New Mutants (3rd series)


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New Mutants (3rd series)
Publication Date: 
July 2009 to December 2012
Issue Numbering: 

Series written first by Zeb Wells, then by Abnett & Lanning. Notable for resolving many dangling plots from New Mutants (1st series) and bringing back deceased characters (Magik & Cypher). 

Following the events of X-Men: Schism, the title's characters remained in San Francisco with Cyclops.

Years Published Name of Series Issue Numbering Brief Description
1983 to 1991 New Mutants (1st series) #1-100 original series, replaced with X-Force (1st series)
2003 to 2004 New Mutants (2nd series) #1-13 prelude to New X-Men: Academy X series, aka New X-Men (2nd series)
2009 to 2012 New Mutants (3rd series) #1-50 Zeb Wells' series, Necrosha, Second Coming, Regenesis
2020 to 2023 New Mutants (4th series) #1-33 Krakoa era

Crossovers/Events/Major Stories:

#1-4- return of Legion; return of the New Mutants as team;return
of Magik
#6-8 - Necrosha, resurrection of Cypher, return
of Warlock
#11 - Siege
#12-14 - Second Coming Karma loses her leg
#15 - Heroic Age

#15-21 – Fall of the New Mutants, destruction of the Elder Gods,
Magik regains her soul

#22-24 - Age of X

#29-32 - Fear Itself
#33-36 - Regenesis
#42-43 - Exiled
#47-49 - Fight the Future
#50 - final issue

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