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Alpha Flight, Lies and Videotape

Team Appearances: Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1-9, Uncanny X-Men #355, Alpha Flight (2nd series) #10-16, Alpha Flight / Inhumans Annual 1998, Alpha Flight (2nd series) #17-20, Wolverine (2nd series) #142-143, Generation X #58, Wolverine (2nd series) #171-174



  • Department H was re-started, with General Clarke taking a very hands-on role as Alpha Flight’s administrator. Simultaneously, various scientific and research departments within Department H were started up, many with mysterious purposes. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1]
  • Heather and Mac’s relationship ended when Heather realized how changed Mac was, due to his alien implants. After they separated, Heather took a job in a florist shop, while Mac was returned to Department H once it was in operation again to seek aid in removing the Qwrlln technology. However, a younger clone of Mac was created while Mac’s mind was partially wiped and his battle suit was programmed to take him into space until he died. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1, 19]
  • Puck struggled with life outside of Alpha Flight and developed an alcohol abuse problem. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1]
  • In its attempts to re-establish Alpha Flight, Department H sought out as many former members as they could locate. Madison Jeffries eagerly rejoined, as marital problems continued to plague him and Diamond Lil. The Department also believed that they found Dr. Walter Langkowski, in a somewhat altered state, wandering aimlessly through forests. However, in fact, they had found a real, mythical “Bigfoot.” [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1, 5-6]
  • In unrevealed circumstances, Department H merged a man named Bernie Lachenay with the remains of the Box armor, which they had somehow acquired from Madison Jeffries, the last wearer of the armor, though it was never Department H’s property. [Alpha Flight (1st series) #1, 5]
  • The Hull House Orphanage, based in Orloo, was an orphanage with links to Department H, where children with possible superhuman powers were raised. This included the Corbo brothers, Jared and Adrian, Arlette Truffaut and Lilli Stephens. [Alpha Flight #minus1, Alpha Flight (2nd series) #3]
  • Sunfire is a Japanese mutant who was a short-lived member of the X-Men. When his powers started growing out of control, Wolverine suggested to Sunfire that he seek help at Department H. [Wolverine Annual 1996]
  • Instead of receiving proper psychiatric treatment, Aurora was “liberated” by the Brotherhood, who wanted her to join them. However, she was set free by Havok, who had infiltrated the Brotherhood. As she returned to Canada, Aurora ended up captured by Department H scientist Dr. Huxley, who infected with the Thetagen-24 Weapon X bacteria. The bacteria began to eat away at her personalities, making her even more deranged than before. [X-Man #27-28, X-Factor (1st series) #143, Alpha Flight (1st series) #19]


After receiving a mysterious message about James MacDonald Hudson, Puck sought out Heather, who agreed to meet with him for lunch. After Puck explained that Mac was missing, Heather revealed that she was happier without Alpha Flight and did not want to get involved. Right then, they were attacked by Department H’s new Epsilon guards, who rendered them unconscious and took them back to Department H. There, Heather was unimpressed to find General Clarke responsible for her abduction. Clarke explained that a new Zodiac was involved with a terrorist organization and that Alpha Flight was needed to take them out. Heather and Puck were then reunited with Mac, only to discover that he looked like he was nineteen years old. They were told that Mac’s aging process had accidentally been reversed during the removal of his alien implants.

Afterwards, they were introduced to the rest of the new team: Madison Jeffries, without his Box armor, a seemingly mindless Sasquatch and four new recruits - Flex (who could transform his limbs into metal), Radius (constantly surrounded by a force field), Murmur (who merely had to touch someone to manipulate their actions) and Manbot (a large robot-like being). Department H had created a new battle suit for Heather, one which controlled geothermal aspects. Despite Heather’s protests, she eventually agreed to the new suit and join the new Alpha Flight. The new team only had limited time to train - and poorly - before they were dispatched to take down the terrorists and the Zodiac. Internal problems plagued the team, however, with Murmur having to use her power to control the savage Sasquatch, Flex’s nervousness, Radius’ cockiness and Mac (who had returned to using the code-name Guardian) constantly asserting his role as leader, despite Heather (once again known as Vindicator) having far more experience.

