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The Rule of Prince Baran

Off Panel
- Prince Baran takes over as the ruler of Madripoor. It is unknown who was the previous ruler.
- O'Donnell arrives in Madripoor and purchases the Princess Bar.
- Archie Corrigan leaves America and moves to Madripoor to set up South Seas Skyways.
New Mutants
(1st series) #32
The New Mutants travel to Madripoor, following Karma to find out what made her change. Karma has set up base in her uncle's villa. The team attacks but find themselves overwhelmed by Karma’s power, only Magik and Mirage escape to Limbo. When they return, they find that Karma framed them for the murder of her guards. Mirage orders Magik to teleport to Cairo, Egypt, where Karma has her other hideout.
Marvel Comics Presents
(1st series) #154
Wolverine first meets Abdul Alhazred at the waterfront, on an assignment aboard a pirate junket.
Marvel Comics Presents
(1st series) #6
Jesse Hoan had stopped in High Town many times for business, however after finding out that Roche was behind the Reavers attack on her family's bank, she followed the trail to Madripoor and to Low Town and decided to stop Roche and his criminal organisation once and for all.
Marvel Comics Presents
(1st series) #1-10
Wolverine arrives in Madripoor and heads to the Princess Bar and beats up some of Roche's thugs that are hassling the patrons and owner, O'Donnell. Logan doesn't give any details of who he is, but he is looking for the Tiger. O'Donnel doesn't trust him but gives him the benefit of the doubt. a red head, Sapphire Styx, is impressed by Logan, but he isn't interested in her.
The thugs return to Roche, who rather than sending them to do more work ,forces them to fight for their lives against his new enforcer, Razorfist. They lose, and Roche wants Razorfirst to deal with this mysterious stranger.
Logan spots someone outside the bar and chases after them, eventually catching them to discover its Jesse Hoan, who went through the Seige Perilous with him. Before he can get more information she tricks him and flees on a motorbike. Sapphire arrives on the scene and invites him back to hers, but again he isn't interested. This time she is not taking no for an answer and kisses him, consuming his life force. He breaks free but between her and Razorfist, he is taken captive and tortured by the Inquisitor in the basement of Roche's estate. Between the Inquisitor and Sapphire draining his life force, Logan is weak, but using his claws he breaks free. As he tries to escape the estate, he is met by Razor fist and they fight. Logan is in no fit shape to survive the fight and throws himself of a waterfall, making Razorfist believe he died.
Logan is saved by Jesse Hoan, after she finds him floating in the harbour bay. She brings him aboard one of the fisherman veseels so that he can recover. After recovering Jesse recounts how she became known as Tyger Tiger and they board smuggler vessel only to find the crew dead at the hands of Razorfist and the Captain strapped to a bomb. too late to save him, they jump into the sea as the vessel explodes. Roches thugs check for survivors and then head to Madam Joys to force her into working for Roche instead of Tyger Tiger. Logan saves Jesse from drowning and they follow the thugs. Madam Joy doesn't want to work for Roche, so with the police paid off, the thugs get ready to kill them all only for Tyger and Logan to save the day. They find out that Roche thinks O'Donnel is the Tyger and head to Roche's villa to save him.
Under the cover of darkness, Logan and Tyger infiltrate Roche's villa by cutting the power supply. Tyger heads to the basement and shoots Sapphire as she drains O'Donnel's life force, only to be caught by the Inquisitor. Tyger eventually gets the upper hand but then Sapphire tries to drain her life force. Tyger bites her on the neck forcing her to flee, along with the Inquisitor. Meanwhile after dealing with the guards, Logan fights Razorfist. After a bloody battle, Logan reveals his claws and kills Razorfist and then deas to the basement. He finds a wounded O'Donnel, who tells him that Jesse went after Roche. following her scent they head into the villa gardens. Roche fires several rounds at Logan, and believing him dead Jesse leaps out and strikes Roche dead with her sword. As Tyger and O'Donnel leave knowing that Roche's organisation is ripe for the taking, Logan recovers and decides he wants to stay in Madripoor.
Later Logan after freshening up, Logan arrives at the Princess bar, just before Tyger is due to visit the Prince and become Heir to Roche's throne. He tells her that he will act as her conscience and they embrace.
Off Panel - The Silver Samurai arrives in Madripoor.
(2nd series) #1-3
Lindsey McCabe arrives in Madripoor airport followed by thugs hired by the Cult of the black blade. Logan, disguised as Patch stops them without her knowledge, but upon reaching her room at the Hotel Room 2 members of the cult and the bell hopgrab her, wanting to know where the blade is. Patch bursts in, and helps Lindsey subdue the cult members. Lindsey tells patch that her partner Jessie is bring the blade to Madripoor to meet Noburo, however Patch knows that he is dead and it must be a setup.
They go to Belle's Bar hoping to find Jessie. While Lindsey chats with Belle, Patch heads upstairs, following a trail that leads to a room full of dead people, killed by the Silver Samurai. The pair fight, but are then interrupted by Jessica Drew, who has been possessed by the sword she was carrying, the Black Blade. Jessica attacks both men. Lindsay helps to evacuate the bar, and Patch brings the roof down on Jessica and the Samurai. Lindsay rescues the Samurai, while Logan and Jessica escape to fight for the Black Blade. Wolverine is cut several times, but he allows Jessica to slice into his hand so that he can pull the blade from her, reverting Jessica to her normal self. The Silver Samurai catches up to them to recover the sword, only to find that Patch and the sword are now bonded. After escaping a burning building, Patch takes Jessica Drew away to be sacrificed. Jessica’s friend, Lindsay McCabe, and the Silver Samurai head over to the Princess Bar, where they find O’Donnell. Three cultists are held captive by O'Donnell and Lindsay, using her acting skills, forces the location of the sacrifice. They head into the jungles, to the cult’s temple, and the Samurai asks O’Donnell to remain outside as a failsafe.
Inside, Patch prepares to sacrifice Jessica, but Lindsay shoots him, stopping him in his tracks, while the Silver Samurai takes on the angry cult members by himself. As Lindsay tries to rescue Jessica, Patch recovers due to his healing factor, and grabs her but the Silver Samurai intervenes and they battle. Unfortunately, Patch is too much for the Samurai and knocks out. As Patch approaches the two women to kill them, he uses all his will power to fight the possession, finally managing to throw the sword, breaking the possession. The Samurai, takes the sword for himself, but nothing happens, as he expected. He departs, leaving the team to head back to Low Town and celebrate.
Marvel Age
Annual #4
Wolverine walks through Low Town, pondering the future for himself and the X-Men. Overhead the X-Factor Ship flies past, while a kid tries to sell X-Men comics to Jessica Drew and Lindsay McCabe. General Coy & his bodyguard rip up the kids comics & in revenge, Wolverine claws the General's car. Just as the distraught General sees the damage, the New Mutants teleport on top of the car, crushing it. As they argue amongst themselves, Magik teleports them away.
(2nd series) #4-8
Chancellor Ranjamaryam is fished out of the river by Chief of Police Tai. Patch arrives and picking up the murderer’s scents heads to Ranjamaryam’s suite and recognises the scent of Karma. Later that night, Patch heads to the Sovereign Hotel in High Town and warns her to sort out which side of this war she’s on. Meanwhile, the murderers, Bloodscream and Roughouse, rough up Archie Corrigan, a pilot who works for Tyger Tiger, recommending he switches sides.
Lindsay McCabe and Jessica Drew walk through Low Town market, when they are manhandled by an amorous Roughhouse. Bloodscream reminds him of more important matters to attend to when suddenly, a dying woman appears. while Lindsay tends to her, Jessica retraces the lady's steps discovering a number of bodies and a threat for Tyger Tiger. Roughouse and Bloodscream return to General Coy and tell him their plan to kill Tyger failed. Karma, the general’s niece, is clearly upset about what she’s getting herself into.
At the Princess Bar, Lindsey, Jessica, Patch and Tyger discuss what's happening; General Coy is planning to kill Tyger and take over. Patch drives Tyger to the palace, but they are ambushed by Roughouse and Bloodscream. Luckily, Karma steps in, allowing Patch and the injured Tyger to escape. and return to the Princess Bar. He asks Lindsey and Jessica to take her to a safe house; the office of Landau Luckman and Lake. Mr .Chang greets them when they arrive and while Tyger recovers Lindsay finds an armor that was made for Psylocke. However before they have had chance to rest, the building is destroyed by Roughhouse. Lindsay has enough time to put Tyger in the armor, and Jessica is put under a spell by Bloodscream. The women are taken and Mr Chang left for dead. Patch visits Archie Corrigan, and informs him he’s calling in Tyger’s marker. They fly off Madripoor to try and stop the Shipment of Drugs that General Coy is bringing into the country.

