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Adamantium has turned up in a wide variety of places over the years, although the distinction between True Adamantium and Secondary Adamantium is not always made. Several containment facilities such as the Raft and the Vault employ Adamantium restraints or Adamantium cells. Reed Richards is known to use laboratories reinforced with Adamantium to prevent his experiments from getting out of control. Various free agencies and operators have also gotten hold of Adamantium bullets or other paraphernalia as well. In addition to the Adamantium users described previously in this article, here is a breakdown of other users over the years.

Characters who use Adamantium

Agent Zero

First appearance: X-Men (2nd series) #5
First used Adamantium: Weapon X: The Draft - Agent Zero #1
Among the various weapons provided to him by the Weapon X Program, Zero used a knife and bullets dipped in indestructible Adamantium.


First appearance: Captain America (1st series) # 323
First used Adamantium: Captain America (1st series) #338
Rogers' replacement, John Walker, had a partner named Battlestar who also employs a shield made of Adamantium.


First appearance: Thor (1st series) #309
Demolition experts for hire, the Bombardiers used a flying rocket car and snare cables made of Secondary Adamantium.

Captain America

First appearance: Captain America Comics #1
First used Adamantium: Captain America (1st series) #339
After giving up his identity and shield as Captain America, Steve Rogers assumed the identity of "The Captain" and commissioned a shield of True Adamantium from Tony Stark. He abandoned used of the shield in #341 after their falling out during the Armor Wars.

Citizen V

First Appearance: Thunderbolts (1st series) #15 (V-Battalion version)
Several versions of the V-Battalion's top enforcer, including John Watkins III, Dallas Riordan, and Helmut Zemo, used a blade coated with an outer layer of Adamantium.


First appearance: Incredible Hulk (2nd series) #212
Frank Schlichting adopted a set of cybernetically-controlled Adamantium coils as the primary weapon for his body suit. The coils were also engineered to produce an electrical charge. In Gambit (3rd series) #11, his coils were deconstructed to save his old partner Sabretooth. Constrictor acquired new Vibranium coils in #16. The composition of his new bionic arms and their coils has not been identified.


First appearance: Deathlok (1st series) #1
The modern era Deathlok was built with a cyborg body possessing Adamantium bones as well as muscles and cartilage forged from elastic Adamantium/steel alloy.

Doctor Octopus

First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (1st series) #3
First used Adamantium: Daredevil (1st series) #165

Seeking to improve his battle prowess, Otto Octavius created a second set of Adamantium tentacles in Daredevil (1st series) #165. Mothballed for several years, Dr. Octopus retrieved the arms during the return of the Sinister Six in Spider-Man #18. After he was taken into custody, the government destroyed his Adamantium arms in Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #1.

Doom 2099

First appearance: Doom 2099 #1
When he first materialized in the year 2099, Victor von Doom was outclassed by Latveria's usurper Tiger Wylde and the new era of technology. He raided an R&D facility run by the Pixel Corporation, outfitting himself with cybermesh and nanotech enriched "bleeding edge" armor. The suit was primarily composed of a futuristic Adamantium Lanxide alloy.


First appearance: Amazing Spider-Man (1st series) #113
First used Adamantium: Amazing Spider-Man: Extra! #1
A surgical procedure gave Hammerhead a skull reinforced with steel alloy. Years later, Doc Tramma performed an upgrade on the gangster on behalf of Mr. Negative, reinforcing his skull and other portions of his anatomy with Adamantium.

Major Victory

First appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes (1st series) #18
First used Adamantium: Guardians of the Galaxy (1st series) #3
Major Vance Astro required a containment suit to protect his 1,000 year old body from the ravages of time. His teammates Martinex and Charlie-27 devised a flexible form of Adamantium and recreated his earlier containment suit with this new, nigh-impenetrable version.


First appearance: Tales of Suspence #93
First used Adamantium: Incredible Hulk (2nd series) #167
MODOK occasionally used a giant robot body scaled for his massive head. The robot's armor was comprised of Adamantium and steel plating.

Moon Knight

First appearance: Werewolf by Night #32
In Marc Spector: Moon Knight #38, Khonshu's knight significantly upgraded his technology. In addition to an Adamantium truncheon, he also employed wrist-launched Adamantium crescent darts and Adamantium plating on his armor. After going back to the low-tech route for several years, Spector returned in the Vengeance of the Moon Knight series using Carbonadium forged body armor.

Night Thrasher

First appearance: Thor (1st series) #411
Dwayne Taylor constructed a full body armor to help him in fighting crime. Among its integrated weapons was an extendible garrote wire made of Adamantium alloy.


First appearance: Wolverine (2nd series) #50
In case their Adamantium enhanced weapons went renegade, the Weapon X Program created a repeating series of Adamantium forged androids codenamed Shiva to counter them. (Reports vary as to whether the entire Shiva android or merely some of its blades were forged of Adamantium. Considering the multiple bodies employed by the Shiva program, it's possible both were true at one point or another.)


First appearance: Daredevil (1st series) #8
One set of Stilt-Man's armor was cast out of Adamantium by FAUST (likely Secondary Adamantium) in Thor (1st series) #269.

Swordsman III

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #194
First used Adamantium: New Thunderbolts #2
As the Swordsman, Andreas von Strucker carried two swords and a dagger dipped in liquid Adamantium to create a solid sheath around the blades.


First appearance: Captain America Annual #8
The prototype of Project: TESS (Total Elimination of Super-Soldiers) was unearthed by the mutant Overrider as the brawn for his brain. In order to improve his pet robot's efficiency, Overrider attacked an Adametco plant and had TESS-One sprayed with an outer layer of Adamantium.