Eventually, Alpha Flight located the Zodiac and stopped the terrorists. Unfortunately, during the battle, Madison Jeffries was knocked out and kidnapped by the Zodiac, who teleported away. Alpha Flight returned to Department H, with Vindicator and Puck telling General Clarke that they wanted no part of the new Alpha Flight team. Further, Heather expressed her suspicion about the mission they were sent on and how Manbot had been so easily able to shut down the chemical weapons the terrorists had been threatening to use. Heather and Puck departed to find Madison Jeffries but were once again taken down by Epsilons and brought back into Department H, where they were brainwashed to forget about the incident. Manbot was also used to record Alpha Flight’s entire outing, which Department H officials could review. Heather had good reason to be suspicious. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #1]

The conspiracy continued as General Clarke set Alpha Flight up against ‘semi-organic synthoid’ versions of their arch foe, the Master of the World. When Vindicator and Puck began to have strange memories about Madison Jeffries, their Department H personnel watchers decided more reconditioning might be needed. The mystery seemed to deepend as Vindicator had more arguments with General Clarke, while Puck received information about a dead “Legacy” from a Department H insider. All this was set aside whe the veteran members of the team and Manbot were sent to Orloo to explore the cause behind the city’s severe weather phenomena. They found a transformed humanoid being called Chinook, actually a former Canadian hero who now controlled the wind, to be the cause. To the shock of all, Chinook was torn in two by Sasquatch. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #2-3]

Alpha Flight’s young recruits were disappointed at having been left behind, as they had grown up in the Hull House orphanage in Orloo. Murmur tried to make a pass at Radius but, when they were interrupted by Flex, the bored rookies stumbled upon Department H’s Helios Project. There they found Sunfire, who was being held after learning that his power was apparently killing him. They broke Sunfire out of the Helios project and left Department H, all the while being monitored by Department H staff. At a diner, they ran into an old enemy of Alpha Flight’s, Mesmero, who was pleased to see them and put Radius, Flex, Murmur and Sunfire under his mental thrall. Luckily, the veteran members, with Manbot, soon arrived after Department H tracked the car the rookies stole. A battle ensured between the two factions, with the veterans holding back as not to harm their enthralled teammates. Heather managed to force Murmur to use her own power on herself to “remember” and she then proceeded to free the others. In the meantime, Mesmero managed to put Heather, Guardian, Puck and Sasquatch under his control. Another battle ensued and the rookies managed to free Alpha Flight from Mesmero’s mind control, but he teleported away before they could capture him.[Alpha Flight (2nd series) #3-5]

Alpha Flight was unaware that Diamond Lil visited Department H one day, demanding to talk to Madison. While the unhelpful receptionist tried to find someone to assist Diamond Lil, a girl called Lilli, recently brought to Department H from Hull House, asked Diamond Lil for help. Lil thought Lilli looked familiar but, before she could further think about it, two Epsilons took her away to the infirmary, claiming that’s where Madison was. Things did not go well for Diamond Lil being held prisoner within Department H by the diabolical Dr. Huxley, who planned to experiment on her inside the mysterious Beta Flight wing. At some later stage, Diamond Lil awoke in the laboratory only to find her diamond-hard skin cut open. However she was quickly sedated again before getting the chance to free herself. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #4-6, 10-11, 15]

Puck was soon sent after Sasquatch, who had escaped from his holding room, though Judd believed that he was freed on purpose. Eventually Puck found Sasquatch - in fact a whole group of sasquatches. It was soon realized that these were the believed mythical “Bigfoots” and that the Sasquatch on Alpha Flight was not Walter Langkowski but a real sasquatch. However, Puck was followed by Department H Epsilons and General Clarke, and both Judd and the Sasquatch were taken down and returned to Department H. There, Puck was mindwiped once again to not recall what he had learned.[Alpha Flight (2nd series) #6]

When Radius continued to ignore Murmur’s advances, Heather suggested to Murmur that it wasn’t a good idea to get involved with a teammate. However, Murmur reminded Heather of her own track-record for being involved with the men of Alpha Flight. Heather and Mac tried to discuss their relationship but the situation was not helped by Murmur’s advances to Mac, which resulted in Murmur going as far as kissing Mac in front of Heather. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #6-7]

