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Time Travel Diagram


When Cable first appeared and assumed command of the New Mutants (March 1990 / New Mutants #87), and Cyclops handed over his infant son to a woman from the future, hoping that she could cure his techno-organic disease (July 1991 / X-Factor #68), readers had no reason to assume that the two events were linked. Surely there were some hints of Cable being from the future, but the original plan was to reveal him as an aged Cannonball.

Yet the plot was changed and the X-Cutioner’s Song crossover revealed that Cable and Stryfe were actually Nathan Christopher Summers and his clone, who grew up circa two millennia in the future to return with superior technology. In time, more and more characters of the Summers family got involved with the Askani future. Jean and Scott’s consciousnesses were taken from their honeymoon to raise the young boy for twelve years, and Excalibur’s Rachel Summers entered the timestream to emerge twothousand years later and become Mother Askani.

As a follow up there is a “Askani – Present“ feature, which starts with the characters arriving in the present and focuses on plots that relate to the future theme.

The subsections “Time Travel Diagram“ and “Questions“ deal with topics that equally belong to both sections, therefore we have made them accessable from both times‘ (present and future) navigation lists.