Off Panel - Wolverine and Archie return, having destroyed the shipment of drugs and become good friends.

Karma uses her powers to get inside the grand palace, where she comes upon Patch and Archie Corrigan who are looking to rescue Lindsay McCabe, Tyger Tiger and Jessica Drew. General Coy tries to get Lindsay to remove Tyger’s armor but, before she is forced to do so, Patch attacks, taking on Bloodscream and Roughhouse. Archie, holds a gun to Karma's head in an attempt to get the women released, but Bloodscream takes care of him with ease. Jessica breaks from her spell to distract Bloodscream and a rejuvenated Tyger manages to take care of the vampire while Patch and Jessica finish Roughhouse. General Coy is defenseless, until Prince Baran comes to his aid with a number of armed guards. Although not happy with the destruction to his palace, he spares them all when he notices Lindsay McCabe is with them. The Prince allows them to stay, and freshen up. Patch and Tyger discuss making good with General Coy, splitting the criminal activities between them is the only way out of this situation. She concedes and the prince is happy with the proposal. General Coy and his group leave while the prince shows off his shrine to Lindsay, as he is a big fan.
Back at the Sovereign Hotel, General Coy is furious at the prince’s actions. Roughhouse, drunk and feeling amorous, makes advances on karma, but Wolverine arrives and between them they put him to sleep. Karma tells him that her uncle will need protecting from Joe Fixit and asks for his help. Patch heads to the airport where Joe Fixit has arrived and is attacked by thugs. He deals with them easily, with some help from Patch, who agrees t odrive him to the sovereign hotel. There, as Fixit sleeps, he reverts to his Bruce Banner form.
Patch decides to use Joe Fixit to inadvertently help him. first he ends a slave-trading operation, and then he destroys one of General Coy's cocaine processing facility. Coy is unhappy and reveals that Joe should be working for him and eliminating his competition. Realising that he has been set up, Joe tells him he doesn’t do that kind of work and intends to go back to america to sort out the man that sent him. Patch sees him off at the airport after making up. For one last jape, he shows Joe onto the wrong plane, which means Joe Fixit will be replaced by Banner as the sun rises.

(2nd series) #9
Patch is in a bar drinking and thinking about an ex-nun that he avenged. He asks for another drink as its going to be a long night.
Punisher War Journal
(1st series) #6
Logan notices a newcomer to the Princess Bar, wearing a coat made from a king cheetah's skin. He follows him to his truck and finds he is a driver waiting to deliver a truck full of animal skins to an unknown person who was going to distribute them through Asia for Major Kinami. Wolverine forces the man to strip & takes the truck. Wolverine arranges for a member of the bar staff to capture the unknown contact, while he heads to Africa.
(2nd series) #10
Its Logan's birthday and so he is staying away from people he knows so they don't get caught in any trouble. Having a quiet drink in Lowtown bar he recalls Sabretooth killing Silver Fox on his birthday. He stops a bar fight before heading outside to the rooftops. After stopping a mugging he takes the woman and her injured companion to Madame Joy’s for treatment, before calling in for a chat with Lindsay and Jessica at the office of Drew and McCabe Resolutions. when he leaves, Jessica follows him, worried he is in trouble. He visited Tai, who warns him to watch his back for the trouble he is causing in Low Town. At the docks, Jessica catches up with Patch only for them to be attacked by two guys Patch stopped earlier. They attack them with a variety of weapons and Patch, burning in flames throws himself into the water to save himself. When Jessica pulls him out, they find the men gone. Upon returning to the Princess Bar he discovers their bodies with a card attached; It’s from Sabretooth, promising that no one gets to kill Logan but him.
(2nd series)
Archie arrives at the Princess bar and complains to Patch, about his crazy, movie-obsessed brother, Burt, who is being declared mentally incompetent. He convinces Patch and Jessica Drew to go to San Francisco with him to help his brother out and they leave Madripoor.
Meanwhile back at the Princess bar, twin brothers enter looking for a room. The pair are at each others throats, but show O'Donnel a piece of the Gehenna Stone they have. After heavy drinking, the pair retire to their room but argue over the stone, eventually killing each other. O'Donnel; spots blood dripping from the ceiling and find the dead brothers, with the stone glowing beside them. He calls the police and while being questioned shows the stone to Police Chief Tai and Lindsay McCabe. Later that night, Lindsey, drawn by the stone goes to O'Donnels room to see it. They end up in a passionate embrace but then door is busted down by an aide to the prince, requesting the stone.

Off panel - Wolverine, Archie Corrigan, Burt Corrigan, Jessica Drew return to Madripoor to stop Ba'al from getting all the parts of the Gehenna Stone.

On the Low Town streets, Wolverine saves Lindsay McCabe from police chief Tai and his men who are affected by the Gehenna Stone. He goes to the Princess Bar, where he finds O’Donnell and Lindsay in a huge fight. Lindsay storms out and Patch and O’Donnell discuss recent events. Archie storms in, angry at Wolverine for not letting him toss Burt out of the plane on the way back to madripoor. Wolverine calms everyone down and O’Donnell tells them about the stone and that the Prince’s aid, Johann, took it. A huge brawl breaks out when police chief Tai and his men enter which Wolverine resolves and realizes that each piece of the stone makes people crazy, except him. Logan, O'Donnel, Archie and Tai head to the prince’s castle. They are ambushed by followers of Ba'al, and Logan is dragged into the woods. however Patch uses this as an opportunity to get to the castle before the rest of the group.
Meanwhile, Burt gets into a fight with some followers of Ba’al. Jessica helps him, but one of them escapes. Jessica follows him to the princes castle and she enters intending to warn the prince, only to be introduced to his guest, Ba’al. Jessica tries to explain to the prince how dangerous Ba'al is, but the prince disagrees as Ba’al has offered him immortality in payment of the last gem, though he hasn't decided if he'll take the offer. The prince decides to wait a day before making a final decision but Ba'al is not happy with that and demands the gem. The prince calls his aide and guards, and Ba'al, realising where the gem is stored sinks his hand into Johann's throat, pulling the gem out. A fight erupts between the guards and Ba'al's followers. Wolverine shows up and fights through the followers to take on Ba'al just as he puts the last gem into the stone. with his new found power, Ba'al transforms all of his followers into real vampires and Wolverine and Ba’al tangle in an epic struggle. Ba’al gains the upper hand but Burt shows up and knocks the stone out of Ba’al’s hand. Wolverine summons an inner, spiritual strength to counter’s Ba’al’s evil and after destroying the stone and kills Ba'al. The vampires transform back into regular people and are arrested by the prince's guards.
Later, back in the Princess Bar, Archie, Jessica and Patch discuss the events that transpired. Burt has left the island and is pretending to be James Bond at a casino elsewhere.

