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26th February 2002


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Time Travel Diagram


me – mentioned
fb - flashback

Welcome to the Future

X-Men Phoenix #1 - Rachel arrives, finds world ruled by Apocalypse, befriends Blaquesmith

Uncanny X-Men #minus 1 me - Rachel pulls Tanya Trask “to shore“

X-Men Phoenix #2-3 - Rachel founds Askani, opposes Diamanda Nero, loses Phoenix Force

The Impact

X-Factor #67 partially fb - prophecy fulfilled, infected baby taken to the future

Cable (1st series) #7-8 me - baby cloned

Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #1-4 - Jean and Scott raise Nathan under the aliases of Redd and Slym, Stryfe prepared to become Apocalypse’s next host, Summers family finally defeats Apocalypse

A Greater Destiny

Askani‘Son #1-4 - Nathan befriends Tetherblood and Blaquesmith, seeks out last Askani, Sanctity mad, but novitiate Aliya will train him

The Good Fight / The Lost Cause

Cable (1st series) #25 - Nathan’s Clan Rebellion opposes both Canaanite rule and Stryfe

Cable (1st series) #1 fb - Aliya killed by a grenade, Tyler kidnapped

Cable (1st series) #43 me / fb - Nathan grows very harsh

Cable (1st series) #1 fb - Tyler brainwashed by Stryfe

X-Force #17 fb - Canaanites win war, Stryfe returns in time, Cable follows

Passing Through

Cable (1st series) #1-2 fb - Cable and Kane visit the Askani future