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This is a brief overview of important Shi’Ar characters.

Shi’Ar Emperors / Empresses

Deathbird / Cal’Syee Neramani

She is the firstborn child of the former Shi’ar Emperor and would have become his rightful heir, if she hadn’t killed both her mother and younger sister in a state of ferocious rage. For her crime, she was exiled from the Shi’ar Empire, but later usurped the throne from her sister. Many months later, she gave the title back as she had come to hate the responsibilities of maintaining the needs of the Empire. For a short time, she experienced some adventures with the X-Man Bishop and, though a certain romantic tension was building, she ultimately betrayed him to become Apocalypse’s Horseman War. Later, she was arrested by the Shi’ar at locked up, where she met the mutant Vulcan. The pair fell, married and seized the throne from the recently revived D’Ken. During at battle with her sister Lilandra, who was leading a rebellion, she was rendered comatose. Little did anyone know she was pregnant. During her comatose state, Vulcan was killed and her comatose body was stolen the Providan Order, who wanted her hybrid baby. She escaped and her current whereabouts, or the state of her baby, are unknown.

D‘Ken Neramani

Since his older sister was exiled, D’Ken became new Shi’ar Emperor when his father died. For over twenty years, he forcefully led the Shi’ar, but finally he became too power-hungry when he tried to explore the M’Kraan Crystal. D’Ken was driven insane by the crystal’s nightmare field and remained in a catatonic state for many years. Eventually, he was revived by Vulcan and immediately reclaimed the throne. Soon after, though, he was betrayed and murdered by Vulcan, who stole his throne.

Lilandra Neramani

Being the youngest of four royal children, Lilandra never expected to become Shi’ar Empress. Instead, she followed a career in the military and finally became Grand Admiral. When her near mad brother D’Ken thought to explore the M’Kraan crystal, Lilandra alerted Xavier and the X-Men to the danger. She later became his successor after D’Ken was driven insane, but Deathbird soon after wrested control over the Shi’ar Empire from her. To reclaim her throne, Lilandra and her lover Xavier joined the Starjammers and fuelled a rebellion against the usurper. In the end, Deathbird gave up the throne and, since she had helped during the Operation: Galactic Storm conflict against the Kree Empire, Lilandra even named her older sister viceroy to their new territory. Years later, Lilandra was mind-controlled by Cassandra Nova into nearly destroying her own empire. After recovering from her mental scars from the ordeal, her throne was stolen, first by D’Ken and then by Vulcan. Lilandra led a rebellion to reclaim her throne and was close to reclaiming it when she was assassinated by Raptor of the Fraternity of Raptors .

Politicians and Military

Chancellor Araki I

The first Chancellor named Araki had served under D’Ken and became one of the most trusted advisors for Lilandra. He was killed by the traitorous Lord Samédàr, who with Araki dead and Lilandra kidnapped had full command over the whole forces of the Empire.

[Note: numerous Araki’s have appeared following this first version, and it appears the man had been cloned a number of times since his first death]

Chancellor Araki II

A second Chancellor named Araki was seen during Operation: Galactic Storm, the conflict between the Shi’ar and the Kree Empire. He manipulated Lilandra into building and unleashing the Nega bomb on the rivaling Empire and the device ended the war by killing 90% of the Kree population. Shortly before the bomb went off, Araki II was exposed as a Skrull in disguise. The Skrulls had fuelled the enmity between the two big empires since they themselves had not the required resources to fight them on their own. The imposter was accidentally killed by an electric blast. What happened to the real Araki II (if there ever was one) is unknown.

