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Daken takes charge

Daken: Dark Wolverine #4-7 With a new costume to hide his identity, Daken arrives in Madripoor to create his own empire.
Petrus, one of Tyger Tiger's associates, has been running an illegal Child slave trade under Tiger's nose, however after following the "numbers" she shuts down his operation & gets her "team" to remove anyone associated with the slave trade off the island. Tyger arranges for Sister Francis and her nuns to help the children following their freedom.
Daken meets with Tyger to discuss the Madripoor bankers cartel that runs most of the crime in the city. Daken is aware of secret ledgers which contain records of all their activity and the location of the cartel's yearly meet up. Daken works with Tyger to shut down the Cartel, however he double crosses her, stealing the ledgers for himself. Simultaneously, he kidnaps the police chief’s family and using a device he stole from the Fantastic Four, unleashes an EMP crippling the city and foments riots and general chaos.
Daken restores order through the reluctant Tyger Tiger, whom he sets up as the public face of his new organization. They trap the remaining six Madripoor crime lords in a warehouse and, after informing them that all their soldiers have been killed in an explosion at a Low Town warehouse complex, forces them to fight to the death for a place in the new regime. Madhavi, Takeshi and Kobus survive and swear loyalty in order to continue their operations utilising the police should they require troops. While they answer to Tyger Tiger, she in turn will receive instructions from Daken.
Secretly, Daken has brought Malcolm Colcord to Madripoor and funds his research. While Colcord hopes to recreate the Weapon X project, Daken intends to enhance his own powers. However, Daken soon learns that Colcord has been secretly attempting to artificially create a transferable healing factor, something not part of their agreement.
Daken: Dark Wolverine #8-9,
X-23 #8-9

For more information see the Collision Crossover
X-23 and Gambit arrive in Madripoor, only to find the island in chaos, the result of an electromagnetic pulse, which has obliterated all electricity and electronics. They plan to kill Colcord and destroy his apparent attempt to restart the weapon X program. Daken leanrs of X-23's plans for Colcord and her relation to his father and confronts her on Madripoor Streets leading to a savage battle leaving both gravely injured. Daken allows X-23 and Gambit to follow him to a "secret" meeting between himself and Colcord, where he reprimands him for continuing his experiments and seemingly turns him over to the pair. X-23 resorts to her interrogation tactics learned at the facility to gather information, however Daken double crosses them, knocking out gambit and capturing X-23.
Colcord keeps X-23 cruelly imprisoned while Tyger nurses Gambit back to health. Daken discovers that Colcord has also produced a trigger scent that causes X-23 to blindly slaughter everyone when exposed to it, So he helps X-23 escape and provides her with a Weapon X file with priceless information about her past. As they try to leave the complex, they are attacked by Colcord's monstrous experiments. Daken gets wounded, and X-23 protects him, by slaughtering the mindless monsters. They search the compound for Colcord, eventually finding him as he discusses about a bomb that has been set with one of his troops. Daken and X-23 demand he leads them to the bomb, but instead of diffusing it, they let it explode, destroying the facility. Tyger aTiger and Gambit arrive in time to see the place explode, and Daken and X-23 walk out as their respective healing factors take care of the damage from the explosion.
The next day, Gambit and and X-23 leave for Paris by boat, but not before Gambit and Tyger share their first intimate moment.
Unknown to X-23 and Gambit, however, is that they also have left behind the still-living Malcolm Colcord, who had injected himself with the completed healing factor serum just before the explosion. Though still alive, Colcord has barely healed and is living with a nightmarish physical condition. Worse, he is a prisoner of Daken, who revels in his control over Colcord.
Uncanny X-Force
(1st series) #24
AoA Iceman has set up in Madripoor to enjoy the pleasures that life can offer, after the horror in his own timeline. AoA Nightcrawler, with help from Wolverine and Deadpool, is out for revenge and plans to kill him. After a failed attempt by Deadpool, and Wolverine having to smother an exploding Grenade, AoA Nightcrawler teleports AoA Iceman into a warehouse with a large kiln, so that AoA Iceman cannot use the moisture in the air. After a fight without powers, AoA Nightcrawler gets the upper hand and throws AoA Iceman into the kiln, killing him.
Daken is drowned in a shallow puddle of water by Wolverine [Uncanny X-Force (1st series) #34].
It is not known whether Wolverine informed Tyger Tiger of his death, or if it had any impact to the structure of the criminal empire he had put in place.