(2nd series)
After spending time in the Australian outback, Wolverine, with the assistance of Gateway, arrives back to Madripoor and straight into a brawl with Roughhouse, from which Wolverine emerges as the victor. Afterwards he celebrates with the other patrons of the Princess Bar who had bet on him to win. Tyger reveals to O'Donnell that his lease for the bar has been renewed, thanks to winning it back from Coy. outside in the street General Coy sells the services of Roughhouse to a stranger.
Later, over dinner at the royal palace, Captain Tai and Prince Baran discuss the events of the previous day where a ship that was carrying cocaine was found to belong to General Coy. The prince assures him that it the situation is being taken care of. Once Tai leaves, the prince and the stranger agrees for the cocaine to be returned to his employer and to not bring that drug to his shores again. The stranger pays the prince for his time and inconvenience and leaves.
The Next morning, On the balcony of the princess bar, Wolverine is enjoying the early morning sun after a night with Tyger Tiger until he catches the scent of cocaine from a truck on the street below. He follows the truck to the dock where he sees the contents of the truck and a tied up Roughhouse being loaded onto a ship. Wolverine sneaks on board the ship as it leaves the Harbor heading for South America however he asked for Archie to follow by plane in case of trouble.
On board the vessel the stranger is revealed to be Geist.

General Coy visits Geist on his ship in the pacific by Helicopter. He purchases a small amount of a drug that drives the user to insane violence before returning to Madripoor.
Prince Baran visits Geist moments later by seaplane, and in exchange for the money that Geist paid him, takes a beaten Wolverine. On flying back to Madripoor he throws him out of the plane in the hope that he would be killed in the fall.
Tyger Tiger and O'Donnell leave by boat to rescue Wolverine after Archie saw what the prince did. After dropping him off at Tierra Verde to stop Geist, they head back to Madripoor.

After helping a revolution in Tierra Verde, Wolverine returns to Madripoor. He kidnaps General Coy and Prince Baran and takes them to the Madripoor sewers where he informs them that Patch is no longer, and they have to deal with Wolverine now. He destroys the drug that Coy bought from Geist and chases the pair through the tunnels, scaring and embarrassing them. Feeling good about the work he has done in Madripoor, he returns to Australia to meet up with the X-Men.