Manbot followed General Clarke around Department H, recording his and Alpha’s every actions. Sunfire began to train with Alpha Flight. During a training incident, Heather realized that Manbot reminded her of Box, which led her to having a residual memory about Madison Jeffries. When Heather and Puck discussed how forgetful they were both feeling, they once again remembered Madison Jeffries. They approached General Clarke to ask him to clear things up for them but he was not interested in talking to them. Later, Heather became furious when Alpha Flight engaged in a training exercise against ‘semi-organic synthoids’ of Wolverine. The cover-ups continued as Heather underwent the memory-erasing process another time, after which she was being subjected to false information about Wolverine’s past. Alpha Flight were then falsely informed that Wolverine was responsible for murdering Madison Jeffries and were ordered to bring in the feral X-Man. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #7-8]

However, when Alpha Flight tracked Wolverine down, Logan was unimpressed with the new line-up and believed something was not right with Guardian. The rest of the X-Men soon showed up and a battle between the two teams ensued, all of which Manbot relayed to General Clarke. However, Flex and Cannonball didn’t want to fight and instead talked about the situation. During their conversation, Flex learned that Wolverine could not have killed Madison, as he was in Bastion’s jail at the time of the supposed murder. Additionally, during the fight, Vindicator began to remember things again and finally realized that she had been regularly brain-washed by Department H. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #9, Uncanny X-Men #355]

Back at Department H, Heather immediately confronted General Clarke and accused him of manipulating their memories. Clarke tried to cover his back and warned Heather that she might face charges of treason if she didn’t comply with her contract. Heather decided to pack her bags and leave, until Puck showed her an email from a mysterious sender, informing them that Alpha Flight was in danger and to meet in the Prometheus Division. It was there that Heather met Myra Haddock, head of the Prometheus Division, who claimed that she was attempting to wrest control of Department H from Clarke, who was out of control. The rest of Alpha Flight, minus Sasquatch, arrived in the Prometheus Division after Epsilon guards opened fire on them when they refused to attend a briefing. Myra offered Alpha Flight safe haven inside the Prometheus Pit. However, once Alpha Flight entered the Pit, it became apparent that Myra was actually working for Clarke, who wanted them out of the picture.

Alpha Flight was subsequently transported to the Microverse, where they met with a band of rebels who were attempting to usurp the dictator, Baron Zebek. As Alpha Flight pondered their plight, Manbot became separated and trapped. After Alpha Flight agreed to join with the rebels to overthrow Zebek, they rescued Manbot from the body banks. During the rescue, Vindicator, who had been trying to build a rapport with her mysterious teammate, was surprised to learn he was comprised of no organic matter. Shortly after Alpha Flight joined with the rebels and successful defeated Zebek, Manbot received a transmission that Department H was under attack. He initiated the teleport device that Myra Haddock placed on him, teleporting the team back to Earth. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #10-11]

Materializing in Department H, Alpha Flight found that indeed their home and that the headquarters was under attack by all twelve signs of the Zodiac. Knowing they could not let the Zodiac gain control of Department H, Alpha Flight set about stopping their enemies. When Murmur was injured early on in battle, Guardian announced that he found his leadership skills lacking, so Vindicator and Puck took command. Manbot proved an immense asset due to his secret knowledge of the workings of Department H, while Radius, who had never been a team player, disobeyed orders and ran off. Radius found Sasquatch battling three of the Zodiac. When the three unleashed a flesh-eating bacteria on Radius, the Sasquatch sacrifice itself to protect the young Alphan. As the battle was joined by Sunfire, Manbot and Flex located the Nth Projector - the target of Scorpio and the Zodiac’s attack on Department H. During the battle, Puck unmasked one of the Gemini twins when he recognized his ability to transmutate metal. As he suspected, beneath the mask was the missing Madison Jeffries, clearly brainwashed by the Zodiac.

Vindicator soon noticed General Clarke, wearing a containment suit and attempting to escape, or so she thought. Clarke explained the reactor that powered Department H was in danger of exploding. This surprised Heather, as she was always led to believe Department H was hydro-powered, but she joined Clarke inside the reactor in an attempt to cool it. However, in the process, General Clarke was killed. In a critical moment - not unlike one experienced by Guardian some years ago - Heather was almost blown up by her battle suit, but she managed to deactivate it in time to be reunited with her teammates, saving Department H in the process. Guardian, Puck, Manbot, Flex and Radius were forced to let the Zodiac escape with the Nth Projector due to the possibility that the reactor was still going to explode. As it turned out, the Zodiac were actually being employed by Department H’s mysterious director. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #12, 1]