Chancellor Akari III

Another Chancellor Araki appeared at Lilandra’s side when the treacherous mummadrai Cassandra Nova, posing as Charles Xavier, nearly forced Lilandra to destroy the Shi’ar Empire. Only Araki recognized Nova for what she really was. However, his repeated claims to his empress regarding Nova drove the mummadrai to make Lilandra order her Guardsman G-Type to kill him

Chancellor Araki IV

Unlike previously loyal version of Araki, this version set up a secret order within the empire, dedicated to removing Lilandra from power. It was he who set up the Death Commandoes and ordered the extermination of the Grey family. When Vulcan came to the Shi’ar Empire set on revenge, he orchestrated events so that he met Deathbird and the subsequently cured D’Ken. He served D’Ken and then Vulcan loyally, until he was killed by Gladiator at the end of the War of Kings

Chancellor Araki V

Araki was cloned again, this time as an attractive female, in order to draw a line under the regrettable action of her predecessor. It also meant Gladiator did not have to look at the face of the traitorous, previous Araki. Though she served dutifully under Majestor Gladiator, she was routinely abducted, hypnotized and replaced by Talon of the Fraternity of Raptors

Vice-Chancellor K’tor

K’Tor served as the right hand man to the traitorous Araki IV. He aided Araki IV in running the secret order and manipulating events to provide for D’Ken’s return to power. He also personally oversaw the extermination of the Rook’Shir gene line, though he held Korvus Rook’Shir prisoner for years. When the X-Men can to Shi’ar space following Vulcan, K’Tor provided Korvus with his family’s Phoenix Blade and forces him to g kill the X-Men. Korvus is instead is freed from his control.

Grand Admiral Lord Samédàr

Lord Samédàr became Grand Admiral after Lilandra was made Shi’ar Empress. Not before long, he started back plotting and allied up with the exiled Deathbird. He even killed Chancellor Araki, but the ploy was discovered and Samédàr was taken into custody.

Major-General Ka’Ardum 

Once the closest friend of the emperor (Lilandra, D’Ken and Deathbird’s father), Ka’Ardum commanded the entire Shi’ar armada. When Lilandra was named Empress, Ka’Arduum attempted to wrest control of the empire for himself, but instead was defeated and exiled. Years later, when D’Ken stole his throne back from Lilandra, she freed Ka’Ardum and convinced him to help lead a rebellion against D’Ken. When Vulcan killed D’Ken and took the throne, Ka’Ardum and Lilandra fought against him. However, when the Scy’ar Tal attacked the Shi’ar, the Major-General recognized Vulcan’s ruthlessness as a true Shi’ar and defected to his side. He then served as a commander of Vulcan’s armada until the War of Kings with the Kree. When Vulcan was killed, Ka’Ardum made the executive decision to surrender to the Kree.


Minister of Peace for the Shi’ar, T’Cahar disapproved of Lilandra’s support of the Starjammers. A friend of D’Ken’s before his fall, T’Chair showed disdain for Lilandra’s rule. When the Uncreated started attacking Shi’ar worlds, Lilandra placed him in charge of mounting a defense against the invaders. When the Starjammers become involved in the conflict, he tried to convince Lilandra to approve a death order to eliminate them, which she avoided answering because she recognized it as an attempt to trick her into treason. When it came to the final confrontation with the Uncreated, T’Cahar deliberately staged the battle above the Clench world Standing Still, knowing it would destroy them. Lilandra recognized that if he won he would use his popularity to try and steal the throne, however when the Starjammers stole his victory Lilandra seized the opportunity to have him arrested for openly slandering the empress.

Malick Tarcel

After the destruction of the Nova Corps during the Annihilation War, the Xandarian Worldmind sought to re-establish the Corps and Tarcel was one of the first recruits. When Richard Rider, the Nova Prime, was expelled from the Nova Corp, Malick was promoted to the new Nova Prime. During the events of the War of Kings, where the Shi’ar went to war with the Kree, Tarcel led a squad of Nova to stop the illegal invasion of a Kree world. Tarcel found himself outmatched against Gladiator and was captured. Considered a traitor by his Shi’ar captors, Tarcel was tortured mercilessly. Soon after, he was freed by former Nova Garthan Saal, though his current whereabouts are unknown. Shortly after, Richard Rider took back the role of Nova Prime but, after being trapped in the Cancerverse, the remaining Nova were cut off from the Nova Force. It is unlikely Malick retains his Nova abilities.

Shi’ar on Earth

Adam X, the X-Treme

Adam X is the hybrid son of D’Ken and most probably Katherine Anne Summers. His existence was kept secret and he was raised as a farmer’s son until he found himself on Earth for reasons he did not understand. Slowly, he learned that his questions could be answered by a man named Milbury (an alias of Mr. Sinister) and Eric the Red. However, when he found the Shi’ar agent, he refused to believe the story of him being the rightful heir to the Shi’ar throne. Instead he killed Eric the Red in battle. He has resided on Earth since.