Marvel Comics Presents
(1st series) #40, #47
Wolverine meets Linn Chow at the Princess Bar where she thanks him for his help with organizing a lawyer to rescue her children from her ex-husband in Hong Kong. After finding that she died while in Hong Kong, Logan heads there to fulfill a promise he made to rescue the children. A short time later he returns to Madripoor Airport with the children in tow, so they can live with their grandparents.
(2nd series) #24
A street kid named Aldo unknowingly steals a briefcase from the assassin known as the Snow Queen. A chase ensues until the Snow Queen grabs another child, Rose, threatening both of their lives. Aldo ignores her request and takes off. The Snow Queen releases Rose to continue the chase. Patch hears Rose's yells for help, and chases after the snow queen, however she uses her powers, confusing his senses and allowing her to escape. In hiding, Aldo opens up the case to discover cash, and what he thinks is a radio but is actually a bomb that has started counting down. When Patch recovers, he decides that he needs to find Aldo. He learns that Aldo works for Ganif, and after going to his hideout he convinces Ganif for assistance.
Meanwhile, the Snow Queen finds Rose and makes her take her to Aldo at an abandoned building. A chase ensues across the roof, when Patch arrives. Though distracted by fighting Patch, she attempts to shoot Aldo, but hits Rose instead, who starts to fall from the building. Aldo decides the case isn’t important and gives it to the Snow Queen so he can save Rose. The Snow Queen bounds to the next building to check the contents only to see the timer reach zero and the bomb explode.
(2nd series) #25
In the area known as Wharfside, Logan makes his way to Morrow’s house to fulfill a debt he incurred years ago in Tehran. Morrow has asked him to look after his young son, Gabriel, while he goes and fights a turf war against a man by the name of Piggot. While he looks after the boy, Logan tells him a story. Logan senses an assassin entering the house and takes him out. The house becomes infiltrated by Piggot’s men but Morrow and his men return and fighting erupts. Morrow is about to be killed by Piggot but is saved by Gabriel. When the dust settles, With his debt is cleared Logan leaves knowing who he wants to run Wharfside when the next generation rolls around.
(2nd series) #26
After discovering his old friend Bando Saburo, has been slaughtered in Japan, Logan returns to Madripoor and plays poker with Gene Claymore, one of the most well-to-do of the island’s scum who has in his possession a bowl owned by Bando. Logan takes Claymore for all he owns, however he only wants the bowl and the address of the man who gave it to him - Masaki Weston, Bando's nephew. after giving in to Logan's demands he attacks, but ends up falling out the window to his death.
Logan arrives at Weston's place interrupting him performing a suicide ritual. He is disgusted by Weston's actions and his petty greed especially as Bando was dying of cancer and had planned to give him the bowl and his estate. After a brief struggle, Logan kills Weston and his servant. Logan returns to Japan to place the bowl on Bando's grave.
(2nd series) #27-30
As Patch and Tyger Tiger make their way to the Princess Bar, they are met by a group of thugs. However, the two are able to take them out quite easily, thanks to "secret" assistance from Karma. When they reach the bar, they meet with Lindsay and Jessica. Jessica questions Patch's motives before heading to the palace to meet with Prince Baran.
At the palace, General Coy is meeting the Broker and is happy with their work together, including the Lazurus Project that requires the Master form, an item found on the nearby island of Rumika. After Jessica arrives, Coy and the broker meet with the prince. While they have a private meeting, Jessica snoops around the palace. She finds a room where Doctor Page and Merrick are discussing the invasion of a village but before she can gather more information, she is discovered and taken out by a gigantic robot called Pinocchio. Patch finds her badly injured and she informs him of what she found. The next morning, Patch puts Lindsay and Jessica on a plane for the states to keep them safe. He goes to the palace and is confronted by Pinocchio who overpowers him, allowing Doctor Page to douse him with a yellowish liquid. To save himself Wolverine throws himself through a window and into the nearby Harbor for safety. The liquid has affected Wolverine's memory and he ends up not knowning who he is on the island of Rumika.
Karma is questioning the loyalty she has shown her uncle, and decides that the current project involving the Master form is a step to far and she needs to act and heads to Rumika.

On the island of Rumika, Wolverine regains his memory and meets Karma and a man named Target. They stop the Brokers men from removing the Master Form from the Island,

Inside the basement laboratory, the Broker is discussing with Doctor Page the Lazarus project and all of its successes. They are interrupted by his assistants, who inform him of what happened on Rumika. The Broker instructs them to inform General Coy and gather any information on Wolverine. Wolverine, Karma and Target arrive in Madripoor via boat and infiltrate the palace. They get to the laboratory, and meet Coy, the Broker, Doctor Page and Pinocchio. Wolverine and Pinocchio engage in a battle while Karma confronts her uncle on why he killed innocents. The broker slips away and Pinocchio seems to recognize Target. With Karma’s assistance, Target is able to figure out that Pinocchio is his cousin, Ricky. Doctor Page threatens to destroy the organic parts in Pinocchio but Wolverine stops her. He turns his attention to Coy, but is stopped by Karma. She informs her uncle that she is no longer in debt to him and that, if he kills any more innocents, she will kill him. Wolverine heads to the Brokers makeshift office and finds him and his 2 assistants dead by apparent suicide. After everyone leaves, The Broker escapes undetected after faking his suicide.

Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #261, Annual #14 Wolverine, Psylocke & Jubilee are taking some respite in Madripoor. Harry Malone’s Harriers abduct Wolverine. With their friend gone, Psylocke & Jubilee, despite their mutual dislike, figure out a plan rescue Wolverine. After confronting the Harriers at a warehouse, the battle between them comes to a standstill and Wolverine reveals that he had hired the Harriers in order to see how well Psylocke and Jubilee could work together. Afterwards at Madame Joys, Jubilee puts on a fireworks display for some observers, but Wolverine tells her to keep a low profile. Wolverine gives Jubilee a history lesson about the X-Men, when Rachel Summers and the adult Franklin Richards appear. There is tension, and Franklin makes Jubilee and Psylocke disappear. Wolverine demands that Franklin to make amends for what he has done and in doing so, Franklin uses his powers to make Jubilee, Psylocke and the baby Nathan Summers reappear. Rachel and Franklin depart for Manhattan with baby Nathan.
New Mutants
(1st series) #93-94
The New Mutants are in Madripoor, tracking the Mutant Liberation Front, where they meet up with Sunfire, who is investigating the poisoning of a water supply which killed everyone in a village. The heroes discover that the two events are related and split into two teams. Cannonball, Boom-Boom, Warlock and Sunfire encounter the Mutant Liberation Front but endup being taken prisoner. Stryfe reveals that he plans to poison water supplies all over the world. Cannonball tricks Dragoness, steals a key card from her, and the New Mutants and Sunfire escape, finding where the poison is being stored in the process.
Meanwhile Wolverine has met the other team and after a brief battle with Cable they break into a warehouse where the poison is being kept. The two groups are reunited, and engage Stryfe, Dragoness, Sumo and Kamikaze in battle, until Rictor causes Dragoness to fall into the crates holding the poison, which sets them alight, and a fire spreads. The New Mutants, Cable, Wolverine and Sunfire manage to escape, but Stryfe and the MLF assassins are unaccounted for. However it is later revealed they escaped unharmed as well.
Uncanny X-Men
(1st series) #268
The Black Widow arrives in Madripoor as a favor to Nick Fury to learn everything about a meeting between Fenris and Tsurabaya, the new leader of the Hand. After falling into a trap laid by the Hand, she is rescued by Wolverine, Psylocke and Jubilee.
Later, they question the underworld and learn that the meeting between Fenris and Tsurabaya is to take place on a yacht in Buccaneer Bay. They infiltrate the yacht, but find out it was a set up, the real meeting taking place elsewhere on the island.
(2nd series) #31-33
Inside the Princess Bar, Patch is enjoying a drink with Archie Corrigan when they are interrupted by members of the Yakuza who want to deal with Patch. Archie takes off to get his shotgun, however outside he meets Reiko and Goro. Reiko stops Goro from killing him, letting him go for help. Inside, the leader, Dragonhead, and two of his henchmen, Seven and Eleven, leave as the rest of the henchmen open fire on Patch, who ducks behind the bar. He eventually kills them all however half of the Princess Bar comes crashing down around their ears.
At the palace, Dai-Kumo and his associate Doctor Malheur inform General Coy, Tyger Tiger, and the prince that they have discovered a cure for cancer. The catalyst for this drug comes from the brains of Madripoor spider-monkeys. General Coy and the prince are glad to hear about this, but Tyger is unsure. Goro arrives and informs Dai-Kumo that Patch has been taken care of. Tyger leaves and Dai-Kumo gets Goro to follow her.
Back at the Princess Bar, having seen the henchmen killed, Dragonhead, Seven, and Eleven each take a drug called Zap, sending them beserk with rage and attack Patch. He is able to kill Seven and Eleven as the battle goes out to the docks. Dragonhead pulls out two grenades and tackles Patch and they fall into shark infested water. Archie and Tyger arrive to witness the grenades explode and Patch dragging himself onto the docks, however he needs time to heal, so the pair take him to a safe house. Goro and Reiko witness the events and Goro plans to kill Patch himself.
At Tyger's Penthouse, Patch battles through his own personal nightmare, and awakens to see Tyger Tiger and Archie Corrigan. Meanwhile, in the Madripoor forests, Dai-Kumo and Dr. Malheur are harvesting the spider monkeys for their own nefarious needs using a local tribesman to help find them. In the penthouse, Tyger and Archie leave Patch in the care of four of Tyger’s best enforcers while they find more about Dai-Kumo. No sooner do they leave, Goro and Reiko appear, taking out Tyger’s enforcers. Patch hears the commotion through the door and Goro sticks his sword through the door and into Patch’s chest, who collapses. When Wolverine awakens, he is met by Archie and Tyger and they compare notes and plan their next move.
