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The Rule of Tyger Tiger

Iron Man: Director of SHIELD #1 Tony Stark and SHIELD have concerns over Madame Hydra being the lawful ruler of Madripoor, and so Tony and a small team of SHIELD agents head to the island to secretly take her down. After checking into a hotel, Madame Hydra welcomes him to the island by injecting him with an Extremis-blocking compound. The team head to their hotel room, which will be their base of operations. Stark and his agents head to The Foxy Den to meet an undercover agent, Huang. Stark starts a fight to over the meeting and Huang tells Stark how to contact Tyger Tiger. Bloodscream and Roughhouse are at the Foxy Den and joining the fight, attempt to kill Stark and his agents, but only succeed in destroying the bar. Madame Hydra arrives, claiming Huang was responsible for the fight and executes him.
After returning to the hotel to regroup, Stark and the team are attacked by Hydra agents and so after leaving a bomb to blow up the floor of the hotel, they escape using H.A.W.K. suits to glide into the Jungle. They are found by Tyger Tiger who is initially hesitant to openly challenge Madame Hydra until Stark convinces her by showing her a secret Hydra weapons lab hidden in the jungle where Hydra are creating a biological neural-disruptor cannon.
Stark arrives at the Royal Palace, challenging Viper to a duel. As they fight, he succeeds in goading her into confessing her contempt for Madripoor. The fight is being broadcast live to the nation, and Tyger uses the broadcast to lead a revolt on their ruler. Stark calls his armor down from orbit and defeats Bloodscream and Roughhouse before being struck by Hydra's new cannon. Barely surviving the blast he destroys the ground it is on, causing it to break and fall into the sea. The next day, Stark meets Tyger in the Palace grounds and congratulates her on becoming Madripoor's princess, The pair are about to embrace, but Stark has to leave in response to a problem at Mount Wundagore.
Off Panel - Tyger works on reforming Madripoor and plans to hold free, democratic elections to give the country its first president
Off Panel - Tyger sets up the Madripoor underground to help keep the country in check.

Iron Man Halloween Ashcan 2007 From an artificial island, AIM terrorizes Madripoor using STARK Tech similar to what is found in Iron Man's armor. AIM plan to push Madripoor's newly formed government to the brink of collapse and then move in, providing stability to the populace in return for usign the country as a new base of operations for AIM. However thanks to Iron Man and Professor Yinsen, the artificial island was destroyed and Madripoor saved.
Eternals (4th series) Annual #1 When the Eternals are dispatched to investigate strange goings on in Madripoor, they find that Varua and the Young Gods have created a pan-human unimind, which has knocked out all of the humans on Madripoor, and is slowly expanding to cover the globe. The Eternals tackle the various Young Gods outside a Sushi Bar which is the center of the unimind. Legba, enemy of the Eternals, is also at the site and after a confrontation with the Eternals leader, Ikaris, he enters the sushi bar to talk to Varua. While sampling the food, Legba slowly convinces Varua that her plan is wrong, causing her to drop her guard and allow him to kill her. With Varua dead, the unimind is destroyed and the other Young Gods suddenly fall to the ground, as if their strings were cut. Legba teleports away, leaving Ikaris and the Eternals to deal with the Young Gods, taking them back to their base.
Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #503 After dispatching 22 Drug runners for a rival gang, the assassin known as Chimera is recruited by the Red Queen, who promises she will resurrect whomever Chimera wishes, if she joins her. She accepts and the pair leave the country.
Avengers: The Initiative #22-24 In Low Town, Mutant Zero, aka Typhoid Mary, joins the rest of the Shadow Initiative and provides intel that although Viper was disposed as ruler of madripoor, HYDRA are still active on the island and intend to try and take it back. Komodo doesn't see it as their problem, they are there to find her ex boyfriend, Hardball, who defected. suddenly the shadow initiative are surronded by a squad of HYDRA soldiers being lead by Hardball and Scorpion. Hardball tells his former comrades that if they are smart, then they'll surrender. Komodo goaded into attacking by Scorpion, charges but is hit with a S.P.I.N. tech dart, reverting Komodo to her human form. Hardball reveals that HYDRA improved the S.P.I.N. tech, so it now works on any superhuman. Taskmaster tells the team to run, and Typhiod Mary causes a distraction for the remaining members to escape.