(2nd series) #304
Victor Creed throws a party and invites a number of Wolverine’s rogue gallery. Not invited to the party is Dr. Rot, who is denied access. Upon learning of the location of the party from Maverick, Logan crashes, defeats the villains and wishes Creed a happy birthday before leaving to head to a nearby bar to enjoy a beer.
New Mutants
(3rd series) #41
Blink teleports the New Mutants team (Cypher, Magma, Mirage II, Sunspot, Warlock, X-Man) to Low Town, Mardipoor, where a the Chingay Carnival is taking place. The girls have a good time dancing, while Sunspot is feeling sad over his non-relationship with Magma, and agrees to let Cypher help him pick up another girl, though he fails miserably. Blink enjoys gossiping with Magma & Mirage about their relationships, while X-Man decides to leave everyone else to celebrate and skulks into a nearby alley. Warlock bumps into a woman called Trois, who is unaware that Warlock is an alien, thinking him to be in costume like herself. She is from High Town and has to leave, and writes her phone number on Warlocks arm. Mirage finds X-Man down the alleyway, and after trying to teach him to dance, they kiss.
Off Panel - Blink teleports the team back to San Francisco.
Captain America & Iron Man #633-635 While attending an international Weapons Expo Tony Stark demonstrates his new Hornet drone tech. With Captain America in disguise, they infiltrate a black market auction in search of Kashmir Vennema, a high-tech arms dealer. The item up for bid, the Harvester Protocol, is a device that can gather information on any system and at the same time control or render it useless. Batroc and his gang (Zaran, Machete, Rapido) hijack the device but are confronted by Captain America and Iron Man. Revealing that she is behind the hijack attempt, Kashmir activates the device, infecting Iron Man's armor and the group escape. With his armour shut down, Tony Stark cobbles together various pieces from the expo to build a makeshift suit until his armour can recalibrate. With Captain America, they track down Kashmir at a warehouse to find she and her team are working for MODOK and AIM. A battle ensues, and Kashmir attempts to escape by unleashing the protocol on the world and making money from selling the tech she can harvest from it. As it starts to infect Madripoor, Iron Man releases his Hornet drones, which have an anti virus to stop the device, effectively neutralising it in a matter of hours.
Astonishing X-Men #54-56 Susan Hatchi forces the X-Men and her half sister Karma to be tools in her plan for world domination. After manipulating them mentally and deploying nano worms into their bloodstream, Susan commanded them to take over Madripoor. They confront Tyger Tiger but she isn't willing to give up control easily. While they fight, A large bomb goes off at the airport and a fake X-Men team start attacking. The X-Men stop them but are arrested by Tyger Tiger and the police. Before they reach the prison the X-Men are rescued by Karma and Susan's father, long thought dead. He takes them to an abandoned warehouse outside the city, but the building is destroyed by Susan, hoping to kill her sister and father. Searching the rubble she finds them both still alive and plans to kill everyone, however with help from the X-Men back at the school, they figure out how to turn the nano worms off. After mentally learning the pain that Karma has gone through in her life, she reconciles with her only to be killed by her father, who is then incarcerated by Tyger Tiger and the police. The X-Men leave the island and return America.
(2nd series) #2-3
General Ross is in the Harbour Bay Bar in Madripoor. He is told about one of the patrons of the bar who is drinking his life away after his family was killed. The man comes from a nearby island, Kata Jaya, that has been taken over by Madman (Dr Philip Sterns). General Ross decides to put a team together to overthrow the tyrant.
6 weeks later - The Red Hulk has gathered Elektra, Deadpool, Punisher & Venom to form the Thunderbolts, using shipping containers in the Madripoor docks as a temporary base. Elektra and Deadpool take a boat to Kata Jaya in an attempt to infiltrate the dictators base, however Elektra is captured and Deadpool Shot in the head. Recovering from his wound, Deadpool returns to Madripoor. Venom and Punisher head to Kata Jaya to train the freedom fighters while the Red Hulk, Deadpool and The Leader (hidden in one of the containers by the Red Hulk) follow a short while later with the shipping containers.
