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17th October 2013

Madripoor's Early History

Wolverine Origins Annual #1 Madripoor 1932, Logan is working as a freelancer and visits Seraph's bar. Logan starts working for Seraph, doing her dirty work, killing off targets she picks for him. Logan falls in love with her, and doesn't question her motives.
During this time period Logan learned the landscape of Madripoor like the back of his hand. On one occasion Logan tracks Serpah to a secret place hidden underneath Low Town and saves her from being killed by a Hand assassin. As a token of his love, upon one of the hillsides outside the city, Wolverine carves an angel into a tree for her.
Wolverine Origins #16-18, Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #268 Madripoor 1941, Captain America comes to the aid of Ivan Petrovitch, who is being attacked by Hand Ninjas, and then they both are helped by the arrival of Logan. After they defat the Hand, Logan takes them to Seraph’s, where he tags Baron von Strucker and another Nazi, almost starting a fight. The Russian, Ivan Petrovitch, tells them that the Nazis and the Hand are planning an alliance and that they have kidnapped a child in his charge – Natasha Romanoff. A little later, the three men attack the Nazi limousine where Natasha is being held. One Nazi intends to kill the girl, rather than give her up and Logan throws himself between Natasha and the gun, seemingly sacrificing his life to save her. However it later transpires that Natasha shot Logan as part of her mission. Ivan and Cap decide to take Natasha to the American consulate instead of following Logan’s plan. Unfortunately, the consul is working with the Nazis and sells them out. In the Hand hideout, they learn that the Hand intends to make Natasha a master assassin, her first test being the murder of her would-be-rescuers. Meanwhile Logan learns of the Hand's plan from Seraph and decides to rescue the girl himself. He arrives at the temple and kills the Jonin, the supreme leader of the Hand. eraph then shows up and escorts them all away to safety. She takes them to an airplane that was meant for Natalia’s extraction but works for Cap, Ivan and Natalia’s escape. Back at Seraph’s bar, Seraph tells Logan that he is to go to Germany and see if Cap can be "turned" or if the experiment that created him can be duplicated. If neither is possible, Seraph tells Logan to kill him. Logan Leaves Madripoor to find answers.
Captain America
(4th series) #11
1st Jan 1956 - British Ambassador Dalton Graines is killed by the Winter Soldier while at a New Year's Eve party. A number of other casualties occur during the assassination, however the Madripoor authorities never find out who is responsible.
New Avengers
(2nd series) #10
Madripoor 1959. Nick Fury and 'Dum Dum' Dugan arrive in Madripoor to continue their recruitment drive for the Avengers Initiative. After an altercation with Victor Creed, Nick offers him a place on his team, which he accepts. They leave Madripoor & head to Paris, France to recruit the next member.
Avengers 1959 #4 Nick Fury's Avengers are on the south beach of Madripoor having captured some Nazi sleeper agents. Axis Annie, is held by the throat at the mercy of Victor Creed. After Annie reveals details of their plan, Fury allows Victor to kill them.
In Hightown Namora and Dominic Fortune raid an office to find information for their mission. They pass this on to Nick Fury, who organizes a foray to their enemies' compound where they do some reconnaissance. McTeague whistles and his magic turns the cyborg guard dogs on their masters. Creed enters the compound and locates Innsbruck. Unfortunately, he outsmarts Sabretooth and throws him out the window, however the Blonde Phantom and Namora, capture Innsbruck and tie him to his wheelchair. Innsbruck reveals what Dieter Skul is up to in Wakanda nd the team leave Madripoor for Wakanda to confront Dieter Skul.
(2nd series) #126, Wolverine Origins Annual #1
Logan was attacked by Sabretooth, although Seraph saved him, she later died of her wounds. Viper had helped them get back to the bar and in return Logan let Viper know she could ask any favor in return, whenever she needed it.
Wolverine Origins Annual #1 Seraph's body is buried on the hillside where wolverine carved the angel into a tree.