Later, the Shadow Initiative see a broadcast, showing S.H.I.E.L.D. has been disbanded, and realise there is no way out. worse still Roughouse and Bloodscream, now working for HYDRA have found them, and they start to fight. Taskmaster, realising they are losing, says they want to switch sides, and so are taken to Hydra's underground base. Hardball orders them to be placed in holding cells. However, when they pass through the armory, the Shadow Initiative turns on Hydra and attempt to contact H.A.M.M.E.R. using a SHIELD broadcast frequency.
The Shadow Initiative blast a hole in the base, leading to the Madripoor's jungle. Typhoid Mary, with her mind slowly fracturing, runs out into the wild, leaving the rest of the team behind. After hearing the explosion, Hardball, Scorpion, Bloodscream and Roughhouse arrive and Roughhouse and Bloodscream charge into battle. Scorpion prevents Hardball from following suit, revealing that she knows that he is no more loyal to Hydra's cause than she is, in fact she is trying to bring Hydra down from the inside. Scorpion leaves, taking he last remaining S.P.I.N. tech with her. Roughouse rears in pain and Bloodscream explodes, thanks to Ant-Man, who has arrived with HAMMER. Constrictor corners Hardball, who surrenders, revealing that he only ran so that they would find Komodo. The team returns to New York for debriefing.
Spider Woman
(4th series) #1-7
On her first mission for the planetary defense agency, SWORD, Jessica Drew heads to Madripoor to take on a Skrull posing as Spider-Man. After checking into a Low Tow nHotel she is attacked by the Skrull but she manages to kill it before it kills her. Weakened after the battle, Jessica is picked up by the Madripoor Police. Using her powers to escape custody, she makes it to the Police car park before the alarm is raised. Viper, Madame Hydra, arrives and slaughters the police officers, that were chasing Jessica and helps her escape.
Arriving at one of Hydra's bases, Viper offers her an opportunity to join Hydra, which she refuses, however Viper has a bargaining chip, a captured Skrull kept in a holding cell. Jessica is left alone with the Skrull, and allowed to do as she pleases. After questioning why she was used by the Skrulls during their secret Invasion, she faces him in battle and kills him. Choosing to flee, she attempts to escape, and throws herself off the building. Luckily she is able to survive the fall, however ends up in Hospital, and then back into police custody. Meanwhile Viper decides that the base is compromised, and calls for it to be "burnt" and for Hydra to relocate. After being questioned by the police again, Jessica decides she has had enough and using her powers, collects her stuff and attempts to make a break for it. However Norman Osborn has been alerted to her presence in Madripoor and sends the Thunderbolts to capture her. After each of the members of Thunderbolts fail to capture her, she blows up their plane and they decide to leave, calling the mission a failure.
Agent Brand contacts Jessica with details of the next Skrull target, however she needs to be able to find him in the city. Jessica meets Zhang Lee, the "girlfriend" of the Skrull pretending to be Spider-Man who informs her of bar that he frequented. Jessica visits the bar in 14 district and calls the Skrull out. He attacks and the fight Jessica is thrown into the street, where the Avengers have arrived to help. The skrull disguises himself in the crowd, however with help from a Skrull detection device, she is identifies him, allowing Wolverine to claw him though his chest. The Skrull continues to fight until Jessica kills him. with the Hunt over Jessica leaves Madripoor with the Avengers.
Astonishing Tales
(2nd series) #1-6
Punisher and Wolverine arrive in Madripoor on the trail of a deadly Bio-Weapons deal between Viper and Kimura, of the mysterious Facility organisation with the goal of turning the deadly Predator X into a designer killer, mutant or not. With the help of Tyger Tiger, Wolverine and the Punisher take down 2 Predator X's but are surrounded by HYDRA Agents and a final Predator X. Tyger cuts Viper, intends to use the blood to reprogramme the Predator X to hunt Viper, however Kimura kills the beast and calls the deal with Viper off. Kimura heads back to the Facility and Viper and HYDRA leave the island.