Not wanting to take part in genocide, Cerise destroyed the battlecruiser she was stationed on and escaped to Earth. There she became a member of the British super hero team Excalibur and started a romance with Nightcrawler. However, not before long, Shi’ar justice caught up with her and Cerise was detained on a prison planet. Excalibur made Lilandra reevaluate the case and the verdict has been changed. Cerise was sentenced to work off her criminal charges as part of the empress’ adviser staff. Later, she was seen with the Gamora’s Graces on the planet Godthab Omega.


Deathcry’s heritage is a mystery, however Lilandra did refer to her as her niece by the name of Sharra Neramani. Given her bestial appearance, it is likely she is the daughter of Deathbird. She was arrested, discharged from the Shi’ar military and stripped of her name after killing a comrade in a drunken brawl. When Lilandra heard that surviving Kree held the Avengers responsible for the apparent death of their Supreme Intelligence, she sent Deathcry to Earth to warn them in an effort to earn back her honor. Deathcry aided the Avengers in this and other fights and, during her stay at the mansion, it became clear that she was not the tough warrior woman she pretended to be but a 16 year old frightened teenager. While Lilandra demanded that she permanently stay away from the Empire, Deathcry later received some news about a secret destiny she had to fulfill. Along with teammate Hercules, she departed to Chandilar and their adventures have yet to be revealed. A few weeks later, Deathcry brought Hercules back to Earth, only to return to Shi’ar space again. Later, she killed several Kree and was arrested. When the Phalanx overtook the Kree, she was placed on a squad of other alien criminals led by Star-Lord, and sent on a mission to destroy a Phalanx replication plant. Lost in a bestial rage during one battle, she attacked the inexperienced Captain Universe, who accidently killed the woman. During the events of the Chaos War, she was briefly resurrected and helped defend the catatonic people of Earth from the Grim Reaper, before returning to death.

Eric the Red II / Davan Shakari

Davan Shakari was stationed Earth to spy on humanity. After many years, he was finally contacted by Emperor D’Ken to stop the initial meeting between Lilandra and Xavier. For the confrontation, Shakari adopted the guise of Eric the Red, as he knew that the costume once used by Cyclops would throw his opponents off guard. Davan captured Lilandra and brought her back to Shi’ar space, but the X-Men unexpectedly followed. Eric the Red slipped away in the ensuing battle and returned to his post on Earth. Shakari was one of the few people that knew of the existence of D’Ken’s son Adam X and, ever since the hybrid boy came to Earth, Eric the Red attempted to manipulate him. Shakari was ultimately killed in a fight with Adam X, the X-Treme, who refused to believe Shakari’s story.

Warbird / Ava'Dara Naganandini

Ava'Dara Naganandini was born in the slums of the Shi'ar throneworld of Chandilar and was trained from an early age to join the elite warrior squad of Warbirds. Ava'Dara had a shameful secret though that she tried to hide from the rest of her team...she like to draw and be creative. This went against the harsh warmongering ways of the Shi'ar and so she repressed her inner desires. Unfortunately on one mission she allowed them to cloud her judgement and she was punished for her transgression. However, instead of death she was forced to act as bodyguard to Kubark, the unruly and petulant son of the Shi'ar Emperor, Gladiator. Warbird travelled with him to Earth where he went to school with the X-Men, and she ended up joining the mutant outcasts as she tried in vain to protect her arrogant ward. Her time with the X-Men made her see that being artistic wasn't a bad thing and she didn't have to hide it, in fact she could embrace it with them. When Kubark left Earth, Gladiator released Warbird from her service and allowed her to remain with the X-Men so she could continue her own personal journey.