Alpha Flight dealt with the fall-out of the battle with the Zodiac. While Vindicator and Guardian kept a vigil over the seriously injured Murmur, Puck bumped into a Department H worker called Basil Kilgrew. Unbeknownst to Judd, Kilgrew was the insider who had been feeding Puck various bits of information. Kilgrew appeared to have some high clearance, as when he was spotted by Manbot in an area he did not have clearance for, Kilgrew knew how to override and delete Manbot’s recording of him. Kilgrew managed to feed some further information to Puck, specifically about the Beta Flight wing. He planned to never return to Department H, only a mysterious Epsilon Black killed Kilgrew before he could make it home. Meanwhile, Dr. Huxley was unable to prevent Sunfire from angrily leaving Department H. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #13]

Elsewhere, former Alphan Northstar felt that he had lost control of his life and attempted suicide by trying to escape Earth’s atmosphere. Luckily, he crash landed on a fishing vessel and kindly fisherman talked Northstar around. Soon thereafter, Jean-Paul arrived at the school where Aurora was raised and found his clearly unstable sister. As he wondered whether he was going mad as well, Aurora began to evade him, forcing him to chase his sister all around the world. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #8, 12-13,15]

Back at Alpha Flight, the team likewise addressed personal issues. Guilt began to overwhelm the usually cocky Radius, as Alpha Flight prepared for Sasquatch’s funeral. Murmur was temporarily confined to a wheelchair due to her injuries and was subsequently removed from the active roster. Vindicator told Guardian that they should just be friends given the now huge age difference between them. As Alpha Flight seemed to successfully deal with their personal problems, Department H’s problems looked to be getting cleaned up as well with the arrival of Mr. Gentry, General Clarke’s replacement. Gentry quickly put the scientific staff, including the obnoxious Dr. Huxley, in their places, telling them that the needs of Alpha Flight were their priority and closing down the Helios Project. The mysterious director was cautious about the changes that Gentry was making in Department H. After Sasquatch’s funeral, Gentry introduced himself to Alpha Flight, assuring them that there was now a new era for Department H and Alpha Flight. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #14]

Alpha Flight’s next assignment was to investigate the loss of contact with White Cross, Newfoundland, where the Prime Minister’s wife - who happened to be Gentry’s sister - was last heard from. After investigating the town, Alpha Flight located Gentry’s sister and other locals, all mesmerized. They followed a small child who took them to a strange construct, the Tower of Babel, which was when the Brass Bishop revealed himself. Alpha Flight managed to defeat the Brass Bishop and freed the entire town of White Cross from his thrall, rescuing Gentry’s sister in the process. During the mission, Manbot revealed video footage of General Clarke discussing Vindicator’s “conditioning program” and Manbot explained he now had access to all previously blocked files. At Department H, Murmur yearned to be put back on the active squad and spent time with Gentry, who was helping her recuperate. However, when Murmur used her power on Gentry, he warned her that if she did so again she would never make it back onto Alpha Flight. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #15-16

In Antarctica, Dr. Walter Langkowski, the real, original Sasquatch, happened upon the real James MacDonald Hudson, who had crash-landed there and nursed him back to health. Together, they set about locating their fellow former Alphan, Shaman. They also managed to find and calm down Aurora. When Northstar, in his desperate search for his sister, was about to enter Department H and ask for help, Shaman and Sasquatch prevented him from going inside, revealing that Aurora was now in their care. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #13, 16]

Sunfire returned to Department H in a blazing fury, demanding answers for what Huxley had done to him, as half his body had turned pitch-black. Dr. Huxley revealed that Sunfire had “somehow” been exposed to Zero Fluid. Before the argument could be settled, Sunfire was called back to Japan, as his own super team, Big Hero 6, was dealing with a crisis of large proportions - literally. Alpha Flight accompanied Sunfire to Japan and aided the Japanese super team in stopping the giant “comic book creations,” which had come to life and were threatening countless lives. Yet, with one crisis averted on foreign soil, Alpha Flight were unaware that, back at Department H, Dr. Huxley’s latest experiment - a new Weapon X - had somehow escaped. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #17]