Down at a warehouse in the docks, Dr. Malheur and Dai-Kumo are discussing their plans; They are not synthesizing a cancer cure, its actually a drug named zap. Zap, when further refined, creates a super-drug, thunderbolt that drives the user insane and eventually kills them. Goro and Reiko arrive on the scene and show Dai-Kumo a picture of Wolverine with a sword in his chest. Dai-Kumo is pleased and orders them all to return to Japan.
A while later Wolverine and Tyger arrive at the warehouse and discover a mountain of dead monkeys and The tribesman who tells Wolverine where they went.
Tyger Tiger and Archie Corrigan arrive at the Osaka airport in Japan with Wolverine in a coffin. Wolverine has taken a drug that makes the user appear dead for a number of hours. Tyger and Archie are not allowed to stay with the body on the orders of Dai-Kumo and return to Madripoor.
Later Tyger and Archie return to Osaka to rescue Wolverine, but he has already defeated Dai-Kumo and his lackeys. Archie flies them back to Madripoor.
Marvel Comics Presents
(1st series) #62-63
Abdul Alhazred’s men, Barrett, Dumas, Rhys, Scarface and Stump and The Sheikh kidnap Tyger Tiger and hold her captive on board Archie Corrigan’s airplane. As they fly over the jungles of Madripoor, their plane crash lands, thanks to the quick thinking of Archie & Tyger. Nearby Wolverine has given in to his animalistic nature and has been fighting off wild dogs. Heading out into the jungle, Wolverine snatches Archie scaring Abdul's Men. Wolverine takes down the gang one by one. Tyger is relieved that Wolverine didn't kill them just held them captive. They head back to Madripoor, deciding to take the gang to jail, instead of the worse fate should they return to Abdul Alhazred.
Marvel Comics Presents
(1st series) #64
Logan's peace is disturbed by two drunks fighting over the female bartender with broken bottles, wanting him to decide who she'll go home with. When he realizes they won't take 'no' for an answer, he turns their bottles on them, and they leave. Before Wolverine can relax he is attacked by several ninjas but the fight ends quickly in his favor. Before killing them he finds out they have been sent from New York by Deathwatch. Logan heads to New York, to confront him.
Punisher War Zone #8 From the rooftops in High Town, the assassin Silence, kills a street gang with a blow pipe and poison darts. Afterwards he leaves for America to hunt the Punisher.
(2nd series) #35
Whilst Tyger Tiger is enjoying herself at a High Town casino, Lady Deathstrike arrives via Gateway's teleportation demanding to know where Logan is. After taking a hostage, Tyger decides to not call her bluff, gives Lady Deathstrike a postcard Wolverine sent her from Vancover who then teleports away.
Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD
(2nd series) #27
Nick Fury is looking for Wolverine, so leaves a message at the Princess Bar, by beating up a few of the patrons.
Marvel Comics Presents
(1st series) #85-92
After befriending a wolf one night in the forests outside Madripoor, Wolverine detects a familiar scent in the air. He visits Tyger Tiger who tells him General Coy is expecting a new trading partner. After spending some intimate time with Tyger, Wolverine leaves to investigate. Meanwhile, one of General Coy's representatives greets Cyber at the docks.
Wolverine sneaks into General Coy's mansion but he is attacked by Cyber, the man who left him for dead many years ago. Cyber quickly overpowers him once again. Wolverine, critically wounded and slightly delirious escapes out the nearest window and into the forest where he collapses and experiences a strange flashback of him and Cyber.
Meanwhile, Cyber breaks into Tyger Tiger’s residence and makes a tempting business proposal to sell his cache of potent hallucinogens to her instead of General Coy. After Cyber departs, the wolf wolverine befriended and her house cat arrive begging for her attention and follows them into the forests. The injured Wolverine continues to hallucinate but in both his fantasy world and reality, decides he must confront Cyber. Tyger finds Wolverine, who is still delirious and detecting Cyber's scent on her threatens to kill her, but she manages to talk him down and they return to her penthouse.
Meanwhile, Cyber double-sells his supply of drugs to General Coy, ensuring the deal will incite conflict with Tyger Tiger.
Tyger Tiger asks Logan what he knows about Cyber so she can prepare for her meeting, but he refuses to reveal anything helpful or help her deal with the lunatic, prompting her to leave in a fury. She heads to the site of the drug deal and, to her surprise, encounters General Coy. Cyber has set them both up. After slaughtering their men, he intends to poison them and make them fight to the death but Wolverine arrives and they fight. The driver of the truck carrying the drugs panics and starts to drive away, but Wolverine and Cyber leap onto the back as the continue fighting. Wolverine is once again dosed with Cyber’s potent hallucinogens, but he perseveres and after Cyber has thrown the driver from the truck and taken control, Wolverine is able to distract him, forcing him to steer the truck off a rocky cliff. Having bailed out in time, Wolverine and Cyber continue to fight in the upper branches of the forest. Wolverine is able to gouges out Cyber's eye, just as Cyber did to him many years ago. Wolverine's wolf friend leaps onto Cyber's back sending him crashing into the truck full of hallucinogens. The drugs seep into his ocular cavity, sending him on a frightening, hallucinogenic trip. Terrified, he runs to the ocean, disappearing without a trace. Meanwhile, at an impasse as to what to do regarding their slaughtered men, General Coy and Tyger Tiger return to her penthouse and discuss their inevitable gang war over a cup of tea. After reaching an amiable agreement with General Coy, Tyger Tiger reunites with her battered lover, Wolverine.