Pirates and Rebels

Korvus Rook’Shir

As the last descendent of the Rook’Shir line, the first known host of the Phoenix, Korvus lived a life of persecution. When discovered by Shi’ar dedicated to stamping out Phoenix gene lines, his brothers were murdered and mother sterilized. Korvus himself was held prisoner by Vice-Chancellor K’Tor for years. When the X-Men came to Shi’ar space chasing Vulcan, K’Tor provided Korvus with his family’s Phoenix Blade and forced him to go kill the X-Men. When confronted by Rachel Grey, though, the pair instantly bonded over the connections to the Phoenix and she freed him from K’Tor’s control. He then aided the X-Men and the Starjammers in their rebellion against D’Ken and Vulcan, while forming a relationship with Rachel. During one of their battles against Vulcan, the shard of the Phoenix force was inextricably torn from his blade. After the War of Kings, Vulcan was killed and Korvus travelled with Rachel, Havok and Polaris back to Earth. However, he found his time on Earth intolerable and the X-Man Rogue set him up as the new captain of Sovel Redhand’s crew. Korvus nevertheless soon after re-joined the Starjammers.

Sovel Redhand

Captain of a group of salvagers of various races. Redhand first visited the Earth when he detected Shi’ar technology there. The technology turned out to be the android Danger and his attempt to capture her resulted in triggering an elaborate danger room sequence. In the end, Danger was defeated by Rogue and Charles Xavier, after which Redhand’s crew left empty handed. Later, Redhand led his crew to Gul Damar space station to take advantage of the distraction provided by a local civil war and steal some salvage. There he encountered Rogue again and she defeated him in combat, taking his captaincy. When Rogue risked her life to save the failing station, Sovel tricked her with a fake stun baton, actually a teleporter, and used it to abandon his crew to certain death. Rogue, however, thwarted his plan and he was captured by his former crew. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Fraternity of Raptors

The Fraternity of Raptors is a mysterious group, reportedly dedicated to guiding and strengthening the Shi’ar Imperium. Their origins are unknown, though they appear to be techno-organic in nature. When an organic being is bonded with a Raptor’s crystal, their physical form and mind are shunted to nullspace and replaced by the Raptor. The raptors armor make use of a stream of information called the Datasong, which provides them with information about how best to shape the empire.

Shir Ydrn Talonis / Talon 

When the Inhuman’s chased a Skull ship into Shi’ar space, their sound weapons were so powerful they tore a small hole in the dark matter of the cosmos, releasing Talon’s crystal. The crystal bonded with dying Skrull Jeeku, allowing Talon to possess him. Talon then sought out the only other Raptor he could detect: Razor. It turned out Razor’s crystal had come into the possession of Chris Powell of Earth, aka the superhero Darkhawk, though Chris’ personality was dominant. Under the pretense of helping Powell better bond with his amulet and improve his powers, Talon took him on a mission to the Negative Zone. In actuality, it was a plot to allow Razor to take control. Alongside Razor, Talon worked behind the scenes during the War of Kings to help shape the Shi’ar Empire. He provided Blastaar with a cosmic control rod and convinced him to aid the Shi’ar and sent Razor to murder Lilandra. He then manipulated Vulcan into fighting Black Bolt at his Terrigen Bomb, knowing it would kill him and damage the empire, leading to it becoming stronger. When Darkhawk took control of his body again, he battled Talon and separated him from his host Jeeku. Talon later returned, posing first as Chancellor Araki and then as the Guardsmen Smasher. As Smasher, he accompanied a mission into the Fault and retrieved more Raptor crystals. With them, he is able to recruit more Raptors in order to save Gladiator and the Imperial Guard from the horrors of the Fault. His current whereabouts are unknown.


When Chris Powell bonded with a mysterious crystal, he became the superhero Darkhawk. In actual fact, he was accessing the form of a Raptor but, due to an apparent incompatibility with the human brain, Powell remained in control. After years as a superhero, Darkhawk was approached by fellow Raptor Talon, under the pretense of helping him reach his full potential. Instead, Talon manipulated Darkhawk into surrendering control of his body to Razor. Back in control of his form after millennia locked away, Razor proceeded to assist Talon with his plan of strengthening the Shi’ar Empire. He separated from Talon and travelled to Chandillar, where he assassinated Lilandra. Immediately after, however, Darkhawk seized control of his body once more and Razor has remained trapped since.