With a moment to herself, Heather investigated getting an apartment away from Department H. However, when the young Mac suggested he move in with her, she decided against the idea. Elsewhere, Puck had a chance to check his email and found the message sent from Basil Kilgrew, revealing information about Huxley’s secret projects. However, Huxley had conveniently taken some leave, claiming he was going on a fishing trip. As a result, Gentry, along with Alpha Flight, entered his laboratory where they found Diamond Lil held in a stasis tank, her body covered in the Thetagen-24 bacteria. Although Diamond Lil was unharmed due to her impenetrable skin, the real trouble was another test-subject, a tourist from New Zealand. The man had been infected with the bacteria to become a living weapon, a living weapon that wanted to reproduce its poison by unleashing it on others. Guardian, Vindicator, Puck, Manbot, Radius and Flex were sent to find Weapon X, who was attempting to absorb the energy of a nuclear power station. Alpha Flight battled Weapon X, but matters became more complicated with the arrival of several people claiming to be the real Alpha Flight - Sasquatch, Northstar, Aurora, Shaman and Guardian. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #18]

From a safe distance, Dr. Huxley reveled in watching the current Alpha Flight line-up battle the originals, with Alpha Flight itself confused over the fact that there were now two Guardians. Radius was shocked to see Sasquatch and opted to battle him. Vindicator finally managed to stop both teams battling and asked her former teammates to help Alpha Flight locate and stop Weapon X. However, the original Alphans did not want to align themselves with Heather’s team, as they did not know whether they could trust them. Added to that conflict was the revelation that Huxley was the man responsible for Aurora’s current problems. As the original Alphans departed, Alpha Flight found Huxley, who lied about his involvement with Diamond Lil, Aurora and Weapon X. Still, Puck knew the truth, thanks to the file Kilgrew sent him. Manbot, who sustained injury during the battle with Weapon X, began to act stranger than usual and revealed more secret files from Huxley. Manbot also began to have systems failure, until Radius was able to redeem himself by using his force field to stop an electrical fire within Manbot.

Gentry arrived with Murmur in tow and, with a touch, she forced Dr. Huxley to reveal that Weapon X was headed for the Hell Pounder, an atomic incinerator at Devil’s Bay. With the original Alpha Flight also finding their way to the Hell Pounder, a brief fight took place between the two groups, during which Aurora became separated. She was found by Weapon X, who absorbed the bacteria from her, restoring Aurora to a calmer self. Shortly thereafter, Alpha Flight learned that Weapon X had not come to the Hell Pounder to expose all of Canada to his bacteria but to destroy himself. Despite Aurora promising that they would help cure him, Weapon X jumped into the atomic incinerator.

Both Guardians began to realize that the two teams needed to work together and, returning to Department H, they wanted to find out which one of them was the real James Hudson and which the copy. However, Gentry explained that it made no difference, as they had both served Canada and could continue to do so without knowing who was the real Mac. Both were surprised, though, when Heather announced that she was going on a date with Puck. Radius, Flex and Murmur were worried they were going to get kicked off Alpha Flight now that the originals had returned, but Gentry assured them they would not. This decided, the older Guardian, Sasquatch, Shaman, Northstar and Aurora officially returned to Alpha Flight. [Alpha Flight (2nd series) #19-20]

Although it probably came as no surprise, Alpha Flight learned soon thereafter that the 19-year old Guardian was indeed the synthoid clone and, after Heather stepped down from her role as Vindicator, taking up the position of Alpha Flight liaison to Department H, the clone took the name Vindicator but retained his electromagnetic battle suit. It was decided that, with the more experienced original members of Alpha Flight back, Department H could do with a Beta Flight training team, so Radius, Murmur, Flex, Manbot, Ghost Girl and the new Vindicator were all stood down to Beta Flight, leaving the official Alpha Flight team with Guardian, Sasquatch, Northstar, Aurora, Shaman and Puck. [Wolverine (2nd series) #142] With Alpha Flight in firm control of matters in Canada, free of the lies that surrounded Department H over the past few months, it appeared that the future was looking bright. But appearances can be deceiving.

When Advanced Ideas Mechanics soon captured Guardian and his clone, Heather called Wolverine to assist Alpha Flight in finding Mac. Heather accompanied the team on the mission, in which she revealed that her date with Puck did not go so well. During the rescue mission, Heather, Sasquatch, Shaman, Northstar, Aurora and Puck were also captured, with the AIM particularly curious about Shaman. This surprised Heather, as the AIM had never been interested in the supernatural in the past. Wolverine located Guardian and Vindicator and, as they attempted to escape, they found an unattended lab with a tank containing the long-deceased Snowbird. As they prepared to rescue the long-dead Alphan, Modok sent an operative to take Wolverine down and a battle followed. Snowbird was freed and the other Alphans rescued, partially thanks to Vindicator, who donned an AIM android, enabling him to take out the large amount of AIM soldiers with ease. As the young Mac covered for Alpha Flight’s escape, the AIM android exploded, destroying the synthoid clone. As such, Snowbird’s miraculous resurrection came not without the cost of the Mac-clone‘s death. While recovering from the ordeal, Guardian remembered why he was captured and why the AIM had Snowbird - so they could create new beings like her. Unbeknownst to Alpha Flight, some of the AIM base had not been destroyed and several operatives were keeping watch over a couple of strange creatures, apparently Snowbird’s offspring. [Wolverine (2nd series) #142-143]

