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Time Travel Diagram


Of the many characters appearing in the Askani Future timeline, seven permanently cross over to the present : Ch’vayre, Stryfe, Zero, Cable, Tyler, Blaquesmith and Sinsear. Additionally Rachel / Mother Askani, Madame Sanctity and Aliya sent astral projections various times. This list is a short overview, telling when the characters first appeared, in which issue they arrived in the present, and their final fate.

Characters that crossed over


First appearance : Cable (1st series) #42
Arrives in the present : Cable (1st series) #52 flashback
Last appearance : Cable (1st series) #53

Powers: none, fighting skills honed in years of isolation.

Madame Sanctity sent a very young boy to the present and called him Ch’vayre. He grew up in a monastry in Switzerland, and was often visited by astral projections of sanctity, reminding him of his mission. Besides setting up a small Askani cult, he had to arrange the confrontation between Apocalypse and Cable, yet he failed and got locked into one of Apocalypse’s hibernation chambers before the base exploded. He might have survived inside the chamber and emerged millennia later as the Ch’vayre that appeared in the future timeline, but more about this speculation in the Questions section.


First appearance : New Mutants #86
Arrives in the present : unrevealed, first seen in Cable: Blood & Metal #1 flashback
Last appearance : Gambit & Bishop #6 (burned out as he tried to contain the Bete Noir, death supposed permanent as it was in a Nexus place)

Powers: peak human strength, speed, endurance, reflexes and intellect, telepathy, psychokinesis, absorb the psychic energy from others nearby. 

Stryfe saw himself as Apocalypse’s heir and after his death tried to conquer the future earth. Yet when Canaanite forces gained global control, he realized that he was fighting a lost cause, so he decided to maximize the potential of his endeavors by traveling back in time to the late 20th century.

In the present he tried to get revenge on his “parents“ Scott and Jean, Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister whom he held responsible for all miseries in his life. Stryfe actually died twice, at the end of the X-Cutioner’s Song his body was destroyed. His consciousness survived as a second personality within Cable’s mind, but was later purged from him. Though Stryfe was seen in hell, he later returned without explanation, only to die a second time. This time he regretted his deeds and sacrificed his life to save earth.


First appearance : New Mutants #86
Arrives in the present : unrevealed, first seen in Cable: Blood & Metal #2 flashback
Last appearance : Excalibur #80 (destroyed in an explosion)

Powers: enhanced strength, computerized intelligence, open teleportation portals, scan for biological and technological weapons then neutralize them Zero is the first of a series of so called Adam Units created to serve. Stryfe took Zero along when he came to the present. Stored within his databanks was the cure for the Legacy Virus, but Zero discovered it only shortly before he was destroyed. In a last minute act, he transferred the data to Excalibur’s Douglock, but he had no idea what the encrypted data was about.

Cable (Nathan Christopher Charles Summers Dayspring)

First appearance : Uncanny X-Men #201 (as baby), New Mutants #87 (as adult)
Sent to the future : X-Factor #68
Arrives in the present : Cable (1st series) #minus 1

Powers: telepathy, psychokinesis, latent time-twisting powers, techno-organic virus has fitted him with a cybernetic leg, arm (with enhanced strength), and eye (with infrared vision)

Nathan Dayspring had pretty much the same idea as Stryfe. With the Canaanites ruling the planet, he came back in time to defeat Apocalypse before he could conquer earth. He adopted the name Cable and got involved with a group of mercenaries called Six Pack and much later became leader of the New Mutants / X-Force and even briefly joined the X-Men. With both Stryfe and Apocalypse dead, Cable is now a man without mission.

Mr. Tolliver / Genesis (Tyler Dayspring)

First appearance : X-Force #1(depicted in flashback), X-Force #5 (as Mr. Tolliver) 
Arrives in the present : unrevealed, already active behind the scenes in Cable: Blood & Metal #1 flashbacks
Last appearance : Wolverine (2nd series ) #100 (killed by Wolverine)

Powers: forge an empathic link with another person, allowing him to visually display that person's memories.