Wolverine & the X-Men #31 Wolverine, Storm and Phoenix III arrive, using their Blackbird aircraft, at a Sentinel Manufacturing facility looking for clues as to the whereabouts of the missing students from the Jean Grey School. After interrogating the Hellfire guards and trashing the facility they leave with no more clues.
(4th series) #4-5
Clint Barton heads to Madripoor to recover a tape of him killing the dictator, Du Kee Feng, which is going up for auction. After an altercation with Airport security and being robbed by his taxi driver, Clint eventually finds out that the auction is going to take place at the Madripoor Pearl hotel. Within minutes of entering he is kidnapped by Madame Masque's guards and his black Amex taken. Madame Masque purchases the tape for one billion Euro using the Amex, to the annoyance of all the other Criminal leaders at the auction. Meanwhile Clint, locked in an hotel room and tied to a chair, is attacked by ninjas. In desperation he jumps out the window and is luckily saved by Maria Hill. It turns out that it wasn't Madame Masque but actually Kate Bishop (Hawkeye II) in disguise that bought the tape, however her ruse is found out and the real Madame Masque takes her into a room where the Criminal leaders and their entourages are congregating. Clint rescues Kate, but they realise that they still need to retrieve the tape. Just as they are about to escape in a lift, Madame Masque appears and shoots Clint, destroying the tape in the process. SHIELD picks up the pair and they leave the island, where Kate finds that it was a sting operation to find a mole within the SHIELD organization.
Uncanny X-Force
(2nd series) #7-9
Cluster and Psylocke head to Madripoor on the trail of Weapon XIII who has kidnapped Fantomex. They head to Chang's Club, a hang out of Yau, a known associate of Weapon XIII. They find him in the Deadpool suite, however they are attacked by ninjas. As they chase after Yau through the building, Weapon XIII using his powers of misdirection, captures them and takes them to his hideout in Buccaneer Bay.
Weapon XIII just wants a chance to love Psylocke. She reciprocates but wants Weapon XIII to let her kill Fantomex, whom is being kept in the library of the hideout. Pyslocke confronts Fantomex for the pain he has caused her, and they fight. Psylocke hesitates when she has the change to kill him and turns on Weapon XIII, allowing Fantomex to rescue Cluster. Unleashing the Demon Bear trapped in her mind on Weapon XIII, they escape as the hideout starts to burn to the ground. Fantomex, Cluster and Psylocke reconcile their differences and Psylocke leaves Madripoor alone to return to the X-Men.

Alternate Timelines

In the 30th Century Madripoor was featured as part of a storyline for the Guardians of the Galaxy involving a search by Rancor for her ancestor, Wolverine.

Upon arriving on Earth, Rancor and the five remaining mutants head to the royal palace in Madripoor and question locals demanding to know the location of Wolverine, but none of the residents could provide them with an answer. In the palace Rancor picks up a scent that she identifies as belonging to someone blood-related to her. Given that she had never met Logan, she cannot be sure whether it was his trail or some other relative.
The arrival and subsequent rampage by Rancor and her followers doesn't go unnoticed and the Guardians of the Galaxy, who were on Earth to visit old friends, force them to battle. Mindscan briefly manipulates the most powerful Guardian, Starhawk, into attacking his own team, the mutants attempt to escape, but eventually the Guardians catch up with them and one by one take the mutants down. during the battle, Talon, the Guardians newest member, uses his prehensile tail, to snatch the adamantium blade that was originally one of Logan's claws away from Rancor, an act she considered a personal insult. Just as the six mutants are about to be completely subdued an unseen party teleports them away.

For a more detailed examination of the Timeline, see the entry for the [Guardians of the Galaxy Timeline].