(1st series) #12
Gideon arrives in Madripoor to find his External associate, Crule at a harbor side bar, beating up on a card player who Crule believed was cheating him. Gideon and Crule fight, however Gideon requests Crule's help in defeating Cable, and the pair leave Madripoor in Gideon's corporate Helijet, 6 hours after he arrived.
Marvel Comics Presents
(1st series) #131
Wolverine gets into a drunken tussle in Tygers Bar. Tyger breaks it up and offers him a job; She wants a box that Sapphire Styx stole. Wolverine heads to the docks, confronts and quickly restrains Sapphire for Tyger to deal with. Upon returning to Tyger Tiger, he learns that the box contains the Netsuke worn by Mariko Yashida and he leaves in high spirits.
Night Thrasher
(1st series) #3-4,7
Aardwolf is a minor criminal lord working with Tyger Tiger however he is struggling against the Folding Circle, who, after crashing on the island, decided to make a play for criminal power. Night Thrasher and Silhouette, sister to the leader of the Folding Circle, Midnight Fire, find themselves on opposing sides of a fight between them. The Folding Circle capture Aardwolf, but Night Thrasher rescues him and a truce is called between Aardwolf and the Folding Circle, brokered by Night Thrasher, Silhouette and Tyger Tiger.
Later, Bandit chases Midnights Fire across the rooftops of Low Town. Eventually he catches up with him, and using his powers electrocutes him. With Midnights Fire now defeated, he heads to Manhattan to take down Night Thrasher.
New Warriors 45
For more information see Childs play crossover entry.
Empath and Moonstar have made their way to Madripoor, where Moonstar intends to warn Karma of the Young hunt. After disposing of some foolishly territorial dock thugs, the two encounter Siena Blaze, intent on capturing them. The danger is seemingly averted, however, when Karma makes her entrance by possessing Blaze.
Marvel Comics Presents
(1st series) #152-155
Wolverine is at Tyger Tiger's place in High Town where they plan to have an intimate dinner. They are surprised by Abdul Alhazred's men who have already captured Archie Corrigan. Although the pair defeat them, Abdul Alhazred arrives, throws Wolverine from the building and hypnotises Tyger Tiger. Wolverine returns to the building to find they are gone.
Abdul heads to a jungle clearing used by "pirates" to smuggle heroin. After killing the pirates, he commandeers the place as a base of operations with the intent of taking over Madripoor and become rich extraditing criminals back to other countries. Wolverine garners the location of Abduls base from Johnny Jack, an old acquaintance in the Salty Dog bar. Wolverine defeats Abdul and his gang, freeing Tyger and Archie. While Wolverine heads back to Low Town, Archie and Tyger await the police with the gang tied up.
Off panel - Rose Wu buys the place from O'Donnell
Off Panel - Archie buys a used Douglas DC3 Dakota with money provided by Professor X.
(2nd series) #87
Gambit and Logan return to Madripoor, and head to the Princess Bar, where many of Logan’s acquaintances are there to celebrate his return. The festivities are cut short when two dead ninjas fall through the ceiling. As they move to the roof to investigate, Logan tells Gambit a story of his Team X days. Shortly after Logan finishes his tale, they are attacked by Maverick who confesses that he is suffering from the Legacy Virus and was hoping to go out as a warrior and be killed at the hands of someone he respects. Logan declines to do so.
(1st series) #110-111
X-Factor are teleported by Legion into Low Town, landing in the canal where a spaceship had crashed. On the spaceship was an URG egg which broke open, releasing a rock monster. Guido is captured by Jornik, the owner of the spaceship, who is being chased by Lila Cheney. Lila saves Guido and is trying to find a music box that Jornik stole but cannot find it. The X-Factor team struggle to stop the rock monster until Lila Cheney arrives and uses her powers to teleport it back to its home world. The K'lanti arrive and position 6 diamond 'bombs' around the city that will explode within the hour if the music box isn't returned. Alex, Forge & Wolfsbane attempt to disarm the bombs. Lila retrieves the music box and the K'lanti leave, providing a parting gift, a small diamond bomb. Guido jumps onto the device as it explodes, to absorb the energy, but it's too much and he has a heart attack.
Off panel - Legion causes the end of all reality though a brief instant later everything was apparently back to normal. For more information on this, see the Age of Apocalypse.

