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Time Travel Diagram


me – mentioned
fb - flashback
my - memory

Past Encounters

Cable #minus 1 - Cable arrives in the present, gets examined in Moira MacTaggert’s Muir Island complex
Cable/Wolverine : Guts ‘n‘ Glory - Cable comes to the US, meets Wolverine
Cable (1st series) #45 me - Cable helps the Professor to install the mansion’s technology
Cable: Blood & Metal #1-2 fb - Tolliver hires Six Pack, run into Stryfe, Cable endangers his team and abandons them to hunt his archenemy

Things Falling Into Place

Uncanny X-Men #200-201 - Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor have a baby
X-Factor (1st series) #66-68 - baby infected with techno-organic virus, Cyclops gives his son to Askani operative from the future
New Mutants #86, 89 - Stryfe leader of the MLF, Cable takes over the New Mutants
New Mutants #98 - “Domino“ joins X-Force, Deadpool hired by Tolliver to kill Cable
Cable: Blood & Metal #1-2 fb - Tolliver hires Six Pack, run into Stryfe, Cable endangers his team and abandons them to hunt his archenemy

Madmen and Masterplans

X-Force #1 - X-Force hunts the MLF, Stryfe escapes with Zero
X-Force #10 - Stryfe shows his face to Garrison Kane
New Mutants #86, 89 - Stryfe leader of the MLF, Cable takes over the New Mutants
X-Force #11, 15 - “Domino“ exposed as Copycat, Cable rescues Domino, they believe Tolliver dead after an explosion
Cable: Blood & Metal #1-2 - Cable and Kane hunt down Stryfe and the MLF, history repeats, but Cable chooses to help his friend this time
X-Cutioner’s Song - Stryfe wants revenge against his “parents“, Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister, he pits them all against each other, in the end it comes to a battle between Stryfe and Cable, both seem to die in a selfdestruct device linked to a temporal vortex

They Always Come Back

Cable (1st series) #1-3 - Cable survived, returns to the present to find his space station and time machien damaged
Deadpool (1st series) #3-4 - Several people hunt the Tolliver Will, among the treasure is Zero, now operating under his programmed parameters of destroying all weapons of war 
Cable (1st series) #5 - Sinsear hunts Mr. Tolliver, who actually is another timetraveling Canaanite agent, who went rogue 
Cable (1st series) #6-8 - Stryfe’s consciousness inside Cable’s mind, Tyler and Zero capture second Askani operative, Scott and Jean witness as it turns out that Cable was the real baby and Stryfe the clone. Learning this Stryfe lets go and dies. 

It Had To Happen

X-Men (2nd series) #30 - wedding of Scott and Jean
Excalibur #75 - Rachel enters the timestream
Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #1, X-Men (2nd series) #35 - Rachel transports the minds of Scott and Jean to the future, they raise Nathan for twelve years and return to their bodies
Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #1-4 - Sanctity takes Scott and Jean to the 19th century, they witness Dr. Essex becoming Mr. Sinister and prevent the unholy alliance between Sinister and Apocalypse

A New Player Enters The Fray As Old Ones Die

Excalibur #80 - Zero discovers Legacy data in his memory banks, as he is in about to be destroyed he downloads the cure to Douglock, who has no idea what the file is about
Cable (1st series) #18-19 - Tyler leads the Dark Riders, now using the alias Genesis
Cable (1st series) #21 - Cable seeks out his old mentor Blaquesmith
Cable (1st series) #23-25 - Blaquesmith contacts Mother Askani through time, Cable finds Aliya asking him to reinpsire the futre rebellion
Cable (1st series) #32 - Blaquesmith’s base explodes, Blaquesmith is missing
Wolverine (2nd series) #99-100 - Genesis and the Dark Riders kidnap Wolverine to turn him into a Horseman, Logan rejects the adamantium and turns feral, he kills Genesis
Cable (1st series) #41 - Sinsear attempts to return home, the time machine malfunctions and he sacrifices himself to contain the chronal explosion

Timeless Madness

Cable (1st series) #42-44, 51-53 - Sanctity sends another operative named Ch’vayre, he establishes an Askani sect before he tries to arrange the battle between Apocalypse and Cable. The plan fails, and Ch’vayre gets trapped in one of Apocalpyse’s hibernation chambers.
Cable (1st series) #57 - Blaquesmith found alive, he was captured by Rama-Tut to help him repair his time machine
Cable (1st series) #58 - Cable finds Ch’vayre’s Askani sect and retrieves a Psimitar
X-Man #46 - Stryfe appears again without explanation
Cable (1st series) #69 - Cable rescues Sanctity from getting killed by people outside of time

Destiny About To Happen

Cable (1st series) #65, 71 - Rachel contacts Cable through time, tells him the identity of the Twelve and the importance of his battle against Apocalypse
The Twelve - Apocalypse captures the Twelve, in the end Cyclops sacrifices himself and merges with the villain, Askani timeline erased from existance

Loose Ends

Cable (1st series) #84-86 - Rachel wound up at the end of time, Cable rescues her and takes her back to the present
X-Men Search for Cyclops #4 - Jean and Cable track down the merged being, Cable uses his Psimitar to disrupt Apocalypse‘s essence, Blaquesmith hired mercenaries to kill the merged being, now Cable no longer trusts him
Gambit & Bishop #3-6 - Stryfe sees the errors of his ways and sacrifices his life to contain the Bete Noir, an ancient and destructive force