Snowbird once again rejoined Alpha Flight, and journeyed to Massachusetts with Guardian, Sasquatch and Puck to help return to Canada one of the legendary Bigfoots, similar to the Sasquatch that served on Alpha Flight briefly. However, although Snowbird had returned, the original Alphans were not together for long, as Northstar decided to quit, wanting to explore his status as a gay celebrity. This led to him writing a book and soon thereafter becoming involved with the X-Men. [Generation X #58, Uncanny X-Men #392]

Alpha Flight was soon reunited with Wolverine, who was battling the latest Wendigo. Aurora became distraught when Wendigo brutally attacked her on-and-off lover, Sasquatch, and, when she attempted to rescue him, her personality disorder acted up again. Wendigo used that to his advantage, knocking her out. Snowbird joined Shaman in summoning her ancestors, for it was they who had a hand in orchestrating Narya’s resurrection. The rest of Alpha Flight continued to battle the Wendigo, until Gods of the North appeared and banished Wendigo to the realm of the Great Beasts. [Wolverine (2nd series) #171-172] In the aftermath of that fight, Wolverine learned that Heather was now pregnant with Mac’s child. Sasquatch, Snowbird and Puck were looking after Aurora, as they arranged to transport her to another facility that could look after her fragile psyche better than they could. However, the ambulance with Aurora never arrived at the clinic, as she was kidnapped by agents of the new Weapon X compound. [Wolverine (2nd series) #173-174]


  • Aurora eventually escaped the Weapon X program. She was later approached for membership on Norman Osborn’s “Dark” X-Men, but managed to elude him. [Weapon X (2nd series) #22, Dark X-Men: The Beginning #3]
  • Northstar wrote a book and soon became involved with the X-Men. Though he was slain by a brainwashed Wolverine, Jean-Paul was resurrected by the Hand and later rejoined the team in San Francisco. [Uncanny X-Men #392, 414, Wolverine (3rd series) #25]
  • Madison Jeffries was later liberated from the Zodiac and conscripted into the Weapon X program, constantly brainwashed by the Director, Malcolm Colcord. Under mental control, he created the Neverland mutant concentration camp. After Colcord’s second in command usurped his position, Jeffries escaped with the Director. Later on, he was invited to join the X-Men’s scientific X-Club in San Francisco, helping them to set up base on Utopia. [Weapon X (2nd series) #1, 4, 11-13, 22, Uncanny X-Men #505 onwards]
  • Diamond Lil was imprisoned in Neverland. When M-Day struck, de-powering 90% of the world’s mutant population, Weapon X was shut down and the inmates were either freed or escaped. Diamond Lil took up the X-Men’s offer of sanctuary at the Xavier Institute and joined “The 198.” When the X-Men relocated to San Francisco, Diamond Lil arrived shortly after Utopia had been established. She and Madison seemed to reconcile but, unfortunately, she was slain by Mortis when Selene’s forces attacked the island nation. [Weapon X (2nd series) #5, X-Men (2nd series) #183, Nation X #3, X-Force (3rd series) #23]
  • Following the death of the synthoid Mac, Radius joined the para-military mutant strike force known as X-Corps. However the organization was infiltrated by several villains and, when he tried to oppose them, Alanache trapped Radius in an underground fissure. [Uncanny X-Men #405-406] Even worse, Radius was among the many mutants that were depowered when M-Day struck, just like Murmur. [New Avengers (1st series) #18]
  • The whereabouts of Flex and Ghost Girl, and whether they have retained their powers is unknown. Similarly, Manbot’s fate is unknown, although it is possible he was deactivated following Beta Flight’s disbanding.
  • Sunfire remained with Big Hero Six until the Zero Fluid was entirely removed from his body. Since then, he has been working with the Japanese military, sometimes even opposing his X-Men allies if necessary.