Tyler was brainwashed at first by Stryfe to work against his father and later used by the Canaanites as their agent. He was sent back in time, but overcame his programming and instead choose to manipulate his father under the guise of Mr. Tolliver. Once his secret ID was revealed he adopted the name Genesis, and was killed by Wolverine when he tried to turn him into his follower. 


First appearance : X-Men Prime
Arrives in the present : unrevealed, first seen in X-Men Prime, but hinted at a past with Domino and Cable long before

Powers: telepathy, psychokinesis, intuitive understanding of machines, large bulbose eyes and pale yellow skin As a young boy Blaquesmith met Rachel Summers after she arrived in the Askani timeline. He was trained by her and after decades became Nathan’s mentor. After Cable had returned to the present, Blaquesmith was sent after him by Madame Sanctity to continue to influence him. However Blaquesmith was acting on his own agenda, and did not act like Sanctity wanted him too. For quite some time he helped Cable, but when Blaquesmith hired mercenaries to kill the merged being of Cyclops and Apocalypse a wedge was driven between the two.


First appearance : Cable (1st series) #1
Arrives in the present : unrevealed, first seen in Cable (1st series) #5
Last appearance : Cable (1st series) #41

Powers: bionically augmented strength, speed, and reflexes, impenetrable armor, parabolic slicing blades, arm scythes, surveillance pods, laser-guided buzz drones, plasma discharges, extendible tangle-wires

The Canaanite government augmented a former soldier and sent him back in time. Cable assumed that he was after him, and Sinsear did have an old score to settle with the leader of Clan Rebellion, yet his prime task was the termination of rogue agent Mr. Tolliver (Tyler). Later Sinsear tried to return to his birth era, but the time machine was malfunctioning. To prevent a chronal chain reaction, Sinsear sacrificed his own life.

Astral projections

Mother Askani (Rachel Summers)

First appearance : Uncanny X-Men #141 
Departs to the future : Excalibur #75
Returns : Cable (1st series) #84 (washes up elsewhere in the timestream)
All astral projections: Cable (1st series) #23-24, 65, 71

Powers: inherited psionic power that she manifests as telepathy, psychokinesis, and a chronoskimming talent that enables her to draw forth her own mind or the minds of others and send them into the timestream, causing them to arrive in another time period either in an astral form, within their own body or that of their closest ancestor or descendant

Rachel Summers arrived in the Askani Future after trading places with Captain Britain who was stuck in the timestream. She inspired the Askani movement and prepared the Sisterhood to one day rescue Cable, who was infected with a techno-organic virus as an infant. Through her lifetime she sent various telepathic messages back in time to the adult Cable. With the Askani timeline erased from existence, Rachel wound up elsewhere in the timestream and has recently been pulled back to the present. 

Madame Sanctity (Tanya Trask)

First appearance : Askani’Son #1
Entered the timestream : unrevealed, somewhen before Uncanny X-men #minus 1
All astral projections : Further Adventures of Cyclops & Phoenix #2,4, Cable (1st series) #42, 52, 69, X-Man #25

Powers: telepathy, psychokinesis, time skipping energies allow her to transport herself and others through the temporal continuum

Tanya Trask could not control her mutant power and she faded out of synch with time to get stuck in the timestream for years. Inside the stream, Rachel found her and after arriving in the Askani future, she pulled Tanya ashore. She became one of the first followers of Rachel’s Askani movement, adopting the alias Sanctity down the road. Yet the year long imprisonment left her somewhat imbalanced, and especially after Rachel’s death, Sanctity acted more and more insane. She sent some of her disciplines back in time to manipulate Cable and too appeared to various characters as astral projection.

Aliya Dayspring

First appearance : Cable (1st series) #1
All astral projections : Cable (1st series) #89-90

Powers: limited telepathy and telekinesis

While battling the Dark Sisterhood, Cable kept seeing visions of his dead wife. Astral projection through time is actually beyond her abilities, so Cable wondered if it was his subconscious at work or an outside force trying to tell him something important.