Off Panel - X-Factor return to America & Guido was put in Suspended animation until his body could heal.

(2nd Series) #98
Logan awakens in the Princess Bar to find his friends Archie, O’Donnell and Rose dead and claw marks on their bodies, but he has no recollection of what happened. Stumbling out of the bar, he is arrested by Police Chief Tai and offers up no struggle. Chained in a basement prison cell, Dirt Nap (as a rat) appears and tells Logan that he is being set him up before scurrying off. A moment later, Tyger Tiger drops off a hacksaw and one of his yellow & blue uniforms through the bars of the prison window. Before Logan has chance to saw himself free, Prince Baran and General Coy lead a gang of thugs to finish him off. Logan learns that two of the thugs are responsible for the deaths of his friends and he snaps. Breaking the bone in his wrist he frees himself from the shackles and kills all of the thugs. General Coy, in an attempt to save himself, shoots Prince Baran in the back of the head, killing him, but before he can make good his escape, Tyger Tiger arrives in a car and shoots him dead. Logan notices blood on the bonnet and Tyger informs him that its Police Chief Tai who she ran over, and stole a key and a piece of paper with the address of the damaged Landau, Luckman and Lake office. When they arrive Logan embraces Tyger and uses the key to enter the warp chamber, leaving the island.
NOTE: It was implied in Wolverine #98 that Police Chief Tai was fatally wounded by Tyger running him over, however he later resurfaced, suggesting that he was able to survive.

After the death of Prince Baran, the power of the island nation rests in the hands of the various crime lords, including Tyger Tiger. vying to gain outright rulership of the country.