pick it up.

It helps me to understand better storylines (present and past) and gives me more info about series (and characters) that I don't read nowadays (I follow Uncanny X-Men, X-Men: Legacy, Astonishing X-Men, X-Force & Exiles plus some one-shots and limited series).

UXN has helped fill in the gaps of crossovers and personal histories, as my main comic reading recently has been of the discontinued GIT Corp DVD collections. So, for example, UXN helped me understand all the crossovers from the 90s involving the X-Men titles, when all I had to read were the issues of Uncanny X-Men on the GIT disc.

catch up on old issues and character history/development.

yes, helps me find books that I would like to own.

Helps keep my interest in the X-Men alive knowing that there is somewhere on the net with a wealth of knowledge that is hard to find anywhere else n the web =)

It has been incredibly useful to me. This site allows me to learn more about the one thing I am an expert in (in my opinion). It is actually thanks to this site that I even became interested in comics, and have stayed interested for 6 years.

Sure has. It helps to fill in gaps that I may have missed in comic runs and gives me somewhere to waste my time reading obscure character info.

UXN has helped me to become more knowledgeable about comic books and as a result, I have began to purchase more comic books.

All I know about X-men I have learned from this site! I would have quit reading a long time ago if it weren't for UXN.
Wow! The best we could hope to hear.

Returning Readers: As a long time X-Men fan I kinda fell out of the loop. I had no idea who Emma was, and why Jean was being called Rachel and looked extremely young. Then one day, I happened across this site and have been addicted ever since. This site helped me to get up to date on all the things I had missed since I was little. It allowed me know more about and fall in love with my favorite characters all over again. It also opened my eyes to other titles (New X-Men was one of my favorite comics to own. If not for this site, I'd have never looked twice at it.) Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful site

For a period of about five years, I stopped collecting comics. I found UXN during that time and it helped me stay up to date. UXN also got me to start collecting comics again because I kept reading the story arcs that I was missing. It's great to have the summaries that are provided on the website, but nothing beats the actual comic book.

After many years without comics UXN helped to catch up with my favourite team/titles.

I started reading comics when I was about 12 years old and did so for a couple years before stopping. In college, I found this site and started researching what I had missed and ended up researching everything before my time, as well. I fully credit this site with getting me back into comics.

I haven't read comics faithfully since 1997. I came here originally to get an idea of where the X-Men were up to since I had stopped reading. I now keep up to date with them and buy TPB when things look really good.

UXN filled in the gaps when I took breaks from comics, helped me better understand the history of X that I was too young to follow, and lets me share thoughts with other fans.

After a lapse in reading, it was useful in getting updated on what I missed. Thanks for your hard work.

Several years ago I decided to resume collecting X-Men titles. Your website was instrumental in helping me find the issues or TPB's I needed to catch up to the present.

New Reader: Definitely. I used it to research storylines and characters in the first few months of my starting to buy comics. It explained all the little nuances that I had obviously missed because I hadn't been reading since 1963!

When I first got into X-Men comics, back in around 2002, this was the only site that had the information that I was looking for from a website. It has also helped me learn things about the x-men that no site had information about.

It helped learn more about X-Men comics when I started reading them five years ago.

When I was a kid, I had collected all the original line of stories (what eventually became Uncanny X-Men) right through my college days. I stopped sometime in the 90s after beginning to work overseas. I lost track of the stories and characters over the next decade until I found this site. While horrified by some changes (Maggot? Stacy X?) reading the issues has been like catching up with old friends. Still overseas, I am unable to buy the comics easily, so this is the next best thing. (The only other comic I had collected in the same manner were DC's Legion of Superheroes)

It's your fault I got into comics in the first place! Don't tell my Mother, 'cause she'd probably hunt you down, but I stumbled onto the Jean Spotlight after seeing X2 and hearing talk about this "Phoenix" storyline and the rest is history.

Those from other countries: I my country, Marvel comics are published with a year or so of difference, so I can catch up with the most recent issues whenever I need it.

I could read many comics that weren't published in my country.