(1st series) #132
At the opening of the Grand Opera House in Madripoor, Mister X accompanies the ruler, Tyger Tiger. The Thunderbolts stage an assassination attempt on Mister X, however in actuality it is a ruse so that Mister X can join the team. A body double corpse is left in the aftermath, to ensure the world police agencies no longer take interest in looking for him.
Deadpool Team-up #891 Deadpool visits the Princess Bar, which is being run by Tyger Tiger. Wade has been paid by Mister Y to kill Mister X who is in the bar that night. After a tussle with his body guard, Blok, Deadpool and Mister X fight, only for Wade to lose an arm in the process. The Headhunter gang interrupt, upset that Mister X killed their leader in the Bloodsport Tournament, so Deadpool helps Mister X kill them. Deadpool loses his other arm, and rats out Mister Y. Mister X leaves to kill Mister Y instead but promises to face Deadpool again.
Steve Rogers: Super Soldier #1-4 The grandson of the original Professor Erskine develops a version of the Super Soldier Serum as a cure for cancer, but is apparently being manipulated by Machinesmith for personal gain. Steve Rogers confronts the professor in a Madripoor hotel but the professor is supposedly killed by a sniper. Steve follows Erskine's wife, Anita, and Myron Smith, head of security for Nextin, to a private retreat. However it transpires that they are both robots built by Machinesmith who traps Steve, reverting him to his original 98-pound scrawny form. Thanks to his military training and assistance from Anita, Steve escapes, reverses the process and heads to a Nextin facility where Machinesmith plans to sell the serum to the highest bidder. Steve and Anita stop Machinesmith by destroying all electronic communications, forcing Machinesmith to transfer into Anita's body. Machinesmith realises its too late when the body explodes. Steve Rogers returns to Avengers HQ to find the serum is a fake.
Amazing Spider-Man
(1st series) #654.1
A secret summit of the biggest financial linchpins of the global economy is being held at the Futura plaza. Venom, climbs the exterior and breaks in at one of the higher floors. Along with Kate Glover and under the disguise of Gene Heisman, US financier, they attend the summit. After meeting Yusef Kassim, Gene is introduced to Countess Bianco Demonico, a believed associate of the terrorist group ULTIMATUM. While dancing, he implants a tracker under her skin and leaves Madripoor.
Afterwards, surveillance footage found by the US military showed that Yusef was kidnapped and extracted from Madripoor and his body guards killed. Bianco Demonico was among the abductors.
Klaws of the Panther #2 After the Wakandan Vibranium mine is destroyed, the price of Savage Land Vibranium sky rockets, with the only known locations to purchase being New York and Madripoor. Princess Shuri of Wakanda travels to Madripoor and meets Wolverine to chase AIM and Klaw who are grabbing all the stock. As they visit various offices and warehouses across the city, they find each Vibranium dealer killed and their stock missing. Princess Shuri, talks to Wolverine about controlling her urges to kill and better control her rage. They catch a lucky break, and capture an AIM scientist, discovering that Klaw wants the Savage Land Vibranium for a weapon of mass destruction known as "The Scream". The pair are ambushed by Klaw, however Shuri gains the upper hand and showing a new level of restraint doesn't kill Klaw. This backfires though as Klaw quickly escapes, and heads to New York with Princess Shuri in hot pursuit.
(4th Series) #3-4
The Mongrels – Gunhawk, Cannonfoot, Sawfist, Shadowstalker and Fire Knives – agents of the Red Right Hand, arrive in Madripoor & storm the Princess Bar. After killing all of the bouncers, Gunhawk makes his way back to a storage room where he meets up with Tyger Tiger. After informing her that Logan is burning in hell, Gunhawk proceeds to burn a storage room full of Logan’s numerous keepsakes from his time in Madripoor.